The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 2 - What Have You Prepared?

Chapter 2: What Have You Prepared?

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The corner of Yao Tang’s lips twitched upwards. Her gaze refocused on the very last text she had received till everything went silent. [Sister Yao, if you don’t reply, the director will personally come and get you.]

Without bothering to look at the detailed information, she immediately replied. [I’m on VACATION.] She logged out of WeChat after that.

Seeing Yao Tang lower her head and play with her phone made Butler Shen scowl in displeasure. “I believe I haven’t properly introduced myself,” he started. “I’m the butler of the Yao Family. You may refer to me as Butler Shen.”

Unable to hide his arrogance, he tilted his head upwards. “Miss Yao Tang, I came here today because you were discovered to be the child of the Yao Family. You’ve been stolen from them more than ten years ago, but you should know that they haven’t given up on looking for you. And now, you’ll finally be reunited.”

While his voice sounded touching, there was no affecting in his eyes as he glanced at the wooden table beside him. Ah, if anything, she should be the one thanking him, right? Who wouldn’t want to get out of this hellhole?

He expected her to cry out in surprise and joy, maybe even hugging him. After all, that’s what all village girls were known for, right? Being informal and dramatic?

Yet, it seemed as if Yao Tang shared a different viewpoint from him. She appeared calm and indifferent the entire time, which was something he hadn’t expected. In fact, the only time she actually reacted was when he had mentioned that she had been “stolen from them”.

She seemed as if this whole thing had nothing to do with her at all!

He could barely see the faint smile curling at her lips as she crossed his arms. Was she mocking him?

Did she not know how lucky she was? Butler Shen was displeased as well as confused. He could not quite make out what this girl was thinking.

Then again, the girl had always lived in this remote mountain village. In fact, the only time she had ever left the village was when she needed to get water or hang in the valleys for days. How could she know how lucky she was when she wasn’t even aware of what she was entering?

It was only natural that she had such tunnel vision.

Unable to hide the disdain in his eyes, Butler Shen snorted as he got up. “Whatever, it’s not as if you’d understand me.” He suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. “You’ll see it for yourself when you arrive at the Yao Residence. Let’s go. The car’s ready.”

Yao Tang followed his gaze to the Rolls-Royce. Suddenly, she thought of something – “I need to get out of here anyway. Why should I turn down a free ride?” Hm.

Butler Shen sneered at the sight.

Ha! It seemed that her calm and indifference had only lasted a minimal amount of time before she started revealing her true colors.

The little girl had lived in this mountain wildlife all her life, and yet she expected to put on an act in front of him? She truly was up to no good! He suppressed the urge to scoff as he adjusted his sleeves.

Even then, Yao Tang didn’t seem to care about the man’s reaction. “I need to sort things out for myself first,” she stated. “Why don’t you pick me up tomorrow morning?”

Tomorrow morning? Butler Shen frowned.

He had already stayed in this bloody godforsaken place for a bloody week just to wait for this brat to come out of the valley! Now, she wanted him to wait for another day? Enough was enough!

Did she really think that highly of herself?

“Miss Yao Tang,” he tried. “Madame and Miss have already prepared everything for you. You don’t even have to bring a thing. Just follow me to the car and we can sort things out, all right?” He took it for granted that Yao Tang was talking about packing her stuff.

He plastered a smile on his face, but even then, she could tell it was strained.

“Oh? Then what exactly have they prepared?” Yao Tang’s fingers curled, knocking the table. While she appeared to be serious, there was a strange air of indifference surrounding her.

Butler Shen stiffened, not knowing what to say for a while.

He had only said this to deal with her. How the hell was he supposed to know that she’d ask for the details?

Was she really that full of herself? She may have been their biological daughter, but with such a poor background, did she really think that Madame and Miss would specifically prepare for her arrival? She should be thankful that she’s getting her own room!

Was that not enough?

“Then what do you want?” he snapped, his face cold. “Trust me when I’m saying this, but bringing that pile of tattered goods you call your belongings would only dirty our floors. No offense, but you wouldn’t want to dirty the family name the second you arrived, would you?”

Dirty their floors? Yao Tang cast a glance at him.

Her jaw clenched. “If you have nothing nice to say, then you might as well keep your mouth shut.”

Keep his mouth shut? Butler Shen bit back a sneer. However, just as he was about to say something, he stopped himself upon seeing the look in her cool, cool eyes.

His heart skipped a beat. A memory flashed at the back of his mind.

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