The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 631 - Get Out Of My House Now

Chapter 631: Get Out Of My House Now

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The foreigner behind then shrugged and smiled, “There’s no point in talking so much. Why don’t you show us now? We also hope that this won’t be a wasted trip.”

The few of them sat down.

Lin Che was exhausted, but she stepped into it, pinched her cheeks, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were already becoming livelier.

The few of them watched from the back.

When they first saw Lin Che, they really felt slightly disappointed. They thought that she looked so exhausted that she was on drugs. It made them lose interest.

They thought that her sunny appearance in the advertisement was merely a result of the advertisement. She was probably a very lazy person in real life. Thus, they became disinterested in her.

But now, they witnessed as Lin Che seemed to suddenly turn into another person. She was immersed in her role and immediately came alive. Her eyes became sharp as she was filled with the emotions from the drama.

That foreigner at the front was curious and sat up straight.

The one behind still had doubts and wanted to see how she was going to perform. He tilted his head and watched her.

Lin Che looked at the script. It was one of those rather classic dramas.

The woman came out from inside, thinking about her meeting with the male lead. The male lead admitted that he was a vampire hunter. She was devastated but still left sassily.

Outside, her coldness revealed hints. In her eyes and body that lacked warmth, she could no longer conceal the sorrow in her heart.

She reached out and used her vampire superpowers to break off the wooden bridge in front of her.

The changes in her eyes were very effective and clearly detailed.

The foreigners watched her. It was indeed different from Hollywood acting, but it was also very natural and beautifully detailed.

On top of that, these tiny emotions were expressed very well. It didn’t look as artificial or deliberate as what they usually saw in C Nation dramas and movies.

That foreigner stood up first and said, “Very good. You’re very different from what I imagined. I always thought that the actors in C Nation were too exaggerated.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “I know. Our acting usually goes overboard, but professional actors want to experience the character’s personality so that they are in line with the original characters. When it comes to expressing our emotions, we C Nationals are different from foreigners. When it comes to filming shows and movies for our own people to see, we naturally have our own uniqueness. But I’m a professional actor and I want to perform for a Hollywood audience. Our performance will also change accordingly.”

“I see. It looks like we haven’t understood fully what it means to be an actor, so we have misunderstood C Nation’s acting style.” He also turned behind to look at the other guy who thought little of Lin Che.

He could only smile and say, “Yes, I think your acting is very good. You’re as good as Mu Feiran.”

Lin Che replied, “Thank you, but Sister Feiran is the publicly acknowledged queen. I do not dare to compare with her. I can only say that she is my role model.”

They subsequently had a good chat but this didn’t stop Lin Che from looking tired again.

That foreigner asked, “Are you feeling tired?”

Lin Che said, “Yes. I apologize that you have to see me like this. My dog was ill last night and had an operation. I haven’t recovered from it.”

“No, no, you’re very professional.”

After Lin Che bade farewell to them, she walked out.

Unexpectedly, lights were flashing in the distance outside. Cameras followed her every step.

When Lin Che and Yu Minmin returned to their company, the news had already spread on the Internet.

It said that the media knew that Lin Che was going to audition for the Hollywood film, “Blood”, today. She was auditioning for one of the female lead roles: the vampire queen. This movie’s focus would be on the vampire hunter. Although it was a masculine movie, this female role was well deserved. Rumors said that “Blood” would pick a C Nation actor, so it caused a lot of commotion in the local entertainment circle. Now, they finally saw Lin Che go for the audition. However, after seeing how Lin Che looked like after the audition, it seemed as if the result was not ideal. Judging on Lin Che’s past roles, everyone thought that Lin Che was the best among the four newcomers. Despite this, they were still miles away from the Hollywood standard. Thus, they could understand if they didn’t manage to be involved in the Hollywood movie. But speculations claimed that this role was already internally decided to be Lin Che’s. Whether it was Eric’s doing or not, the truth was yet to be revealed.

After reading this, Yu Minmin handed it to Lin Che and asked, “What the hell are these people doing? They are saying that it was already internally decided to be yours…”

Lin Che read it and also laughed it off. “Well, they can’t follow me back to the Gu residence and take the chance that nobody is home. They came straight to the audition venue. It has been hard on these people too.”

“Yes. Nevermind, don’t think too much. Whoever gets the role, in the end, is entirely up to the crew. Just because the paparazzi said that your acting skills are bad doesn’t mean that they are bad.”

But Yu Minmin was also very exasperated. Lin Che’s acting was publicly acknowledged. What did they mean by it was a rumor? They made it sound like they spread it around themselves.

Everybody acknowledged her.

Lin Che did not bother with this first. She only wanted to go home early and check on Prince.

Meanwhile, at the Gu residence…

Gu Jingze entered and heard the housekeeper say, “They said that the last time they saw Prince, he went in the direction of Miss Mo but nobody saw Miss Mo do anything to Prince. This…”

Gu Jingze’s face was extremely dark. He walked in expressionless and cold. It scared the maids at the sides.

“Where is Mo Huiling?” His voice sounded a lot colder than he looked.

“Sir, Miss Mo is inside…”

Gu Jingze brought his men with him and walked straight to Mo Huiling’s room.

Since the day she moved in, Gu Jingze had never gone close to her room.

Hearing the sounds now, Mo Huiling stood up.

Seeing Gu Jingze actually opening the door to enter, Mo Huiling’s face was filled with joy.

“Jingze, you’re here. Just in time. I’m looking at the ultrasound. Do you want to take a look? The baby is getting big and we can see him…”

She thought that Gu Jingze finally thought about her since Lin Che was not home today.

Unexpectedly, Gu Jingze immediately said, “Pack up your things today and get out of my house!”

The joyful smile on Mo Huiling’s face immediately fell.

“What did you say?”

Gu Jingze said, “You’ve been staying here for a while now. I think your arm is already healed enough. Since you’re healed, isn’t it time for you to leave?”

“I… I have not. My wound is still not healed. I still want to recuperate here. Gun wounds don’t heal so easily.”

“Enough.” Gu Jingze’s eyes stared at her coldly. “Maybe I should be more direct. I don’t need to beat around the bush with you. You wanted to stay here to recuperate. On account that you helped Lin Che that one time, I have been tolerating you. But now, you actually did such a thing to Prince…”

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