The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 8 - This Chance Encounter is Flustering

Chapter 8: This Chance Encounter is Flustering

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Lin Che changed out of her dress and into a beautiful skirt. It wrapped around her body and instantly brightened up her appearance tremendously.

Inside, Lin Che tried each piece one by one. The salesperson enthusiastically assisted her with a great attitude.

To the side, Gu Jingze sat elegantly on a chair, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Although Lin Che had politely declined, it was apparent that she had never seen such a scene once they arrived. She went around the store, looking at everything with a constant wide-eyed surprise.

It really seemed as if she had never worn nice clothes.

However, when he raised his head, Lin Che stood before him in a jade-green gown. It accentuated her bright and fair skin and rendered it almost translucent. She looked like a stream after a rain: refreshing and pleasing. Her long and slender legs were also exposed. On the whole, she appeared sensual and beautiful with a hint of cuteness.

The salesperson smiled as she complimented, “This piece is perfect for you, Madam. You look beautiful in it.”

Lin Che felt embarrassed at the praise.

Gu Jingze looked on. It was undeniable that she looked good in the dress.

Although she usually looked sloppy and uncultured, she currently appeared graceful and was full of feminine charm.

He could not help but steal two more glances. When he saw Lin Che turn her head, he quickly directed his gaze elsewhere.

Gu Jingze was very satisfied. He gestured for someone to foot the bill and said to the salesperson, “Wrap up everything in the store that suits her and send it to the Gu villa.”

Lin Che was shocked. She looked at Gu Jingze with light beaming from her eyes.

He was too rich.

Naturally, the salesperson was extremely happy. She politely walked them out the door and watched with envy as Lin Che jogged up to the luxurious Porsche outside and got into the car.

Soon, they arrived at the company. She thanked him before getting out of the car quickly.

Yu Minmin brought Lin Che to the grand hall of a seven-star hotel where auditions were taking place. While walking, she said sternly, “There’s a role for you to try out today. If you run off halfway like you did the last time, don’t ever come to the company again. You really think you’re Lin Li? If you want to pick and choose your roles, then be like her. Even if she’s not insanely famous, at least she’s a big celebrity. Otherwise, you better take your auditions seriously and stop coming up with silly ideas.”

Lin Che thought to herself, Lin Li had the full financial support of the Lin family so of course, she is famous. On the other hand, her stepmother had gone to great lengths to stunt her development. Also, Lin Li interfered whenever she got a role. Yet, she could not give up because of them. To do so would be the same as retreating before the fight had begun.

“Audition for the role properly today.” Sister Yu continued, “The investor this time is very rich. He’s from the Gu family, a well-known and mysterious family. No one knows how rich or powerful they are. Even if you fail the audition, you’ll definitely make rapid advances in your career if he takes a liking to you.”

Lin Che was no longer listening; her attention had completely shifted to Lin Li and Qin Qing who were walking toward her.

Lin Li was slim and graceful whilst Qin Qing was tall and handsome. When the two of them walked side by side, all eyes turned towards them.

“Wow, Lin Li.”

“That’s probably her fiancé beside her. I heard that they’re getting engaged soon. Her fiance’s family is very rich and he’s a second-generation heir.”

“Her fiancé is really handsome. They’re a perfect match.”

“Lin Li is really lucky.”

Before Lin Che could turn around and leave, she heard Qin Qing call out, “Lin Che? Why are you here?”

Lin Che froze and looked back reluctantly. She saw Lin Li glare at her distastefully as they walked towards her.

Lin Che smiled faintly at Qin Qing, “I came for an audition.”

Qin Qing stared at her clothes. He seemed to be thinking that she was different from her usual careless and loud self.

She looked much more refreshing and even gave off a feminine charisma.

“Where did you go? Your family has been looking for you.” Qin Qing was still unaware of the circumstances. He only knew that the Lin family was in chaos. Han Caiying was always cursing Lin Che, calling her an ungrateful wretch and a total ingrate.

Lin Che laughed bitterly and looked at Lin Li’s smug expression, “I’m fine. I’ll be staying with a friend in the future. I won’t be going back to the Lin residence.”

Lin Li complained to Qin Qing, “Ah Qing, you have no idea how anxious the family is. She’s too insensible. My mother stayed awake all night out of worry, but she…”

Lin Che snorted. Her stepmother was probably unable to sleep out of anger at having failed to sell her off.

Lin Che did not want to watch her act any longer. She said coldly, “I still have an audition. Qin Qing, you guys go ahead.”

Staring longingly at Qin Qing, she clenched her fist tightly.

Suddenly, sounds of exclamation arose from behind them.

They looked back in astonishment, only to see a neat row of the best bodyguards clear a path to reveal Gu Jingze behind them. He was dressed in all black like a knight of the dark night, mysterious and aloof.

Lin Che was stupefied. Seeing him here, she felt like she was dreaming.

Lin Li’s sparkling eyes were already glued to him. She watched the tall and handsome man walk past her without so much as a side-glance. With his arrogant expression and cold brow, he looked like a lofty emperor who did not permit anyone to get close to him.

“Ah, Qin Qing, who’s that? He looks really familiar,” she asked Qin Qing, unable to hide her curiosity.

On the other hand, Lin Che wanted to bury herself in the ground because she saw Gu Jingze shooting a look at her.

Lin Li’s exclamation instantly jolted her out of her daze. She saw Lin Li lower her head and say, “Is he looking at me…”

Lin Che could not bear to stay there any longer. Whilst the place was in chaos, she ran out.

After some time, she suddenly heard Lin Li’s voice from behind her.

“Lin Che, it would be best you go home.”

Lin Che turned her head and said coldly, “I’m never going back.”

Lin Li sneered. “Don’t think that I don’t know about your motives towards Qin Qing. You’re not good enough for him. He’s about to get engaged to me soon and become your brother-in-law. If you’re human, stop trying to flirt with him. Look at your status; you’re an illegitimate daughter. Yet you still dare to have delusional thoughts about a rich young master like Qin Qing.”

Lin Che’s heart writhed, as Lin Li looked at her smugly. “At first, you still had a chance to squeeze into the upper ranks of society by becoming the young madam of the Cheng family. It’s a pity that you weren’t tactful. What? You thought that you could have a chance with Qin Qing?”

“If you’re done, can I leave now?” If it was anyone else, she would have been fine. But she could not tolerate it when Qin Qing was mentioned.

Lin Che took large strides towards the exit but was pulled back roughly by Lin Li.

“What kind of attitude are you showing me?!” Lin Li sneered and said, “If you turn around now and lick the dirt off my shoes, I might let you have this role. Otherwise, as long as I’m around, don’t ever think of getting involved in any major productions.”

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