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Chapter 45 - Tang Li Showing No Mercy

Chapter 45: Tang Li Showing No Mercy

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Shortly after they left, they heard someone shouting behind them.

“Fourth Madam, Fourth Madam.”

When the two of them stopped, the people who were after them ran up to block their way.

Situ Huang looked at Tang Li. Although he was a little surprised that his son would ask her to go and save him, when he thought of his son’s dangerous situation, he put away all his doubts and surprise and said to her apologetically, “My wife and daughter have offended you just now. Fourth Madam, please be magnanimous and don’t hold it against them.”

After Situ Huang said that, he sized her up. He got to know Tang Li because of her marriage with Qi Yihan. As the successor of the Qi Corporation, their marriage naturally caused a massive stir in the business circle.

However, at the time, Tang Li was wearing a wedding dress, so he did not see her clearly while sitting in the guest area. Only now did he realize that the woman in front of him was so young, so young that she should be younger than his daughter.

Tang Li looked at Situ Huang and nodded slightly, but she did not accept his apology.

“If you want me to save your son, then let’s see if your Situ family can afford it.”

Situ Huang got serious. “How much do you want?”

“50 million.”

Situ Huang thought that although this woman was greedy, it was worth it to save his son’s life, so he was about to agree.

Tang Li continued, “Also two of the Situ family’s best antiques. The first is the pair of kirins in Situ Jin’s hands, in addition to a top-grade Blood Jade.”

Hearing that, Situ Huang narrowed his eyes and his stare became more piercing.

However he tried to intimidate Tang Li, she didn’t seem to be scared at all.

The corners of Tang Li’s lips curled up, and her eyes were extremely sharp. Her aura was so strong that it made him feel suffocated.

He thought to himself, “This woman is definitely not to be underestimated.”.

At that moment, Tang Li suddenly said, “Your wife pissed me off earlier so you’ll have to give me that Blood Jade as an apology.”

Situ Huang almost fainted. At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to return and slap his wife a few times. His expression returned to its usual polite one. “As long as Fourth Madam can save my son, I can promise you anything you want.”

“Fourth Madam, my son’s condition is critical. Please go back and save him immediately.”

As Situ Huang spoke, he gestured for Tang Li to come along with him.

Tang Li did not move immediately. She turned to Qi Yihan and asked, “Hubby, do you think I should save Situ Jin?”

I will save your friend but you should treat me well in the future.

Although Tang Li did not say that, from the way she looked at him, the message was clear.

Qi Yihan lowered his head to look at her big eyes. His fingers trembled slightly as he looked at Situ Huang and said, “Mrs. Situ and Yueqin have a lot of ill intentions towards my wife. I hope you can discipline them.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll definitely give them a lesson later.”

Qi Yihan then looked at Tang Li.

Satisfied, Tang Li walked back with everyone.

When she was near the villa, Mrs. Situ’s expression changed and she was about to say something.

Situ Huang shouted with a furious face, “Shut up, or get the hell out of here!”

Mrs. Situ’s lips trembled, and the words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

Situ Huang gestured for Tang Li to come in.

At the same time, he gave his wife and daughter a warning look.

Tang Li followed the two doctors in, and Qi Yihan followed suit.

Situ Huang paused for a moment. Recalling what Tang Li had just said, he said to them in a low voice, “I’ll deal with you two when I get back.”

Situ Yueqin trembled in fear and did not dare to speak.

However, Mrs. Situ gritted her teeth and said with a darkened expression, “Have you forgotten how our son contracted the illness? Aren’t you making his condition worse by letting a woman in?”

“Shut up!”

At the mention of this, Situ Huang got angry. “How much worse do you think my son’s condition can get? He is already on the verge of death.”

These words caused Mrs. Situ’s expression to change drastically. She staggered a few steps back as if she couldn’t believe what he said. “No… impossible.”

At this moment, Situ Huang cast a cold glance at Qin Sangsang and Xu Yaran. He snorted coldly and turned to walk in. As he walked, he said, “The doctor said that if we can’t save him this morning, we can start to prepare for his funeral this afternoon.”

Situ Yueqin’s voice came from behind. “Mother… Mother… Father, Mother fainted.”

Situ Huang didn’t look back.

When he entered Situ Jin’s ward, Tang Li and Qi Yihan were standing by the bed, and the two doctors were standing by the side.

Qi Yihan was asking Tang Li, “How’s Situ Jin now?”

“Like an oil lamp with all the oil gone.”

Situ Huang strode over and said in a tense voice, “Fourth Madam, you said you have the ability to save my son.”

Tang Li and Qi Yihan turned to look at Situ Huang at the same time.

Situ Huang was around fifty years old. Usually, he looked quite young unlike his age, but at this moment, his face looked weary and pale like he had aged several years.

It was obvious how important Situ Jin was to him.

“I didn’t say I couldn’t save him.”

After Tang Li finished speaking, she asked the two doctors, “Do you have any silver needles?”

Doctor Tan quickly said, “Yes.”

“Give it to me.”

Doctor Tan passed a box of silver needles to Tang Li.

Tang Li opened the box and glanced at it before saying to the few of them, “No matter what happens, don’t disturb me.”

Situ Huang’s heart tightened. “What do you want to do to him?”

“To save your son.”

After saying that, Tang Li placed the box of silver needles by the bed. She lifted the blanket and gestured to Doctor Tan. “Take off his shirt.”

“I’ll take it off.” Situ Huang was still a little worried about Tang Li, so he walked over, planning to bury her with his son if anything happened to him.

Tang Li glanced at him but did not say anything.

Situ Huang removed Situ Jin’s clothes.

Because Situ Jin had been sick for a long time, his skin was abnormally pale. Coupled with the fact that he was on the verge of death and a layer of purplish-green color appeared on his skin, he looked a little scary.

Tang Li sat by the bed and pierced one of his acupoints with the silver needle in her hand.

The two doctors were shocked and quickly widened their eyes to look.

Unexpectedly, after Tang Li put in one silver needle, she quickly picked up two silver needles and put them into the other two acupoints.

“I didn’t know you could actually pierce these two acupoints at the same time!” Doctor Meng exclaimed.

Tang Li picked up three more silver needles and pierced them into three acupoints at the same time.

This time, Situ Jin’s body started to spasm.

Situ Huang was terrified. His voice changed as he asked, “Tang Li, what happened to my son?”

Without looking at him, Tang Li took out four silver needles.

“Stop! Stop! My son’s body is spasming. You can’t stab him anymore.”

“Shut up if you want him to live!” After Tang Li said that, she pierced the four silver needles at the same time.

In the next moment, Situ Jin spat out a mouthful of black blood.


Then, his body jerked heavily, and there was no response.

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