The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Nice Figure

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News of what happened in the villa quickly reached Qi Yihan’s ears.

The secretary said, “The butler has been sent to the hospital and is undergoing emergency treatment.”

The secretary added, “Madam pulled the shears from the butler’s leg and he fainted.”

Qi Yihan’s expression darkened, and he said coldly, “Send someone to take good care of the butler.”


After the secretary left, Qi Yihan’s phone rang. He picked it up and said something. A cold aura emanated from his body and his voice deepened. “Tell the Tang family that if this happens again, don’t blame me for being rude.”

He hung up the phone and waited for a few seconds before dialing another number. When the other party picked up the call, he said, “Draw up a divorce agreement for me.”

The other party was clearly surprised. “You plan to divorce Tang Li?”


“Isn’t your marriage arranged by your father? If you divorce her now, your family will definitely have an excuse to deal with you.”

Qi Yihan looked out the window with a cold expression. “Only if they’re capable of doing that.”

Marrying Tang Li was a temporary measure to take over the Qi Corporation. Now that he had the entire Qi Corporation under his control, there was no need for him to face that woman anymore.

If that woman and her family were more well-behaved, he would still be able to accept such a seemingly harmonious marriage. In any case, it was impossible for him to like anyone. However, she had been photographed by paparazzi every now and then and ruined the Qi family’s reputation. He was fed up with dealing with all these media.

“As for those people from the Tang family, I’ll get someone to collect the evidence and give it to you. If they use the Qi family’s name to do whatever they want in business again, give them some lessons.”

Ever since Mr. Tang passed away, the Tang family had been declining due to internal strife. Recently, they had been his name to borrow large amounts of money and break business rules. Qi Yihan had no intention of giving them another chance.

At the hospital.

As Qi Yihan’s butler, the moment he was sent to the hospital, the chief physician and his team of top-notch doctors personally operated on him.

When the surgery ended, both the chief physician and the top doctor were extremely surprised.

“Didn’t the Qi family’s family doctor team go for in-service training? Who has the ability to give Mr. Yang first aid?”

“It’s fortunate that Mr. Yang received first-aid. Otherwise, his life would definitely be in danger.”

“The person’s hemostatic technique is amazing. He was actually able to effectively stop a major arterial hemorrhage.”

“Why don’t we ask Mr. Yang who gave him first aid?”

Even they could not do this kind of hemostatic technique. They really wanted to know who was so capable.

Tang Li stayed in the villa for the whole day and did not go out at night.

The servants in the villa were in disbelief.

Not only were the servants in disbelief, Bai Qingyang’s manager, Zhou Qian, was also in disbelief.

She called out Bai Qingyang, who was accompanying the director and investor in the private room and said to him in a low voice, “Qingyang, send Miss Tang a message. Ask her why she’s not here yet. Director Wu is going to direct this movie, and it’s very important to us. If we don’t get the male lead, all our efforts during this period will be wasted.”

Bai Qingyang, on the other hand, said proudly, “Why should I send her a message? She promised to help me deal with Director Wu and the investor tonight. If she dares to break her promise, she won’t see me for the next month.”

Zhou Qian opened her mouth. Although she knew that Tang Li was super infatuated with Bai Qingyang, she was worried that Bai Qingyang would lose his favor one day, so she kindly reminded him,

“Maybe Miss Tang has something important to attend to tonight and won’t be able to make it. Why don’t you send a message to her? If she can’t make it, you can bring up your meeting with Director Wu tonight. As long as Miss Tang calls, the male lead will still be yours.”

Bai Qingyang was still unwilling. But when he thought that movies directed by Director Wu were all popular and that if he could get the male lead role, he would definitely be able to become an A-lister very soon, he took out his phone and sent a message to Tang Li.


Tang Li, who was lying on the bed with a mask on her face, heard her phone ring. She reached out to take a look.

Bai Qingyang: [You promised to meet Director Wu and the others with me tonight. Why did you go back on your word?]


Tang Li was amused by the questioning tone. She tossed her phone to the side. Since she could not speak with her mouth wide open due to the facial mask, she muttered under her breath, “Who the F*ck do you think you are? Get Lost!”

The Host liked pretty boys but she didn’t.

She couldn’t be bothered by a guy who couldn’t even see his own identity.

10 p.m.

A luxurious car was parked outside the villa.

A group of servants stood by the door to welcome them.

The car door was pulled open by the bodyguards. A handmade goat-skin shoe was the first to come out of the car, followed by a long leg wrapped in a suit.

The man alighted from the car. He was nearly 1.9 meters tall, and his broad and tall body was wrapped in a tailored suit. He was composed and unapproachable, exuding the noble aura of a king. Coupled with his handsome face, he instantly made the hearts of the maids, who were standing in two rows, race wildly.

Butler Yang was injured and hospitalized. The person who came to welcome him was the acting butler, Butler Zhang.

“Master, welcome home. I’m the acting butler, Zhang Kui.”

Butler Zhang followed Qi Yihan into the villa and took his jacket.’

Qi Yihan attended a banquet tonight and drank some wine. He sat down on the sofa and took a sip of tea before asking, “How’s Butler Yang?”

“Butler Yang was transferred to a normal ward after the surgery. The chief physician, Mr. Chang, said that he was fine and would be fine after resting for a while.”


Seeing that Qi Yihan had nothing else to ask, Butler Zhang hesitated before saying, “Master, Madam has been staying at home all day.”

Qi Yihan frowned, clearly not wanting to hear about Tang Li.

Butler Zhang immediately shut his mouth, not daring to say another word.

Qi Yihan waved at him.

Butler Zhang understood the message and left immediately.

Qi Yihan sat on the sofa for a while before walking towards the swimming pool.

He was usually busy with work and the most relaxing time for him was the first half an hour in the pool after returning.


When she heard the sound of water splashing, Tang Li rolled out of bed and walked to the window.

Her guest room was facing the swimming pool at the back, and she was looking at a robust body swimming in the pool.

Stroking her chin, Tang Li admired and praised, “He’s just how I expected him to be. Most office workers are either fat or skinny. Tsk tsk… But look at this one—this butt, this waist, this healthy skin color, this well-proportioned muscles… Hiss… It’s so tempting!”

Perhaps it was because Tang Li’s gaze was too palpable that Qi Yihan, who was swimming, suddenly looked over. His cold eyes seemed to be able to freeze people.

Not only did Tang Li not feel embarrassed about being caught peeping, she even gave him a thumbs up and mouthed, “Nice body!”

After lip-reading what she said, his expression darkened. He squinted at her with a piercing stare.

This woman was courting death!

However, at that moment, Tang Li pulled the curtains and went back to sleep with satisfaction.

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