The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 3 - We Brought You Up. Shouldn’t You Repay Us?

Chapter 3: We Brought You Up. Shouldn’t You Repay Us?

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“You…” Han Caiying’s lungs were about to explode with anger. As Lin Che was about to leave, Han Caiying yanked her by the shoulder and sent her directly to the ground. “Have you not looked at yourself? We’ve been looking after you for so long with a Bodhisattva’s heart. How dare you talk back to me when we saved you from dying on the streets with your crazy mother? So what if I hit you?”

However, the obvious marks on Lin Che’s neck appeared before her as clear as day. It was offensive to the eye.

As if she had made some grand discovery, Han Caiying said as if she was crazy, “Well, well, Lin Che. I knew you had bad intentions towards our Lin family. You’re just like your mother, only knowing how to go around seducing people. Go somewhere else if you want to seduce someone. Don’t embarrass yourself in our house. Qin Qing is the successor of the Qin family. Do you think that a whore like you is good enough for him? He won’t even spare you a glance.”

Han Caiying’s slap did not make Lin Che sad at all. However, this simple sentence was enough to cut through Lin Che’s heart.

Despite so, Lin Che started laughing. She snorted as she pulled up her clothes to cover her shoulders and patted her clothes nonchalantly as she said, “If you think I’m not good enough for him, so much so that he won’t even look at me, why are you so anxious?”

Han Caiying heard some noise coming from outside; Qin Qing was chatting with Lin Li. Their conversation and laughter made her nervous. Afraid of being discovered, Han Caiying lowered her voice and moved closer to Lin Che. She said threateningly, “Don’t play any tricks.” After thinking for a bit, she spoke again. “People from the Cheng family are coming later with their second son, Cheng Tianyu. Don’t say that I don’t care about you. I’ll let you meet him later. The Cheng family has a good reputation and background in our country. If you marry into their family, you will enjoy endless fortunes.”

Lin Che’s gaze wavered.

Of course, she knew who the second son of the Cheng family was.

“Stepmother, you want me to marry a retard?” And she even claimed that it was out of concern for her? Lin Che let out a shout of protest.

“What, you don’t want to?”

“Marry him yourself if you want to. I’m not a puppet that you can manipulate!” Lin Che quickly yanked open the door.

Seeing this, Han Caiying held her back with all her strength.

Lin Che tossed all concerns aside at that moment. She turned around and pushed Han Caiying aside.

Sprawled out on the ground, Han Caiying said angrily, “Lin Che, if you dare to leave, I will make sure your father throws out your mother’s ashes.”

Lin Che ran out in desperation.


Gu Jingze was soon called back to the Gu family mansion.

Naturally, the incident had been quickly reported to his grandfather, Gu Xiande, who was also the head of the family.

Gu Jingze remained unwavering in his stance. He looked at Gu Xiande before him and said, “Grandfather, Mother does not understand the situation at all. That woman and I did not sleep together of our own accord. It was just an accident.”

“Jingze, why must you be so stubborn? Think about it. Would it really be unbearable for you to marry her? You have already touched her. Don’t you miss that feeling even a little bit?”

“Not at all!” Gu Jingze replied.

“Jingze, I’m extremely disappointed in you.” The calm and old Gu Xiande looked coldly at Gu Jingze with his imposing aura.

Gu Jingze glared at Mu Wanqing who was behind him.

However, Mu Wanqing bore a self-righteous expression.

“Our Gu family will definitely take responsibility for what we’ve done. Furthermore, she’s not just crucial for you to have a normal married life. She’s also the key to curing your illness. You should be more rational. In any case, you slept with the girl. You can’t just take advantage of her and then forget about everything,” Gu Xiande said.

Gu Jingze looked at his aged grandfather and said, “But I do not know her at all. Grandfather, how can I agree to marrying a total stranger?”

“What if I tell you that if you don’t get married, I will make your little lover… what’s her name? Mo Huiling, right. I will make her lose her career, so that she feels like it’s better to be dead than alive?” Gu Xiande’s eyes were strikingly similar to Gu Jingze’s. When he made a threat, his gaze was calm, but his eyes projected a hidden current of cold ruthlessness.

Gu Jingze said, “You know that I won’t let you get away with it.”

Gu Xiande said, “I know that your wings have hardened and I can no longer control you. All three of you have become rebellious, one by one. One became a president, another became a celebrity, and you. You have always been mature, but rebellious. But even if I can’t do anything to you, I definitely have my ways of tormenting a little girl. You can try me.”

Disgust flashed in Gu Jingze’s eyes but they darkened into a slight glint.


Lin Che only ran a few steps before she saw several cars driving over noisily.

People from the Lin family…

Lin Che wanted to leave, but it was apparent that the Lin family took this very seriously. Nearly all of them had been mobilized and they soon surrounded Lin Che.

“Lass, I’m doing this for your own good. Still, you dare run away. Go and bring her back for me.”

Lin Che stared at Han Caiying, resisting the urge to rush up and slap her.

However, she was ultimately alone and could not prevail over these people who had strength in numbers.

With her hands tied behind her back, Lin Che was brought back to the Lin household.

The makeup artist came to freshen Lin Che up while Han Caiying stared at her murderously. She reprimanded her arrogantly, “To think that someone like you is attempting to escape me? In a while, you better be dressed up to meet Cheng Tianyu.”

Lin Che clenched her teeth and struggled a little, but it was all futile.

As Han Caiying looked at Lin Che after she had been freshened up, she thought to herself, This lass looks very beautiful when she’s dressed up; her delicate face is enough to keep her on any man’s mind.

She thought to herself, She has to be married into the Cheng family as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would always be around Qin Qing. If Qin Qing really falls in love with her, then Lin Li’s position would be compromised.

Someone outside announced Cheng Tianyu’s arrival.

Under Han Caiying’s command, Lin Che was immediately released from her binds and pushed to the front. Through the door, she could hear the Cheng family’s spirited voices.

“We all know that the Third Miss is just an illegitimate daughter. She’s not really worthy of our Tianyu, but she does look quite good in photographs. After marrying into our family, as long as she helps continue the Cheng family’s bloodline, she will benefit greatly in the future.”

Give birth?

Lin Che sneered and thought. Was she being treated as a tool for procreation?

Lin Che saw a man standing there with a small stature of 1.6 meters. He was convulsing, shaking his head constantly as he looked around. Like a sloppy child, he was chewing on his fingers.

Han Caiying smiled and said, “You see, Lin Che. This is your future husband. Your golden days are coming soon.”

Of course, Lin Che could hear the arrogance and mockery in Han Caiying’s words.

Then, Cheng Tianyu suddenly went into a fit of madness. Wailing loudly, he launched himself at the people to the side.

The people inside were plunged into great confusion and chaos; people from the Cheng family and the Lin family surrounded the retard completely.

Han Caiying was shocked. The way that the retard looked as he barged about was so disgusting to her that she almost vomited.

In her heart, she was relieved. Fortunately, it was now Lin Che who had to marry him, not Lin Yu. Otherwise, she would have really died from anger.

She then turned around and discovered that there was no one beside her…

“Lin Che, where did Lin Che go? Go after her! Give her a good beating when you catch her!” The look in Han Caiying’s eyes changed as her face scrunched up.

Lin Che did not know how she had escaped. She only knew that when she was finally alone, her lungs were about to explode from running.

But right at that moment, she saw a car parked casually to the side.

Lin Che’s head stopped moving. Behind the car window, Gu Jingze’s disdainful face appeared before her eyes.

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