The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 476 - You Took Away All That I Had So Easily

Chapter 476: You Took Away All That I Had So Easily

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Lin Che was in the toilet washing her hands when her world suddenly turned to black.

Thereafter, she lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she still felt as if she was swaying. She felt weak and had no strength in her body. She seemed to be in a car that was currently moving.

She squinted and tried her best to see clearly what was in front of her. However, all she saw was darkness.

She realized that she was probably in the trunk of the car.

She did not know how much time had passed before she was let out of the trunk.

She was led into a dark house and thrown onto the floor. When she lifted her head, she saw that she seemed to be in a basement.

She frantically looked around her. Beside her, Yang Lingxin was unconscious.

Lin Che quickly reached out to pat Yang Lingxin. “Little Xin, Little Xin. Quick, wake up. Wake up.”

Little Xin opened her eyes in a daze.

After regaining consciousness, she was so frightened that she immediately shrank against Lin Che’s side.

“Sister Che, where are we? What is this place?”

Lin Che hugged Yang Lingxin. “I don’t know either…”

“Weren’t we in the toilet earlier… then someone suddenly came up behind us…”

“Yes…” That was also the last thing Lin Che remembered.

Yang Lingxin suddenly jerked. “Oh my God, do you think we’ve been kidnapped? Do you think someone kidnapped us? Sister Che, could it be… some perverted fan of yours?”

Lin Che shook her head. Was it a perverted fan? That was impossible. A perverted fan could not take her away under the noses of Gu Jingze’s bodyguards. It had to be someone with sufficient ability and power…

Just then, the sounds outside answered their doubts.

“Did you bring her?” A familiar female voice made Lin Che freeze.

“We’ve brought her here, Miss. But there are two women inside. We didn’t know which one you wanted, so we brought both of them here.”

“What? There are two women?”

Then, someone pushed open the door.

The person who entered was none other than Lu Chuxia.

She looked much thinner and much more worn out.

Lin Che was shocked. It had only been a short time since they last saw one another. How could she have become so emaciated within such a short time?

Upon seeing Lu Chuxia, Yang Lingxin shrank even more behind Lin Che.

Lu Chuxia sneered and said, “Lin Che, oh Lin Che. You still ended up in my hands.”

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia in astonishment. “Are you the one who kidnapped me? Lu Chuxia, are you sick in the head?!”

Lu Chuxia said, “Yes. As long as you’re alive, I’ll feel gloomy each day. I won’t be able to stomach any food and I won’t be able to sleep. The only thing I want is to see you die. Tell me, is there any way to resolve this problem?”

Behind Lu Chuxia, there were several burly men who did not seem to be from C Nation. They looked like Indians or something as their skin color was on the darker side.

Lu Chuxia bent down to look at Lin Che.

Because she had been kidnapped all the way here, Lin Che was in an extremely disheveled state and her face looked filthy too.

Lu Chuxia looked down and patted Lin Che’s face. Smiling, she said, “Do you know how much I went through just to bring you here? Gu Jingze’s subordinates are so difficult to shake off. You probably don’t know this, but ever since the first day you left the WW banquet, I’ve wanted to take you here for some fun. Today, I finally got the chance to do it.”

Lin Che did not know what exactly she had done to escape detection by Gu Jingze’s bodyguards.

But when she had gone to the washroom, the bodyguards could not follow her in since they were all men. Perhaps Lu Chuxia’s subordinates had used this opportunity to take her away.

In any case, it was useless now for her to think about how they had done it. Right now, she just wanted to know what exactly Lu Chuxia wanted to do.

Lu Chuxia looked at her face before shifting her gaze to Yang Lingxin beside her.

No wonder these people did not know who to kidnap. Apart from the fact that Yang Lingxin was much less attractive than Lin Che, the way she was dressed was similar to Lin Che.

They were both sluts.

Lu Chuxia scoffed. While looking at Lin Che’s face, she wiped her hands in distaste. “How dirty. I really don’t understand what exactly is wrong with all those men. How could they possibly take a fancy to a woman like you?”

Lin Che looked at her in disbelief. “You kidnapped me just because those men showered attention on me?”

“No.” Lu Chuxia stared unyieldingly at Lin Che. “It’s because you took away everything that I had, Lin Che. The man I like, my family, my title as the top socialite, my position, my status. You snatched everything away from me. And now you’re asking me what I’m going to do? I have nothing left. So I want you to die.”

Lin Che’s heart sank. She looked at Lu Chuxia. Her eyes were darting around and there was a crazed expression on her face as she looked at Lin Che.

Perhaps Lin Che did not care at all for things like the title of the top socialite. But these were very important to Lu Chuxia.

Lin Che said, “Lu Chuxia, stop throwing a mad fit. You’re a socialite, I’m not. I don’t want to be one either. I only attended the WW banquet because of our bet because you wanted to compete with me. But I’m just an illegitimate daughter of the Lin family. I’m not a socialite, neither have I ever wanted to be one. I just want to lead a peaceful life.”

Lu Chuxia was the one who had forced her to attend the WW banquet. But in the end, Lu Chuxia was now angry at her because of this.

She was being too unreasonable.

Lu Chuxia looked at Lin Che. “Precisely. You don’t care at all, right? To you, a socialite is worth nothing, right? In your eyes, I’m worth nothing too, right? Do you look down on me because I’m so anxious over the mere title of the top socialite?”

Lin Che did not say that she could not understand why being the top socialite was so important.

Lu Chuxia scoffed. “You know, from the time I could walk, I learned how to dance. From the time I could speak, I learned how to sing. From the time I could read, I learned how to play the piano. You know, for so many years, there’s nothing that I haven’t been able to do. I spent all of my time learning these things. Do you know how hard I’ve worked?”

Lin Che froze.

She knew that Lu Chuxia was very impressive and was good at many things.

Looking back on her past, Lu Chuxia’s expression was one of complete sorrow. “I’m the best at everything I do and as good as the professionals, whether it is in horse-riding, archery, ballet, or ballroom-dancing. Do you know how much time and effort I put into these things?”

Lu Chuxia stopped right in front of Lin Che and grabbed a fistful of her hair.

Immediately, Lin Che felt extreme pain from having her hair pulled.

Lu Chuxia said, “You don’t understand. What can a worthless slut like you know? But you managed to take everything that belongs to me away from me with your clever tricks. You’ve turned me into a laughingstock. Do you know how I’ve been getting by? Do you know what they’ve been saying about me behind my back?”

“If you knew, you would understand why I took such great pains to bring you here; you’re the person who has destroyed all my hard work thus far. I’ll make you pay for it!”

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