The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Beware of Tang Li

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The news of Tang Li moving into the hospital soon reached the three brothers.

Yesterday, they called her, but she refused to answer. When they heard this news, they each had their own thoughts.

After First Madam returned, she quarreled with First Master again. However, after a long night of talking with First Master and getting promises from him, the next day, she finally stopped being angry and treated Qi Lingxuan like air.

“What is Tang Li trying to do? Yesterday, she refused to answer my calls and reply to my messages. Today, she moved to the hospital!”

“I bet we’re not the only one who called Tang Li yesterday. Second Uncle and Third Uncle must have called her as well.”

“They definitely did. She’s in the hospital now and is staying right beside Grandpa. If she says anything or asks for anything during this period of time, Grandpa will definitely listen and agree to her request.”

“She didn’t pick up our calls. Is it because she is already working with Second Uncle or Third Uncle?”

“Humph! They’re surprisingly quick to react.”

“This woman really doesn’t know what’s good for her. Since she likes that gigolo a lot, we can bribe him to manipulate her.”

The whole family was discussing how to make Tang Li listen to them obediently. Qi Lingxuan, who was standing at the side, gave an almost imperceptible smirk.

He was waiting for these people to compete and then reap the benefits in the end.

After discussion, they started taking action.

Eventually, only First Madam and Qi Yueling were left in the living room.

Even though First Madam had promised First Master that she wouldn’t kick up a fuss, she wasn’t going to let Qi Lingxuan off easy.

“Humph! Don’t think that just because your grandfather agreed to let you return to the Qi family, you can be on equal footing with Xiaohao and the rest. A b*tch’s child is a b*stard. You better know your place in this family. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Qi Lingxuan clenched his fists tightly. He could tolerate anything else, but if she dared to talk about his mother, he would immediately become fierce. “I dare you to say that again!”

“Isn’t your mother the mistress who seduced a married man?” Qi Yueling saw that her mother was furious, so she said mockingly, “Why don’t you look in the mirror and see what kind of a b*stard you are?”

“You motherf*cker…”

“Ah! He is gonna hit me!”

Qi Yueling screamed the moment Qi Lingxuan made a move to hit her. First Madam didn’t expect that a bastard would dare to hit her daughter. Flustered and exasperated, she stomped her feet and shouted, “Butler! Servants, arrest him now!”

The butler immediately brought a group of servants to restrain Qi Lingxuan.

First Madam walked up to him and gave him two slaps on the face. She then scolded him with a twisted face, “You’re a filthy son of a b*tch. How dare you lay a hand on her in front of me? Butler, take him away and lock him up in the northern courtyard. He’s not allowed to eat today. Let him reflect on his actions.”


The butler looked at Qi Lingxuan, who was struggling under the servant’s hands, and gestured to the servant expressionlessly. “Take him away.”

Qi Lingxuan was so angry that he wanted to kill all of them.

However, he did not have the ability to fight with them now. He could only allow the servants to pull him out and beat him up.

First Madam still wasn’t satisfied with the beating. “How dare you hit her, you little ungrateful f*cker!”

Qi Yueling didn’t look satisfied, either. She came up with an idea. “Mother, if that bastard stays, he will definitely be a threat one day. Why don’t we think of a way to get rid of him secretly?”

“Not yet.” She had promised First Master not to touch the baster. She would definitely not do so before Father passed away.

Qi Yueling did not want a bastard to share the family assets with them at all. There was a trace of viciousness on her face as she thought of something and said, “Why don’t we capture the person he cares about? That way, we can control him.”

First Madam thought that was a good idea and said, “Call your uncle and tell him to do it.”


The Northern Courtyard was an abandoned courtyard that had not been renovated for many years. It was overgrown with weeds, a dilapidated courtyard, and there were bugs everywhere. Even if it was broad daylight, the Courtyard gave people an especially gloomy and cold feeling.

“Go in and stay there.”

After the butler got the servants to throw him down, he locked the courtyard door.

Hearing the sound of footsteps walking away, Qi Lingxuan, who was lying on the ground, endured the pain and raised his head. His expression was dark and his eyes were filled with anger. “Come out.”

Then, a glowing sword appeared in front of him.

His tone was cold. “What do I have to do to send them all to hell as soon as possible?”

“You need help.”

“From whom?”

“Qi Yihan.”


“Yes, this person is the hidden boss of this world. Only with his help will you be able to achieve your wish faster… However, you have to be careful of Tang Li. For now, we best avoid this woman.”

Qi Lingxuan narrowed his eyes and said firmly, “Are you afraid of her?”

“I’m not her match for the time being. If you have the ability, find me some Heavenly Spiritual Treasures to absorb so that I can suppress her.”


Tang Li did not reply to any of them. Not only did First Dadam guess that Tang Li was collaborating with one of the other two madams, the other two madams thought the same.

The three of them started taking action at the same time.

First Madam and Third Madam went to find Bai Qingyang together, while Second Madam planned to work on the Tang family.

Bai Qingyang didn’t expect that the Qi family would find him the next day after he was humiliated by Tang Li.

When he heard that the people looking for him were the Qi family, he was so scared that he thought he was done for.

Unexpectedly, the Qi family told him the moment they met, “As long as you cooperate, we will make you an A-lister.”

Hearing that, Bai Qingyang’s heart was pounding. Without thinking, he asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to…”

Bai Qingyang thought that’d be it. However, when one left, the other one came to him with the same request.

After the incident at the clubhouse, he realized that Tang Li had changed. Without Tang Li, he would have no place in the entertainment industry. This made him so anxious that he could not sleep well at night. He did not expect that two people from the Qi family would suddenly come to find him one after another. They even said that as long as he did as they said, they would make him an A-lister.

He was not gonna let such a good opportunity slip. Moreover, their request didn’t sound so hard to him.

He thought that Tang Li must have gotten tired of him because of his sudden change in attitude toward her, and that as long as he changed the way he treated her, she would forgive him.

So this time, he didn’t tell Zhou Qian, but directly agreed to the two people who came to find him.

Tang Li did not know about these things.

In the hospital, the powerful medical knowledge Tang Li used to treat the old man blew the three doctors’ minds.

The three of them had a meeting in the morning. In the afternoon, Tang Li followed Augustine to his laboratory.

“To nurture active cells, we need to use the components of xx and yy. These two drugs must be extracted from… these animals and plants. It’s not cell failure that causes the old man’s body to stop functioning. We need to use carriers that stimulate the recovery of bodily functions…”

Tang Li, who was wearing a lab coat, was standing next to an experiment instrument. She talked as she worked. Augustine was first listening, then he found a notebook and started taking notes.

The two of them all looked solemn.

The day ended quickly. Tang Li had just finished her meal when the butler’s respectful voice came from outside the villa.. “Master, you’re here.”

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