The Beloved and Pampered Girl

Chapter 374 - Chapter 374: Don’t Touch Her, Otherwise, You Won’t Be able to Escape Even If You Run to the Ends of the World!

Chapter 374: Don’t Touch Her, Otherwise, You Won’t Be able to Escape Even If You Run to the Ends of the World!

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Soon, the fragrance of food wafted out…

“Wow, it smells so good! I didn’t expect you to be such a great cook.” His culinary skills are completely comparable to Uncle’s. She was about to drool from the fragrance alone.


“Coming!” She brought the plate to him, but her gaze was still fixed on the food in the pan.

He already knew that Jian Dan was a little glutton.

But when he saw Jian Dan’s gluttonous look with his own eyes, he did not expect her to be so cute.

He took the plate from Jian Dan’s hand, but before he scooped the food from the pan, he picked up a piece with the chopsticks and brought it to Jian Dan’s mouth.

Jian Dan was taken aback by his sudden move.

What’s going?

“You’re drooling into the pan!”

It turns out that he had seen through my gluttonous nature, so…

“Hehe, I can’t help it. Your food looks and smells so appetizing.” Jian Dan opened her mouth and ate the piece of meat that he brought to her mouth…

“Mmm, it’s really yummy!”

“Bring it out.” He handed the dish to Jian Dan.


Just as she was about to steal a bite, Malicious Spirit seemed to have read her mind. “Don’t steal a bite!”

As soon as he said that, Jian Dan immediately drew back her hand that was about to reach for the plate. “No, I didn’t! Why would I steal a bite?”

Looking at Jian Dan’s flustered back, the corners of his mouth curled up again.

I will do my utmost best to protect such a wonderful Jian Dan…

Actually, after leaving the base the other time, he went to look for that person.

He had also warned that person not to hurt Jian Dan again.

He was originally working with that person, but he did not expect to have feelings for Jian Dan and have a change of heart.

He could no longer care about his original goals. He only knew that he would not allow anyone to hurt this girl.

If anyone dared to lay a finger on her, he would not let them off no matter where they went!

He loved this girl and did not even care that she might never reciprocate his feelings. He just knew that he would be very contented to be by her side and see her often.

“Master Spirit, are you not done yet?”

Staring at the mouthwatering spread on the table, Jian Dan had already lost her ability to control herself…

“Coming.” He came out of the kitchen with the last dish.

Looking at the girl at the dining table who was completely focused on food, an unprecedented warmth appeared on his face.

He placed the last dish on the table, picked up a pair of chopsticks, and handed it to Jian Dan. “Tuck in.”

“Yay, I can finally eat!” She gleefully took the chopsticks from him and ate eagerly…

“Mmm! So yummy!”

“And this… this is also delicious!”

“Mmm… That one is heavenly too!”

“Every dish is so delicious!”

“Master Spirit, I really have a newfound understanding of you. You’re so awesome!” With one hand holding the chopsticks and getting another piece of food, Jian Dan raised her thumb at him with the other.

Looking at Jian Dan’s blissful expression, he said silently in his heart…

If you like, I can cook for you for the rest of your life.

“Master Spirit, you eat too.” She picked up a piece of fish and put it in his bowl.

To him, Jian Dan’s smile was the most precious thing in this world; he would not give it up for anything in this world. Hence, he would protect this preciousness forever!

“Isn’t it especially delicious?” She asked when she saw him pop the piece of fish into his mouth.

“Not bad.”

“What do you mean by ‘not bad’?! It’s clearly super-duper delicious, okay?”

“Oh, I forgot. You cooked it; you must have eaten it often, so that’s why you said it’s not bad.”

All the food in this world would only taste so-so to him because even the most delectable food could not compare to the fried sauce noodles that Jian Dan made for him on his birthday.

That was the best thing he had ever eaten..

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