The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: He Has No Interest in Women

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Not long after Qi Yihan drove out of the hospital, he received a file containing everything about Tang Li.

He knew pretty much everything the file said, but there was one thing that got his attention especially. It mentioned that Tang Li’s personality changed drastically after her grandfather passed away.

After reading the file, he thought about it for a while before taking out his phone to dial a number. When the other party picked up, he said, “Go and find out how Tang Li met that man. I want as much detail as possible.”

He did not believe that a person could change so much in such a short period of time. If Tang Li was acting again, it would not make sense, because no matter how hard she tried to act, it was impossible for her to suddenly know medical knowledge. She was so knowledgeable in medicine that even the most renowned doctors were looking up to her.

At this moment, the car suddenly stopped.

A bodyguard reported from the front passenger seat, “Master, there’s an accident ahead. The road is blocked.”

Qi Yihan looked ahead and saw cars lining up on the road.

He nodded in response and went back to read Tang Li’s file.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, Qi Yihan asked, “What’s the situation up ahead?”

“A car loaded with lubricant was knocked over in the accident. That part of the road is still being cleared.”

Qi Yihan frowned. He still had an international meeting to host at ten pm tonight, so he couldn’t wait here forever. He said, “Send a car to wait on the other street immediately. I’ll go over.”


The bodyguard quickly sent a car over.

Qi Yihan pushed open the door and got out of the car. The bodyguard in the front passenger seat and the bodyguard in the car behind followed suit.

As Qi Yihan was escorted by a few bodyguards down the street, everyone in the nearby cars looked over.

Many people started discussing.

“Look, that man must be very powerful. He brought several bodyguards with him.”

“He’s definitely the Executive of a large corporation. He must be running out of patience and decided to walk.”

“It’s quite normal for people like him. Time for executives is counted in seconds. He might have lost a few hundred million during this period of traffic jam.”

“He has a good figure and an imposing aura. Even if you can’t see his face clearly, you can still tell that he’s very charming. I wonder if he still needs someone to be his wife.”

Qi Yihan and his bodyguards walked very quickly. There were quite a few people on this street, but when he walked over with his bodyguards, his powerful aura made everyone automatically make way for him.

When he walked over, the women were so smitten that they started screaming.

“Oh my god, he’s so handsome!”

After walking for a while, he heard an excited shout coming from the traffic. “Brother Yihan.”

Qi Yihan looked over and saw two familiar people sitting in a car.

It was Xu Shize and his sister, Xu Yaran.

Seeing him, Xu Yaran got all excited. She pushed open the door and walked towards him.

Xu Shize got out of the car, too, and followed suit.

The two of them walked up to Qi Yihan. Xu Yaran looked up at him with a sweet smile. “Brother Yihan, long time no see.”

At the same time, Xu Shize asked, “Yihan, did you just return from the hospital?”


“Are you going back on foot?”

“I called a car to wait on the next street.”

Xu Shize nodded. He wanted to say that he wouldn’t delay him anymore, but Xu Yaran spoke first. “Brother Yihan, can we go with you? I heard that we still have to wait for a long time. I feel like I’m going to vomit if I keep sitting in the car.”

Xu Shize knew exactly what his little sister was planning. Although he disapproved of it, he didn’t expose her. Instead, he smiled and said to Qi Yihan, “That’s right. Yaran keeps complaining about sitting in the car for so long. Let us go with you.”

Qi Yihan didn’t mind. “Sure.”

The three of them walked on together.

They also brought two bodyguards with them.

As they walked, Xu Yaran kept looking at Qi Yihan with undisguised adoration in her eyes. She wanted to get closer to Qi Yihan.

However, just as she was quietly moving closer to Qi Yihan, he threw a look at her.

Qi Yihan didn’t say anything, but his cold look stopped Xu Yaran from moving closer.

Xu Shize also noticed Qi Yihan’s gaze. He pulled Xu Yaran closer to him and purposely said, “Little sister, did you forget all about the traffic rules after coming back from abroad? You have to look at the road when you walk.”

Xu Yaran grimaced at him. “Do you think I’m a child?”

“Of course. You’re just a kid to Yihan and me. Don’t you think so, Yihan?”

Qi Yihan agreed.

Xu Yaran was a little unhappy. “I’m not a child anymore.” After saying that, she struggled out of his arms.

Xu Shize smiled and changed the topic. “Yihan, how’s your father now?”

Xu Yaran continued. “Brother Yihan, my brother and I have always wanted to visit your father… Can we visit him tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry, but my father needs a lot of rest for the time being.”

Xu Yaran felt even more unhappy after being rejected again. She tugged at Xu Shize’s shirt and asked him to speak up for her.

Xu Shize asked, “I heard that Tang Li went to the hospital to accompany your father. Are you really ok with her staying there?”

Qi Yihan didn’t plan on answering this question and answered the first question. “Father is still the same.”

Xu Shize remembered the rumor that Yihan’s father only had a month to live, so he advised, “Spend some time with your father during this last period of time. But don’t blame yourself if anything happens.”


After that, Qi Yihan stopped talking and Xu Shize didn’t ask further.

The three of them quickly arrived at another street. There were indeed a few cars parked there.

Qi Yihan said to the two of them, “You can take one of the cars. I still have something to do, so I’ll have to go first.”

After saying that, he walked to a car in front without looking back. After he got in, the car drove away.

Looking at the car that left just like that, Xu Yaran pinched Xu Shize’s arm unhappily. “Third Brother, it’s not easy for me to meet Brother Yihan. Why don’t you help me create a chance?”

Xu Shize said, “You know what kind of a man he is, don’t you? He has no interest in women.”

“Nonsense. Are you suggesting that he is into men because he is not into women? He’s just mature and doesn’t fall in love easily. If he falls in love with someone, his girl will definitely be the happiest girl in the world.” As Xu Yaran spoke, she held her face and started fantasizing.

After fantasizing for a while, she looked at Xu Shize and hugged his arm. “Third Brother, help me. I really like Brother Yihan. Can you help me create a chance to stay alone with him?”

“He has a wife.”

“There is no love between them. Brother Yihan doesn’t like Tang Li, and they will divorce sooner or later.”

Xu Shize thought about it for a while. Actually, he also hoped that his sister would marry Qi Yihan. He said, “Our family is about to work with the Qi Corporation on a project. I’ll go to the Qi Corporation tomorrow to discuss it. You can come with me.”

Xu Yaran was delighted and hurriedly nodded.. “I’ll definitely dress up beautifully and go with you tomorrow.”

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