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Chapter 10 - The Drunk Qi Yihan

Chapter 10: The Drunk Qi Yihan

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After Tang Li walked in, she went back.

At this point, Butler Zhang was asking Butler Yang in a low voice, “Madam has already gone in. Do I really not need to remind her not to disturb Master?”

Because it was very quiet nearby, Butler Yang’s voice could be heard. “There’s no need. Madam will go straight to her bedroom and not to the pool.”

Butler Zhang was just about to heave a sigh of relief when he saw Tang Li walk out again. He tensed up and stood up straight, asking, “Madam, what can I do for you?”

Tang Li glanced at his phone and asked, “How is Butler Yang now?”

Butler Yang got Butler Zhang to turn on the loudspeaker.

After Butler Zhang turned on the loudspeaker, Butler Yang said respectfully and politely, “Thank you for your concern, Madam. At the same time, thank you for the emergency treatment that day. My injuries are recovering well. I can be discharged from the hospital in a few days.”

Tang Li nodded and said to Butler Zhang, “Get the kitchen to prepare some food for me.”

After saying that, she thought for a while and added, “Yi Han probably didn’t eat anything tonight. Prepare some for him too.”

“But… Master said not to let anyone disturb him.”

“Just get the food ready and leave it in the living room. I’ll go up and take a shower.”

When Butler Zhang was put in a dilemma, not knowing what to do, Butler Yang said over the phone, “Madam, Zhang Kui will get someone to prepare it immediately.”

Satisfied, Tang Li turned around and walked into the villa. When she entered, she heard Butler Zhang’s muffled voice. “Why do I feel so uneasy when Madam suddenly cares about Master?”

The corner of Tang Li’s lips twitched. Was she so unworthy of these people’s trust?

After showering and changing into pajamas, dinner was already on the dining table.

Tang Li glanced at the walkway leading to the swimming pool at the back and walked toward it.

When she reached the back door, there was no sound of swimming outside.

When she was walking out, Tang Li grumbled, “Why is this man going to the pool when he is drunk? How much does he like to swim? Isn’t he afraid that he might accidentally fall into the pool because he’s too drunk?”

At the back, there was a particularly large garden. The back door to the pool was connected by a winding cobblestone road that was more than ten meters long. There were various famous flowers planted on both sides of the road.

The Host had never been to the backyard before. Every time she came back, she would go straight to her bedroom. Tang Li was wearing a pair of cotton slippers then, and because the night was too quiet, the sound of her slippers clicking was particularly loud.

Smelling the fragrance of the flowers, Tang Li sighed as she walked. “What a pity that such a big garden is used to grow useless flowers and plants? It would be great if I could use them to grow herbs.”

Soon, she arrived near the pool. She looked over and saw a man in only a pair of swimming trunks floating in the pool. He was motionless like a floating corpse.

Tang Li was shocked. She did not jump down immediately to save him. Instead, she raised her wrist to look at the Red Thread of Fate.

Realizing that the Red Thread of Fate was still there, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, it’s not gone.”

She then walked to the pool and called out, “Qi Yihan.”

The man didn’t respond.

Tang Li looked at the man with the perfect body and mumbled, “Did he fall asleep in the water?”

Just as she was wondering if she should get the man up, the man in the water suddenly moved. He plunged right into the water. Just as Tang Li craned her neck to look, the man had already swum to the shore. He pushed himself up with both hands and nimbly jumped out to stand before Tang Li, looking at her with a solemn gaze.

The man’s hair was not particularly long. After getting wet, it stuck to his forehead, making his facial features colder and sharper.

At this moment, the water on his body kept flowing down his bronze chest and into his dark-colored swimming trunks. Finally, it flowed down his long legs and onto the ground.

At this moment, his entire body was emitting an intimidating aura and an alluring aura.

Tang Li covered her nose and gulped excitedly before saying, “You probably didn’t eat dinner tonight. I asked the butler to prepare some. Do you want some?”

The man still did not speak. He looked at her with his cold eyes, as if he was going to destroy her in the next second.

After a long while, he finally spoke. His voice had become low and hoarse from drinking, and at the same time, it was filled with palpable killing intent. “Who told you to come here?”

Tang Li blinked in confusion. “I can’t come?”

“You can’t.”

Qi Yihan walked towards her after he finished speaking. Without any clothes on, his aura was still strong. Even though he was barefoot, every step he took was powerful.

Tang Li, who had been single for more than twenty years, could not resist the temptation of a handsome man. Her heart started racing.

“I told you before, you’d better not come to places you shouldn’t. Otherwise…”

At this point, Qi Yihan suddenly made a move. Just as he was about to grab Tang Li’s neck, Tang Li bent backward, and all her thoughts were shattered by the handsome man’s viciousness. As she dodged, she quickly retreated to the side and shouted, “You’d better not fight with me. Otherwise, I might hurt you!”

“Humph! Let’s see if you have the ability.”

With that, Qi Yihan charged toward Tang Li at lightning speed.

Tang Li charged at him, too.

And then the two of them started fighting right beside the pool.

Tang Li had learned martial arts in real life, so she was pretty good at fighting. However, because she had a lot of heavenly treasures, she would use them every time she fought. There was basically no chance for her to fight someone barehanded like this, especially with someone like Qi Yihan whose moves were precise and fierce. The two of them had only exchanged a dozen moves, but she was already starting to lose.

When Tang Li prepared to cast an illusion, Qi Yihan suddenly paused, and then he fell backward as his body started to sway.


Tang Li cried out in shock and instinctively raised her hand to grab hold of him. However, because Qi Yihan was tall and sturdy, a skinny girl like her was not able to counter his weight, so she lost her balance and fell down with him.

Bang! Qi Yihan fell to the ground and Tang Li fell on top of him.

Tang Li got dizzy when she hit on Qi Yihan’s hard chest. She laid on Qi Yihan’s body for a long while before she finally came back to her senses and quickly moved away from him.

She then squatted beside him and pushed him, shouting, “Qi Yihan.”

But there was no response.

Tang Li quickly checked him.

After a while, she said with a complicated tone, “Did he actually fall asleep because he was too tired and drunk?”

Tang Li remembered that his head was on the ground when he fell, so she raised his head and touched the back of his head. As she expected, she found a big bump there.

“You poor boy!”

But she wasn’t going to let her husband get hurt at all. She put her hand directly on the back of his head, and that big bump quickly faded.

Then, she stood up and found her slippers.. After putting them on, she went out to let the butler bring some people in to send him back to the bedroom.

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