The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

Chapter 473

Chapter 473: Getting Back Together

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Soon, it was Wednesday.

Qi Yihan’s lecture was at ten in the morning for two hours. Because it was summer vacation, people who attended the lecture were either students or teachers.

The two of them went to Imperial University at around eight.

After Qi Yihan arrived at Imperial University, he still had to go to the leader’s office. Tang Li did not want to go with him, so she said, “I’ll just walk around. I’ll go to the hall where your lecture is held when it’s almost time.”

Qi Yihan was a little worried and instructed, “Go in early. Otherwise, it’ll be a little difficult to get to the front.”


Tang Li blinked. “Isn’t it summer vacation? Are there going to be a lot of people?”

Qi Yihan nodded. “Yes, the teachers from Imperial University’s Faculty of Economics are not the only ones attending this lecture. There are also teachers from the other faculties and graduate students who didn’t go back home.”

Tang Li understood. “Alright, I’ll come half an hour earlier.”

With that, the two of them separated.

Qi Yihan was an economics professor, so the place where the two of them got out of the car was the Faculty of Economics. At around eight o’clock, Imperial University was not hot yet. There were towering trees on both sides of the school road, blocking a large area of the sun.

At that moment, Tang Li’s phone rang. It was from Su Ziqing.

When Su Ziqing heard that Qi Yihan would give a lecture at the Imperial University, she called Tang Li and found out that Tang Li was indeed here.

Su Ziqing said she would come over to see Tang Li.

The two of them agreed to meet at the entrance of the faculty of economics.

When Tang Li reached the entrance of the faculty of economics and stood there, the students and teachers passing by could not help but look at her.

“Look, isn’t that Tang Li, who was with a group of experts in the medical world that day?”

“Why is she here today?”

“She’s really pretty.”

“I heard from a friend at the medical school that the dean of the medical school personally invited her to give a lecture.”

While waiting for Su Ziqing, Tang Li took out her phone and looked at the group chat.

At this moment, not only was the group chat of the Mystic Society very lively, but the group chat of the Medical Association also had 99+ messages.

She opened the group chat of the Mystic Society and saw that it was about the ghost festival in July.

Only then did Tang Li remember that there were less than ten days left until the middle of July.

Other than the group chat, the president of the Mystic Society also sent her many private messages.

Xuan He, “Master Tang, can you make time to come to the Mystic Society during this period of time? We’ve been assigning positions for the guards on the Ghost Festival. We want you to guard Shangyang Mountain. Do you think it’s alright?”

Xuan He, “Shangyang Mountain is the main entrance of Ghost Festival. If you can’t handle it alone, we’ll send a few more people to help you.”

After reading his message, Tang Li sent a message to him. “I can do it alone. Also, I won’t be coming to the Mystic Society. If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.”

Xuan He immediately replied, “Alright, if you need us to prepare anything, just make a list and send it to me. The higher-ups are also taking this Ghost Festival very seriously. We must guard the Imperial Capital well.”

Tang Li, “Okay.”


“Miss Tang…”

Tang Li looked at the two people who were walking towards her and was a little surprised to find that Xiang Wanwan was wearing exquisite makeup today.

At that moment, Su Ziqing said to Tang Li in a teasing tone, “Wanwan was going on a date with her boyfriend, but I dragged her over.”

Xiang Wanwan blushed and denied, “We’re not a couple.” She didn’t have classes this morning and was about to go to the neighboring school to listen to the lecture when Qi Lingxuan called. He said that he was about to arrive at Imperial University, so they decided to meet up.

“Why do you have to put on such beautiful makeup every time you meet him?”

Xiang Wanwan blushed even more.

Tang Li looked at Xiang Wanwan and said to her, “Go ahead and see the person you want to see.”

Su Ziqing frowned imperceptibly.

Tang Li knew that Xiang Wanwan and Qi Lingxuan couldn’t be together and that Xiang Wanwan would suffer if they were together, so why did she let them meet?

