The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 40 - How Could You Just Provoke Gu Jingyu?

Chapter 40: How Could You Just Provoke Gu Jingyu?

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Lin Che was still sitting in the wheelchair, laughing dryly and not knowing how to answer these questions. She did not expect to meet reporters here.

She wore a blue formal dress that was slightly off-shoulder in a sling style. Natural yet generous, it made her look very fresh and elegant. Her hair was tied up high and it revealed her neck with beautiful slender lines.

Han Caiying fumed with anger. She was certain that Lin Che was doing this on purpose.

She still dared to say that she had no interest in Qin Qing?

At last, security withheld the reporters and Lin Che was able to finally go in.

She saw Han Caiying wearing a festive dress immediately. It was as if she just had to wear every valuable thing she possessed in order to show off her wealth.

Glaring at Lin Che, she remarked, “Hey. You said it was inconvenient for you to walk. Didn’t I tell you that you didn’t have to come?”

Lin Che snorted, “Oh did you? But how can I not come to my sister’s engagement?”

Han Caiying replied, “Look at you, you pitiful thing. The moment you arrived, you immediately snatched the attention of the reporters. Of course, with you in a wheelchair, it’s not hard to notice.”

Was Han Caiying implying that Lin Che deliberately sat in a wheelchair to attract attention?

Lin Che was too lazy to explain. She laughed as she sat in her wheelchair, “I didn’t expect reporters to be here, Stepmother. You guys made the ceremony to be such a huge thing that it attracted the reporters. Thanks to Sister’s engagement, I have the opportunity to get my own headline. Isn’t that what you said? That I would have my own headline?”

“You…” Han Caiying had indeed told Lin Che that, but it was sarcasm. Little did she know that the reporters not only knew Lin Che, but they had a keen interest in her.

Naturally, Han Caiying had underestimated Gu Jingyu’s influential power. Any gossip about him certainly lasted long.

“Very well, you’re right. Since your sister is so famous, it’s only right of her to look after you,” she could only say this while glaring at Lin Che, thinking that no matter what, the star of today was Lin Li.

After a while, she arranged for Lin Che to be in a corner where no one would notice her or allow her to grab the spotlight.

At that moment, Qin Qing walked out from a distance.

In an all-white ensemble, Qin Qing looked extremely neat today.

He was today’s male lead, so naturally, he was like Prince Charming. As soon as he appeared, everyone’s eyes were drawn to him.

Being a scion of the Qin family, he grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth. He was destined to be a winner in life ever since he was born. Today, he was getting engaged with the beautiful, sexy, and famous Lin Li. It invoked envy among many.

Lin Che saw Qin Qing from afar and thought about how good he really looked.

She couldn’t stop looking at him and felt him glance over too. She quickly recovered with a bitter heart. One last glance, one last glance…

It was a pity that he had to be with Lin Li. If it was someone else, giving her blessings would have been much easier, but she was reluctant because it was Lin Li. How could she give her heartfelt congratulations?

When Qin Qing saw Lin Che, his eyes lit up and he felt slightly embarrassed.

She was in a wheelchair but she still looked so dazzling.

She seemed to look even lovelier than the last time he saw her, even though it was not long ago. It was as if she was a butterfly still metamorphosing in her chrysalis, becoming more beautiful by the day. One day, she was finally going to break out of her shell.

Then, he heard someone say from the side, “Isn’t that Lin Che?”

“Lin Che? Who is that?”

“It’s the rumored girlfriend of Gu Jingyu.”

“Oh, so that’s her. Was she not just being sensational?”

“Yes, the news has died down, but she looks way better in real life than on TV.”

Qin Qing squinted his eyes to look and thought that she indeed looked better in real life.

However, his heart still felt uneasy when he thought about the rumors between her and Gu Jingyu. He thought that those rumors should have disappeared quickly and never expected it to still be making waves.

At that moment, the engagement banquet was about to start soon. Qin Qing was about to find Lin Che when Lin Li approached from a distance.

Lin Li wore a white gown that made her look like a pure angel. Qin Qing smiled and went to her.

The engagement banquet was starting soon.

The gorgeous engagement banquet was a display of the power of the Qin family and the Lin family.

The joining of the two families was definitely not a small matter. With so many reporters around, they had no space for flaws.

Lin Che who was made to sit at a corner looked ahead at Qin Qing and Lin Li. The couple was standing in the front and were accepting well wishes from the guests.

Qin Qing looked at Lin Li adoringly and could not help but feel moved. Holding Lin Li’s hand, he said, “I will treat you well forever.”

Lin Li was moved to tears. The warm and endearing engagement was like a perfect fairy tale.

Meanwhile, Lin Che was merely an inconspicuous supporting role in this story.

Although she sat there with a bitter heart, she had already accepted it.

During the engagement, Qin Qing only had eyes for Lin Li. When all was over and Lin Li went for an interview, Qin Qing suddenly remembered that he had not met Lin Che.

After searching the area, he finally found her in a corner. Qin Qing walked towards Lin Che and smiled at her. He looked at her dress and thought that she was becoming more and more feminine.

“Lin Che, why are you hiding so far away?” he asked.

Lin Che looked at Qin Qing and laughed, silently thinking that she had not chosen this spot. Her stepmother was the one who had made her sit there. Then again, even in the Lin family, she was insignificant. It was no surprise that her stepmother would put her there.

Qin Qing looked at Lin Che and said, “I wanted to ask what was going on about that rumor between you and Gu Jingyu?”

Lin Che replied quietly, “Why would you pay attention to that too?”

Qin Qing said with a smile, “Even if I didn’t want to, I was getting bombarded by the news every day.”

Lin Che laughed embarrassingly. “Those are merely rumors.”

Qin Qing replied, “I do hope so. However, you better stay far away from that man. I have told you that he is not that simple.”

Lin Che said, “I barely know him. He’s just a friend and it’s nothing like what was said in the article.”

Qin Qing listened and nodded, “That’s good to hear. I’m just afraid that it would not be good if a silly girl like you got cheated.”

Lin Che could only smile bitterly.

Yes, she was silly.

Just then, Lin Youcai seemed to see Lin Che and Qin Qing chatting happily together from afar.

His brows furrowed.

This Lin Che is becoming more brazen these days. What would people think if they see her talking with her brother-in-law in such a manner?

Lin Youcai unabashedly walked over to them. Smiling at Qin Qing, he said politely, “Let me have a word with Lin Che.”

It was a God-given right for a father to speak with his daughter, so naturally, Qin Qing immediately stood up. “Oh sure, Uncle. You two enjoy your chat.”

Once Qin Qing left, Lin Youcai’s face darkened, “Lin Che, what is going on with you? How did you end up having rumors with Gu Jingyu?”

Gu Jingyu again.

Lin Che laughed coldly and replied to her father, “They were just rumors. What’s wrong?”

Lin Youcai’s face was immediately stiffened by her attitude, “What’s wrong? You tell me what’s wrong. I gave you the chance to marry, but you turned it down and offended the Cheng family, leaving us to clean up your mess. Do you know how much the Cheng family has?

“You ran away and provoked people. I know you want to be famous, but Gu Jingyu is not someone to be trifled with. Seriously. Just for fame, you’re willing to do anything. One day, you will pay for it and only then will you regret it.”

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