The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 24 - This Lass is Really Very Lucky

Chapter 24: This Lass is Really Very Lucky

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Lin Che took it seriously and began to earnestly rehearse the script with him. Gu Jingyu raised his head now and then to look at her but realized that she did not even spare him a glance and really treated him as if he was invisible.

Gu Jingze rested his chin on one hand and began to scrutinize Lin Che in detail.

When Lin Che realized that he had stopped, she lifted her head and asked in a perplexed tone, “Senior Jingyu, why are you looking at me?”

Gu Jingyu asked, “Do you think I’m ugly?”

Dumbfounded, Lin Che said, “No way.”

Gu Jingyu said, “Then why don’t you ever look at me?”

Lin Che pointed to her own script. “But I have to look at the script…”

“So it’s true you don’t like me. Did I make a bad impression on you?” Gu Jingyu thought to himself, Was he not as attractive as the script?

Taken aback, Lin Che said, “How can it be? I’ve always liked you very much, Senior Jingyu. You’re the role model of the industry. I respect you a lot! My respect towards you is literally like a surging river that flows endlessly.”

Gu Jingyu said, “If that’s true, then you should start following me and loitering behind me from tomorrow. Serve me tea, get me water, make me porridge, and cook my meals.”

Lin Che said, “Huh?”

Gu Jingze said, “Isn’t that what you should do?”

Lin Che said, “But if I do all of these things, won’t your assistant have to step down?”

“Haha, so you’re doing this out of consideration for other people?”

“Yes, yes. Otherwise, I really would have started following you around. I’m serious, Senior Jingyu.”

Gu Jingyu said, “Alright, I’ll grudgingly believe you.”

Lin Che hurriedly flashed a patronizing smile.

Gu Jingyu said, “Enough, you look even uglier than if you were to cry.”

Lin Che ended up wearing a poker face. She found chatting with him in such a casual manner actually rather comfortable.

Gu Jingyu was a little different from what the rumors said. He did not seem that difficult to get along with, so she had know why entertainment reports all stated that he did not like talking, did not like contacting people, and was very difficult to get along with in person.

From interacting with him, he was actually quite amicable.

Gu Jingyu only stood up when it was his turn to film again.

He specifically told the director that he was free today, so they could film tomorrow’s scenes with Lin Che today as well.

His scenes with Lin Che had no elements of romance; they were more like camaraderie among brothers. Having rehearsed for quite some time, they were already familiar with their lines and completed filming basically in one take.

The director hurriedly complimented Gu Jingyu by saying, “Jingyu’s acting is simply great. He finished filming in one take with no hesitation.”

Gu Jingyu was long used to hearing compliments like these. Nonchalantly, he received the water that his assistant gave to him and took a mouthful of it before saying, “No way. I think Lin Che’s acting is very good. There is a lot of chemistry when I work with her. She’s not bad.” His pair of almond eyes curved as he looked at Lin Che.

Beside them, the director froze.

Then, he quickly said to Lin Che, “Yes, yes. It was precisely this quality of hers that we took a fancy to. Although she’s a rookie, her acting is really not bad. She has potential.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu gratefully. A little encouragement from someone in her early days as an actress really made her happy for a long time.

“Thank you, Senior Jingyu. Thank you, Director,” she quickly said.

Gu Jingyu looked at Lin Che, “Why are you calling me Senior Jingyu? Just call me Jingyu.”

Lin Che smiled as she looked at Gu Jingyu. She felt even more strongly that he was a really good person.

On the other hand, the director was behind them reflecting on what had just happened. He looked at her meaningfully and thought that this little lady was extremely lucky. How could it be that the usually unapproachable Gu Jingyu was so thoughtful towards her after knowing her for such a short time?

When he initially chose her, it was only because he thought that her image was very suitable. She was refreshing to look at and difficult to forget. But he did not expect Gu Jingyu to treat her so specially.

The moment the filming ended, Gu Jingze called out of the blue and asked Lin Che where she was.

Bewildered, Lin Che asked, “What do you want?”

Gu Jingze said, “I’m coming to pick you up.”

Lin Che paused before quickly giving him the address. She did not expect Gu Jingze to some to send her home.

Very soon after, Gu Jingze arrived.

Today, he was driving a less flashy black Bentley that looked like it was meant for business.

However, the license plate was still showy. The plate number was 12321.

What kind of bad taste was this?

Lin Che got into the car and asked, “What made you think of picking me up?”

Gu Jingze looked at her. She had just finished her scenes, so she still had makeup on. She looked like a water lotus that was extremely exquisite and beautiful.

Looking away, he said, “Oh, the Gu family wants me to bring you back, so I came to pick you up.”

Lin Che thought, That explains it.

But he did not have to explain it so clearly though.

Lin Che sat down comfortably and said, “Why do they want me to go back so suddenly? Is it really alright if I go back?”

Gu Jingze said, “You’ll have to meet them sooner or later. What are you worried about?”

Lin Che said, “What if they don’t like me?”

Gu Jingze looked at her, “They will.”

They would like anyone as long as it was not Mo Huiling , Gu Jingze thought.

The Gu family mansion was larger than Gu Jingze’s place. It looked like a compound of connecting courtyards and it inevitably made her feel immensely stressed.

Seemingly picking up on her anxiety, Gu Jingze said to her, “My family members won’t eat you up. Just relax.”

Lin Che said, “It’s my first time meeting my in-laws. Of course, I’ll be nervous.”

Gu Jingze smiled. “So you have your nervous moments too. That’s rare.”

Lin Che glared at him. “Of course. I said that I’m very professional. Since I agreed to be your wife, I will definitely fulfill my duties. As for these duties, they also include making your family members like me.”

Then, she saw the large metal gates inside opening and the butler coming out to welcome them.

“Second Young Master, Young Madam.” The butler respectfully led them in. As she looked at the strict security inside, she suddenly felt much more stressed.

After entering the house, the interior design was modern and the marble floors were glowing. Before they had taken even a few steps, an extremely elegant lady walked towards them.

“You’re Lin Che? We’ve finally met. Jingze has hidden you away too strictly the past few days. Otherwise, I would have gone over and met you from the start,” she said as she grabbed Lin Che’s hand passionately.

Gu Jingze made introductions from the side, “This is my mother.”

When Lin Che heard this, she quickly smiled and said, “Mother.”

Upon hearing this, a smile immediately bloomed on Mu Wanqing’s face. “Good, good. Good daughter-in-law. You called me Mother. I must give you a red packet too.”

As she said this, the maid came up to her from the side and handed over a red packet that had been prepared earlier.

Lin Che was shocked and felt a little embarrassed. Gu Jingze merely stood there and quietly nodded to her.

She could only take it as she thought to herself, This is probably a formality in their family. Thus, she smiled and replied, “Thank you, Mother.”

“Okay, okay, come, let me introduce you to everyone.”

Mu Wanqing pulled Lin Che away and introduced her to an old man with a head of white hair who looked dignified at first glance. She told Lin Che to address him ‘Grandfather’.

Lin Che followed suit and called him Grandfather. She also heard Gu Jingze respectfully call him Grandfather from the side.

Soon after, her hands were stuffed with another stack of red packets.

Gu Xiande looked at Lin Che. Although it was their first time meeting, his gaze fixed on her eyes in satisfaction before he nodded and said, “Nice lady, live well with Jingze.”

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