Xiang Wanwan had been looking forward to meeting Qi Lingxuan, but after seeing Tang Li, she suddenly stopped looking forward to it.

“He’s still on the way. Let’s go to the cafe first. I don’t wanna stand there like an idiot, waiting for him.”

Tang Li did not object.

Su Ziqing wanted to say something but gave up.

When the three of them went to the cafe and sat down, Qi Lingxuan drove to the entrance of Imperial University and called Xiang Wanwan.

In the past, whenever he called Xiang Wanwan, she would answer. But this time, she hung up and sent him a message.

Xiang Wanwan, “I’m really sorry, I have something on at the last minute. Can you wait for me for half an hour?”

Qi Lingxuan frowned and quickly typed, “Reason.”

Xiang Wanwan, “My friend is at Imperial University. This friend is very important to me.”

Qi Lingxuan, “Is it a man or a woman?”

Xiang Wanwan, “A woman.”

Qi Lingxuan gripped his phone, anger flashing across his eyes.

Was he not as important as her friend?

During this period of time, he had been extremely busy. When he finally had some time, he wanted to come and see her, but she actually made him wait for half an hour.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. However, Xiang Wanwan was special to him, so he decided to wait for her.

However, after waiting for a while, his phone suddenly rang.

After answering the call, the other party said, “I’ve found what you wanted. It’s at the harbor.”

He asked, “Are you sure those people have it?”

The other party: “Yes.”

Qi Lingxuan, “Alright, I’ll be there in an hour.”

At the cafe.

The three of them found a seat by the window and sat down. They asked for coffee and started chatting casually.

However, Xiang Wanwan was obviously a little distracted after sending the message and had been looking at her phone.

Su Ziqing gave Tang Li a look, and Tang Li shook her head.

Su Ziqing frowned even more and found a topic to talk to Xiang Wanwan about.

Half an hour later, Tang Li was going to the hall.

She asked Su Ziqing, “Ziqing, do you want to come with me?”

Su Ziqing shook her head. “No, I’m going to the library to study.”

Tang Li left first.

The moment Tang Li left, Su Ziqing looked at Xiang Wanwan and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to see your boyfriend.”

Xiang Wanwan quickly said, “It’s alright, I can go myself.”

Su Ziqing smiled at her. “I’ve always felt that you and Tang Lei are a good match, but since you don’t like him, you have to let me see what your mysterious boyfriend looks like. That way, I can tell Tang Lei and get him to give up on you.”

Xiang Wanwan thought for a moment. She didn’t like Tang Lei and didn’t want to make him wait for her. She also knew that Tang Lei would occasionally send Su Ziqing messages to ask about her. Since Su Ziqing said so, Xiang Wanwan didn’t stop her.

The two of them walked out of the school.

When they reached the school entrance, they saw a black car parked not far away.

Su Ziqing asked, “Is it that car?”

“Yes.” Xiang Wanwan nodded and was about to walk over with Su Ziqing when she saw Qi Lingxuan come down from the driver’s seat and walk over.

Qi Lingxuan was wearing a black suit. He was tall, handsome, and looked like the male lead of a novel.

After he walked up to Xiang Wanwan, he glared at Su Ziqing before opening the front passenger seat and gestured for Xiang Wanwan to enter.

Su Ziqing said, “So Wanwan’s boyfriend is the young master of the Qi family.”

Xiang Wanwan was not surprised that Su Ziqing knew Qi Lingxuan. She nodded in embarrassment.

Su Ziqing nodded. “Alright, I’ll go back to school. Have fun you guys.”

With that, she turned and walked towards the school gate.

Xiang Wanwan watched as Su Ziqing left before getting into the car. She was about to say something to Qi Lingxuan.

Qi Lingxuan suddenly leaned over.

The powerful male hormones instantly hit her, making Xiang Wanwan blush.

After Qi Lingxuan fastened her seatbelt, he drove away.

Xiang Wanwan asked, “Where are we going?”

Qi Lingxuan glanced at her and smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t sell you.”

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