The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 468 - Young Master Qiong Is Very Happy To Meet You

Chapter 468: Young Master Qiong Is Very Happy To Meet You

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“Young Master Qiong… Never heard of him. Is he some celebrity?”

“He is filthy rich and was especially famous back then, probably about five or six years ago. He represented C Nation in fencing competitions and was the champion. People later dug out information on his background and realized that he was a young master of the Situ family. The Situ family is the king of ships and they rule the shipping industry. That is an extremely remarkable family and he is the successor of the Situ family. He is super rich!”

“He is so capable. Sigh. Is that Young Master Qiong? He looked so handsome.”

“Yes. Those women who watched him fence that year practically filled up the entire training hall. Fencing is a knightly sport and he is so handsome. He looked like a British prince.”

Everyone all thought that Lin Che was disadvantaged now. However, when it looked like she was forced to run away, she made everyone witness that she actually knew such a wealthy person.

This time, everyone’s jaw really dropped.

They watched Lin Che and Situ Qiong converse happily. It looked like their initial thought that Lin Che was burned out was definitely a rumor.

Those who gathered in the company to see Lin Che become a joke were immediately slapped in the face. As they looked outside, they couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

Lin Che didn’t need their judgment at all.

They thought that Lin Che was in a tragic state now, but it turned out that she was doing more than just fine and the people she knew were so powerful. This was clearly a huge slap across their faces.

Lin Che was also actually very surprised that Situ Qiong was here.

Situ Qiong only said that he wanted to treat her to a meal.

Lin Che was rather embarrassed. Why did he want to treat her? And it was just the two of them at that.

Situ Qiong did not give her a chance to reject and simply asked, “What’s the meaning of this, Lin Che? Are you just going to reject me like that? You won now and became the top socialite, so now you’re ignoring me? You’re really kicking me to the curb now that I’ve outlived my usefulness.”

“Not at all.” It wasn’t because of this reason.

Situ Qiong said, “Hey, I’ve been your master before. In one day a teacher, in a lifetime a…”

“Bastard. In a lifetime, a what? A what?” Lin Che waved her fist about. If he really said that he was her father, she would immediately punch him.

“Okay, okay. I’m just joking. In any case, you can’t deny that I’m your master.”

“Yes yes yes, you are my master.”

“Shouldn’t you treat your master since you won?”

“Okay, okay. I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Lin Che was speechless. She could only get into his car and buy him a meal.

Situ Qiong was extremely satisfied and took her to a restaurant.

They ate very quickly. They were actually already very familiar with each other when they trained together, so they were more open with each other when they talked. This meal turned out to be very enjoyable.

In the middle of the meal, Situ Qiong went out to receive a call. Housekeeper Chen came in and looked at Lin Che. His smile was a lot warmer now than when he saw Lin Che for the first time.

He said, “Miss Lin, Young Master is really very happy that you could come.”

Lin Che smiled and asked, “Realy? I thought that he liked to smile.”

“That’s because he’s with you. You have no idea, Miss Lin,” Housekeeper Chen sighed and said. “Ever since Young Master Qiong couldn’t fence anymore and he was forced to give up what he loved, he fell deep into the shallow waters and refused to interact with anyone. People outside gradually said that Young Master Qiong has a weird character and he doesn’t like to appear outside. Actually, Young Master Qiong used to be a very happy person. He loved coming out and he also loved being with his fans. He often smiled.”

Lin Che heard this and looked at him in surprise. “Your Young Master Qiong had to give up what he loved? What do you mean by that? Was he forced to give up fencing?”

“Yes, he used to go for competitions frequently and he would get a good placing every single time. He could have gone further in this career, but Old Master said that this was only for playing and brought him back home. He was no longer allowed to continue fencing. He objected, but Old Master used brute force. In the end, he agreed to it. Ever since he returned to the Situ household and started managing the family business, he was no longer happy. Now, the reason why we can see Young Master Qiong so happy again is because of Miss Lin.”

Lin Che said, “I’m not that useful.”

“Really, Miss Lin. It’s probably because you are so energetic that it ignited the Young Master’s passion. It is like letting Young Master continue in his career. In any case, Young Master hasn’t come out to eat with anyone in a very long time. This time, it is all because of you.”

Lin Che heard Housekeeper Chen’s words and looked in front. In her heart, she thought that perhaps all these wealthy Young Masters were really not that happy.

Gu Jingze was often so busy that he forgot about his own life. But luckily, he liked to work, he liked making money, and he liked business If it was someone who doesn’t like all these but was forced to be trapped like this…

One would definitely not be happy.

Looking at it this way, Situ Qiong was really pitiful.

Situ Qiong soon came back and fetched Lin Che home. At the Gu house, he said, “Let’s go fencing another time.”

Lin Che replied, “Okay! I’ll beat you to a pulp then.”

“Please, even if you trained for another ten years, you will never win against me.”

“Don’t underestimate me. Hmph.”

Lin Che laughed with him, got out of the car, and walked towards the door.

Situ Qiong watched Lin Che from the outside and smiled subtly.

At the Gu residence.

Gu Jingze was in the study room when he saw a car speed past outside.

He paused and then asked the housekeeper, “Is that Madam?”

“Yes, Sir. Madam had dinner with a friend and is now home.”


Gu Jingze’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “Go find out who was that friend who brought Madam back home. Find out who that person is.”

“Yes, Sir…”

When he went out, he saw Lin Che humming as she stood and packed her things.

“Are you very happy?” Gu Jingze asked.

Lin Che looked up. “Huh? Oh, yeah. What’s up?”

Gu Jingze’s eyes deepened, his gaze becoming much more dangerous.

“Stay away from that Situ Qiong in the future.”


Without waiting for Lin Che to say anything, Gu Jingze already opened the door and went straight into the bedroom.

The bedroom door closed right in front of her eyes.

Lin Che could only stand outside as she looked at the door. She was exasperated. She hadn’t had the chance to explain what was going on between her and Situ Qiong. They were just friends and, at the very most, master and disciple…

Lin Che walked to the door. “Gu Jingze, what are you doing? Situ Qiong was nice enough to teach me fencing for free. Of course, I have to be nicer to him. I can’t be so ungrateful.”

She pushed the door but heard it get locked from the inside.

No way… Gu Jingze was actually this petty?

Lin Che stood there and stomped her feet. “Gu Jingze, open the door! Explain yourself! What is the meaning of this? You… Are you jealous?”

Was he jealous?

Was his jealousy that great?

That was not like Gu Jingze at all.

Gu Jingze opened the door and looked at Lin Che.

That handsome face of his was covered in darkness.

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