The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 452 - Lin Che Had Special Treatment In The Banquet

Chapter 452: Lin Che Had Special Treatment In The Banquet

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Lin Che finally understood.

Gu Jingze came here for her.

Yes, otherwise why would he come to some women’s event?

Lin Che sat there feeling extremely touched.

When she went in, she saw Gu Jingze standing there. His head was lowered as he folded his clothes. He did not wear a top and his strong back looked very beautiful.

Lin Che silently walked over and hugged him tightly from the back.

Gu Jingze was stunned as he felt Lin Che’s hands holding his waist. It was extremely intimate.

Gu Jingze smiled. “Why? Are you only aware of your man’s value now that you saw people peeping at me?”

No, he had always been very valuable and she knew it.

Fine. Actually, she didn’t know that he was so valuable. She had always been unclear when it came to this aspect. She didn’t even know exactly how many wealthy people there were in C Nation. She didn’t know how many people were well-known or how scary and unapproachable they were to an outsider.

However, sometimes she felt fortunate that it was this way. Because if she knew from the beginning how scary the Gu family was, she probably wouldn’t have had the courage to drug Gu Jingyu…

And she wouldn’t have met Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze turned around. “Why are you suddenly so sticky?”

“I thought that your back view suddenly looked very good.”

“How good does it look?” He lowered his head and held her chin up.

“It just looks good…”

“So good that you want to jump me?”

“…” Lin Che said exasperatedly, “Idiot, who would want to jump you?!”

“When you’re on top, you’re jumping me.”


She had never really been on top.

Because she was too lazy to move and was just staying on top without moving. He was extremely impatient and pulled her down to continue…

“I’m going. I’m ignoring you,” Lin Che turned to leave but Gu Jingze stopped her.

He scooped her up and put her down on the bed.

He lowered his head. His eyes were glistening like pearls as he stared intensely at her, “Come at me.”

Saying such ridiculous words with such serious eyes and in such a serious manner, there probably weren’t many men who would be like this.

Lu Chuxia only arrived in the afternoon and she immediately went to talk to Lin Li.

“Think of a way to win against Lin Che at the start. I’ll definitely beat her in horseback riding, so I guess she won’t be pinning her hopes on it. However, what she doesn’t know is that during the riding, you will help me… bring her down first.”

Lu Chuxia said it very subtly, but Lin Li still understood immediately.

Was she saying… to make her completely unable to participate in the subsequent segment?

Lu Chuxia was using someone else to do her dirty work. She was really too ruthless.

However, Lin Li had to listen to her. After all, it was all thanks to Lu Chuxia that she was able to come here. Otherwise, she probably would not be able to attend this banquet anymore.

On the first day, they attended an indoor dinner. Everybody dressed up and attended it so that they could get to know one another.

Lin Che went ahead first while Gu Jingze still needed to handle some things in the room.

Because Gu Jingze delayed too much time in the afternoon, he couldn’t do his work properly. He could only make up for it at night.

Lin Che was radiant. She dressed up and went in.

Lin Li first arrived. There were special butlers at the door to welcome them to the ladies’ room where they placed their outerwear or other valuable items in a storage box.

Lin Li took off her shawl and saw a few attendants welcoming Lin Che in. After they led her in, Lin Che practically didn’t need to do anything as the butler already helped placed Lin Che’s belongings inside.

Lin Che saw Lin Li at the side. She ignored the latter and sat down to change her shoes.

Lin Li pursed her lips and asked her butler, “Why are her things placed inside and you guys still treat her so specially while you guys treat me like this…”

The butler said, “Miss Lin, don’t panic. It’s because of her special status, so we must take extra care of her.”

“How is her status special? She is also participating in the banquet. Everyone in here has a position in C Nation too.”

“She is Gu Jingze’s wife. Mrs. Gu is naturally different from others. You probably can’t afford to offend Gu Jingze, Miss Lin and we can’t afford to offend him either. Furthermore, if we’re able to show our faces in front of Mrs. Gu and if she is happy with us, she might give us an advantage that could last us for a lifetime.”

What Mrs. Gu? Wasn’t she merely Gu Jingze’s woman? When did she become Mrs. Gu?

However, that butler didn’t bother with Lin Li after that. He simply left her there and quickly tended to that Mrs. Gu.

Meanwhile, Lin Li could only stand there and watch as the butlers revolved around Lin Che.

But Lin Che was an illegitimate child. How could she become Mrs. Gu?

Lin Li couldn’t comprehend it.

Everyone knew that Lin Che was by Gu Jingze’s side, but Gu Jingze never held a wedding.

When Lu Chuxia entered the banquet hall, she immediately saw many women dressed up in different styles.

This place was really a gathering of C Nation’s most powerful women. Where there were daughters, it was indispensable to have fragrances, branded items, precious gems and diamonds. Any of the jewels on these ladies was enough to amaze anyone besides them. If an outsider were to take a look, they would definitely be stunned.

However, WW banquet was only a gathering of the upper-class insiders. It was nothing casual and not just anybody could take part in it. There also wouldn’t be reporters trying to take sneak shots here. This place was well-protected and was especially guarded.

The moment Lu Chuxia entered, she saw many familiar faces coming over to greet her.

The WW banquet had been hosted in C Nation for more than ten years. This three-time champion was unprecedented.

Thus, everyone actually quite admired this top socialite.

“Chuxia, how come you came alone?”

“My father and brother are here, but they’re already inside.”

“It must be really grand for you this time. If you didn’t come, everyone would have thought that something happened to you.”

“Sorry to make myself a joke,” Lu Chuxia said proudly. Internally, she was feeling very satisfied to be noticed by these socialites. That was not an easy feat and it seemed like she made the right move this time. She just needed to defeat Lin Che completely this time…

By then, she would be the complete top socialite in C Nation.

She was curious as to why Lin Che was still not here. Did she bail at the last minute because she did not dare to come?

She still wanted to show Lin Che what a socialite’s world was like. It was something that a small celebrity like her could never know.

Everyone passing by looked at Lu Chuxia and greeted her.

“You will definitely win this time. With you participating in WW banquet, there’s no need to consider anyone else.”

“I heard that someone even wanted to challenge you. That person must be really tired of living.”

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