The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Tang Li Tells Qi Yihan to Believe in Science

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When Tang Li walked over, Qi Yihan opened his eyes and looked at her.

His eyes were deep and sharp. When he looked at someone, he gave off an indescribable sense of oppression.

Tang Li, on the other hand, did not feel oppressed at all. She walked up to him and stood in front of him. After studying his face for a while, she said, “You ran into trouble today, and you still haven’t solved it, have you?”

Qi Yihan looked at her without saying anything.

Tang Li did not mind and continued, “Let me guess what kind of trouble you encountered.”

She rested her chin on her hand and fell into deep thought.

Qi Yihan just looked at her like that.

He found that Tang Li liked to stand in front of him recently.

This was the second time she talked to him standing while he was sitting.

In the past, he had never thought that he would pay close attention to her. Now, he found that she always carried a confidence and calmness that could not be ignored. It was as if there was nothing that she did not know and could not solve.

Qi Yihan suddenly asked her a question. “Do you believe that there are things in this world that we cannot see?”


Tang Li answered too quickly, making Qi Yihan feel that she was lying.

Tang Li smiled at him and said, “We need to believe in science.”

Qi Yihan was speechless. What she said now was so much different from what she said this morning.

For some reason, Tang Li felt a great urge to explain. She walked to his side and sat down, then started to tell him why he should believe in science.

“Look, there are many things that can be explained by science. For example, the ghost fire older generations are so afraid of is just phosphorescence? Also, the ghost wall that everyone thinks is related to Earth’s magnetic field, and…”

Qi Yihan tilted his head and looked at Tang Li, who was sitting beside him. His gaze unconsciously landed on her talking mouth. He didn’t realize before that this woman was such a good talker.

But as he listened to her speak, he actually felt very relaxed.

“Also, before the natural disaster comes, people will see many animals fleeing. They will think that it is a sign from the mountain god. In fact, it is just the crustal movement. The animals will sense it faster than humans.”

After talking for a while, Tang Li stopped and licked her lips. She suddenly felt thirsty.

Qi Yihan asked, “You seem to know a lot about science?”

“Of course, I’m…”

Tang Li suddenly shut up as she remembered that this was not reality. The Host did not know much about science.

“You are what?”

Qi Yihan narrowed his eyes and deliberately lowered his voice, sounding a little magnetic and husky.

Tang Li could not take it anymore. She raised her hand to cover her ears and tilted her head to look at him. She said, “How can you use such a voice to talk to me? This is irresistible!”

Qi Yihan did not understand what she meant. Noticing that he was acting too close to her, he put on his usual cold expression again.

Tang Li continued, “I finally understand what it’s like to have a voice that makes your ears pregnant. Ah, Qi Yihan, how about saying a few more words with that voice? I like it.”


Qi Yihan’s heart skipped a beat. He turned his head away and asked in a deep voice, “Tang Li, do you talk so much in front of everyone?”

Tang Li looked at Qi Yihan, who was looking ahead and frowned. “No way. I’m usually too lazy to talk to others.”

As a master, she always acted cool and talked little.

“Aren’t you my husband? As your wife, I have to be concerned about your mental health.”

Tang Li spoke it so naturally that Qi Yihan’s heart skipped a beat again.

He tilted his head to look into her eyes and found that they were sparkling like the brightest star in the night sky.

Tang Li actually felt a little embarrassed from being stared at. She asked awkwardly, “Why? You don’t believe me?”

Qi Yihan withdrew his gaze and looked at the moon in the sky. His tone was solemn as he said, “It’s getting late. Go back and rest.”

Tang Li looked at his side face and frowned. She reminded him, “Recently, you’ll be having a lot of trouble. Be careful.”

She stood up and walked towards the villa.

The next morning, as soon as Tang Li got up and went downstairs, she heard voices coming from outside the door.

She walked to the door and saw Butler Zhang standing in the courtyard, talking to the two people standing outside.

One of them was Ouyang Yi, and the other was the man who went crazy yesterday.

“Madam hasn’t woken up yet. If the two of you want to look for her, you can come over later.”

Tang Li did not go over. She stood by the door and said to Butler Zhang, “Butler Zhang, they can come in.”

The moment Tang Li spoke, the two people outside the door looked over at the same time.

Ouyang Yi waved at her and smiled brightly. “Morning, Tang Li.”

Tang Li nodded and turned around to walk into the living room.

Butler Zhang looked at the young man, who was unusually enthusiastic about Madam and felt instantly alarmed, wondering if he was into Madam.

He was ready to protect the marriage between his master and madam.

Butler Zhang took them to the living room.

Tang Li was already sitting on the sofa. She tilted her head to look at the two people who were walking over. She raised her chin and gestured for them to come over and sit.

Ouyang Yi should be 1.85 meters tall. The man was even taller than him. When he was not crazy, his eyes were especially firm, and every step he took carried a powerful iron-blooded aura.

The two of them sat opposite Tang Li.

The man placed his hands on his knees and sat upright. He spoke first, “Hello, my name is Hou Yong.”

Probably because his throat had been injured before, his voice sounded especially hoarse and a little harsh.

Tang Li did not mind and nodded at him.

Hou Yong added, “Thank you for stopping me from going crazy yesterday.”

These words stunned Ouyang Yi, who was sitting beside him, and Butler Zhang, who had just returned after getting the servants to make tea.

At the next moment, Ouyang Yi asked in disbelief and shock, “Hou Yong, have you recovered from your mania?”

“Right. I am.”

Ouyang Yi still did not believe it. “How are you sure that you are fine?”

Hou Yong pointed at his head. “I can feel it.”

Ouyang Yi then looked at Tang Li, and the light in his eyes grew brighter. “Tang Li, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful to be able to cure Hou Yong’s illness. But… When did you learn medicine?”

Tang Li, “When you don’t know.”

Ouyang Yi was speechless.

Tang Li then looked at Hou Yong.

Seeing that Tang Li was looking at him, Hou Yong said seriously, “I remember what Miss Tang said to me yesterday. You’re right. I want to avenge my comrades and bring them back.”

Ouyang Yi was dumbfounded. “When did Tang Li say that to you?”

Hou Yong didn’t answer him but continued, “I want to ask Miss Tang if I can bring them all back.”

At this moment, his eyes were filled with pain and confusion. The power behind that laboratory was too strong. He did not want another group of his comrades to die.

“Yes,” Tang Li said.. “As long as you want to bring them back, you can definitely bring them back. However…”

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