The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 16 - Being With His Younger Brother is so Uncomfortable

Chapter 16: Being With His Younger Brother is so Uncomfortable

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Missing the chilling tone in his words, she said nonchalantly, “Of course. We agreed on it and I’m a person who’s considerate towards other people.”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened. Not wanting to look at Lin Che any longer, he headed upstairs directly.

The next day, Lin Che did not see Gu Jingze when she woke up in the morning. Perplexed, she asked, “Where is Gu Jingze?”

The maid replied, “Sir did not sleep well last night, so he left early in the morning.”

Lin Che thought to herself, This person is obviously uncomfortable living with her, but he still insists on doing so.

Sure enough, the power of love was noble. In order to protect Miss Mo from harm, he could really tolerate anything.

Thinking of it that way, she began to pity Gu Jingze.

But during the next few days, Gu Jingze did not come back at all. Lin Che thought to herself, Was it because Mo Huiling had said something that affected him, which prevented his return?

If that was the case, it was probably good for the both of them…

After all, they were still not used to each other after such a long time. Living together indeed made both of them uncomfortable.

But why did she feel slightly uneasy?

When she pictured him with a woman like Mo Huiling, she just felt gloomy.

It was definitely because Mo Huiling was too unpleasant. She did not want to see Mo Huiling get what she wanted.

Filming for the television series was going to begin soon. Lin Che was to play the role of an upright yet evil Chen Yihan. The first filming site was in B City’s filming studio, so on the day filming began, they gathered there. The sign on the door had the name of the series, “Swords of Love”, written on it. The novel had been insanely popular when it was released, so there was a lot of hype over the series even before filming had begun.

Anticipation was further heightened because the male lead was Gu Jingyu.

The opening party was to be held there and Lin Che was there to attend it.

However, Lin Che did not know why she had suddenly become famous. Everyone in the production team seemed to know that the role of Chen Yihan had been given to a rookie actress and that she was this rookie actress.

Everyone on set was a senior to her, so Lin Che could only walk around with a glass of wine and propose a toast to everyone. After some time, she felt her head begin to heat up.

Then, she heard someone say that Mu Feiran had arrived.

She was the female lead of the series and the most popular young actress in the mainland. When she entered, most of the attention shifted to her. She was followed by a few assistants and managers, commanding attention wherever she went.

As Lin Che watched her, she really felt that Mu Feiran was quite beautiful. It was the first time she was so close to such a huge celebrity. Lin Che marveled at how she was indeed a huge celebrity. She had so many fans outside supporting her and wherever she went, there was a line of people waiting upon her.

Without a doubt, she was the center of attention.

But then, she saw Lin Li walk out in a pastel yellow dress. With the wind blowing at her, the dress fluttered slightly and made Lin Li look refreshing and pleasant.

Immediately, some people went up to her to initiate a conversation. After all, Lin Li was quite popular. Although she was not as famous as Mu Feiran, she had just started to gain recognition and her future was bright.

However, she did not command as much attention as Mu Feiran.

A while later, she heard someone announce Gu Jingyu’s arrival.

From the moment he debuted, Gu Jingyu was insanely popular. Now, he was the newest male god that everyone knew about. When he stepped out of the celebrity van, the fans surrounding it started making a racket immediately. Their voices were piercing and deafening. The other celebrities in the van could not help but be envious.

A top celebrity was a top celebrity. The moment he came out, a hoard of people rushed after him.

Beside Lin Che, Yu Minmin quickly said to her, “You and Gu Jingyu have quite a few scenes together. Remember to try to get close to him. Go over to him later and greet him. Otherwise, your scenes together may be awkward.”

With her mouth half-open, Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu from a distance. He was tall and slender, his lips red and teeth white. He looked a little like Gu Jingze.

Naturally, she now knew that the two of them were, after all, biological brothers.

But no matter what, Gu Jingze was her husband by name. She felt a little weird meeting his younger brother like this.

Before she could finish that thought, Yu Minmin pushed her forward and said, “Go quickly.”

Lin Che’s eyes immediately met Gu Jingyu’s familiar eyes.

“Ah… Senior Jingyu, hello.” She could only summon up the courage to greet him.

The director hurriedly introduced her to him, saying that the role of Chen Yihan was to be played by Lin Che.

Gu Jingyu looked at this rookie actress with slight interest, noticing that although the expression on her clean and natural face was a little blank, her gaze was bright and clear. She looked very eye-catching thanks to her extraordinary pale skin.

In this industry replete with beautiful women who were starting to look more and more alike, she gave off a very different vibe.

He smiled as he said, “Hey, am I scary?”

“Huh? No, no way.”

“Then why do you seem afraid to look at me?” He smiled sweetly as he stared at her round and astute eyes.

Of course, Lin Che felt uncomfortable, especially when she thought about how her initial intention was to drug him. In the end…

Laughing dryly, she said, “No way. I’m just a little uncomfortable… Oh, Senior Jingyu, please go ahead. I’ll be leaving first.”

“Hey… why are you running away?” Perplexed, Gu Jingyu looked at the director beside him. “Hey, do I look very scary?”

The director silently scolded this insensible lass. “Of course not. So many people idolize you.”

Lin Che stood there trying to avoid Lin Li, not wanting to bump into her. It was good that although they were filming the same series, they did not have any scenes together. Lin Che was happy about this. She just wanted to film this series quietly and properly, without letting Lin Li affect her mood at all.

When she managed to sneak out, Lin Che found a place to sit. Soon after, she heard a voice above her head.

“Hey, no one is sitting here, right?”

Lin Che raised her head to look; Gu Jingyu was here.

With her mind blank, she said, “Nope.”

Gu Jingyu sat down and crossed his legs. He exuded a slight feeling of unrestrained wildness. Although his face had the same cold lines as Gu Jingze’s, it was different from Gu Jingze’s stoniness and elegance. He looked much more uninhibited. In comparison, Gu Jingze was colder while he was more passionate.

Lin Che lifted her glass and drank a mouthful of water. She caught sight of Lin Li looking at her and turned back to him.

Gu Jingyu looked at her. “You’re playing the role of Chen Yihan?”

Lin Che nodded, looking respectful and mannerly. It was only right to behave this way towards a senior.

“So we will have scenes together.”

“Yes. I read the script,” Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze gazed at her with a slight interest. “Since we have scenes together, shouldn’t we first get closer?”

Lin Che lifted her head slowly. “But we don’t have any love scenes.”

Gu Jingyu was momentarily speechless. He assessed Lin Che and said, “It seems like you’ve already read the entire script?”


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