The Beloved and Pampered Girl

Chapter 478 - Chapter 478: God Is on My Side

Chapter 478: God Is on My Side

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After the amusement park, they went to have a meal together…

They arrived at a very high-end restaurant serving western food.

Patrons had to make an appointment in advance before they could dine here.

But who was Chu Liyuan? Did he need to make an appointment? If he said he wanted to come for a meal, who would dare to stop him?

Not only was he not refused entry, but he was also given the best table.

In such restaurants, ambiance was very important apart from the food.

They were given the best table in the restaurant where they could see the night scenery of S City. It was breathtaking.

The two children paid no heed to the beautiful scenery when they saw the table full of delicacies.

In particular Xiaoxin, whose eyes were about to fall into her food…

However, rules were rules. If the elders did not touch their chopsticks, they definitely could not eat first.

Therefore, no matter how much they wanted to eat, they could only wait for the elders to eat first before they could start eating…

Although elders usually doted on their children, Chu Zhiyuan and Mo Qingqin felt that Jian Dan had taught these two children very well, so they did not say anything.

Seeing that the adults had already eaten, the two munchkins started eating…

Xiaoxin used both hands as she ate happily.

Chu Liyuan looked at Xiaoxin’s table manners and smiled.

This little girl will definitely grow up to be just like her mother.

Just as they were eating, someone suddenly walked over. “Jian Dan? Is it really you? I thought I saw you from afar just now. I didn’t expect it to really be you!” Jian Dan quickly tried to recall who the person before her was…

Xiaokai had already recognized him…

He was one of the candidates at the mass matchmaking session back then, and he was the best candidate.

The corners of Xiaokai’s mouth curled up into an imperceptible evil smile. Isn’t this God on my side?

It seemed that his plan to torment Chu Liyuan could be implemented today.

The truth was, Chu Liyuan’s expression had already darkened from the moment this man approached them.

In particular when Chu Liyuan saw the way he looked at Jian Dan, the coldness in his eyes intensified.

Xiaokai noticed that the coldness in Chu Liyuan’s eyes was getting stronger and he was prepared to add fuel to the fire.

“I remember you. You were the one my mother was most satisfied with at the matchmaking session the other time.”

Hearing Xiaokai’s words, everyone had different expressions on their faces.

The man looked a little shy because he had a very good impression of Jian Dan. He was naturally very happy to hear Xiaokai’s words.

On the other hand, Jian Dan was a little conflicted with a hint of fear in her nervousness.

Chu Zhiyuan looked at Chu Liyuan worriedly, hoping that he would not break that man’s neck in the next moment.

Mo Qingqin looked on with a playful look.

As for Chu Liyuan, the coldness in his eyes had slowly turned into a murderous intent.

Jian Jian actually went to a matchmaking session with someone else? And from what Xiaokai said just now, it seemed like there was more than one.

There was already a raging fire in Chu Liyuan’s heart. He wished he could burn the man in front of him to ashes.

Looking at this man’s expression, he knew that he must be interested in Jian Dan.

He actually dares to harbor thoughts about my woman? He’s tired of living…

In the next second, Chu Liyuan could no longer hold it in. He grabbed the man’s neck with one hand.

As long as Chu Liyuan exerted a little force, that man’s neck would be snapped.

But to strangle someone in public… The murderous intent in Chu Liyuan’s eyes could be clearly seen and no one could guarantee that the man’s neck would not be broken in the next moment.

If he really killed someone in front of so many people… Even if he was Chu Liyuan, it wouldn’t do.

Hence, Jian Dan stood up immediately and held Chu Liyuan back by holding onto his arm that was gripping that man’s neck hand and said, “No!”

Chu Zhiyuan did not step forward because he knew very well that only Jian Dan could stop Chu Liyuan at this moment..

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