The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1583 - Our Encounter is Destined By Fate  

Chapter 1583: Our Encounter is Destined By Fate

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He had put in so much effort to marry her, so he was naturally too concerned about everything.

Mu Feiran knew that too.

She smiled as she looked at how childish he was.

The drama’s filming was soon completed.

The wedding went on as planned.

Everyone’s expecting gazes were all at the wedding.

The public was unaware of this since her filming schedule was too tight, and there wasn’t much announced to the public. Everyone only felt that it had been a while since they’d last heard about Mu Feiran.

However, there was so much news both within and outside the circle that everyone paid little attention to this.

Finally, one day, the television drama’s press release started.

Only then did people suddenly recall that Mu Feiran played the biggest villain in this drama.

She was the contradicting role against the female lead, but she wasn’t the lead.

Everyone started saying, “Mu Feiran is really past her prime.”

There was even someone who said, “Hasn’t she been past her prime for very long? Did you only realize that now?”

The news conference attracted little attention. People only noticed that Mu Feiran played a role in the series.

It was only after they had aired the television series that everyone was taken by great surprise.

Mu Feiran was extremely evil in the series and was also too complicated. Her character made people have both love and hatred for her, and they couldn’t help but want to see more of her.

On one side, they felt that this character was too detestable. However, her tragedy also made people pity her a lot.

There were reasons pitiful people were detestable.

But detestable people had pitiful aspects as well.

Mu Feiran’s acting was portrayed exceptionally well in the show.

When she was playing a vicious side, she could let people have the urge to strangle her. When she was aggrieved, she was both evil and sad, making people feel it was real.

Her distorted act gave people the feeling of watching an actual living person in front of them. They were genuinely astonished.

Everyone accepted her acting. Someone said that they hadn’t expected Mu Feiran’s acting skills to be so amazing.

It seemed that she was framed when they called her the poison of box office ratings when her acting was this good. The problem must be with the director and the script.

When the drama reached a peak, people cursed her on the bullet comments. They just asked why Mu Feiran didn’t just die.

These curses reflected how exceptional her acting was, making people hate her to the core.

She didn’t care about these at all. From the moment she accepted this role, she hadn’t thought of what influence it would bring her.

However, she had already established her reputation.

It was after the series had ended that a realization struck everyone.

The number of fans Mu Feiran had and the number of discussions about her was a lot more than what the female lead had.

This drama’s ratings also broke the records because of the reputation, becoming the champion in television ratings for the year.

Many whom people hadn’t heard of had become famous because of this, let alone Mu Feiran, who had contributed such a critical role with her acting.

Who said that she was outdated?

Who said that she couldn’t make it anymore?

The statistics clearly showed that she was the hottest celebrity, with a higher status than even a first-rate star.

Many people started making analysis.

They said that Mu Feiran was still Mu Feiran and that a heavenly queen was a heavenly queen after all. It was one thing if she didn’t take any action, but she would display her actual value if she were to make a move.

By this time, the preparations for Mu Feiran’s wedding were completed.

After the show, Mu Feiran received a lot of interview requests.

In the interviews, everyone felt great curiosity about her plans.

“Feiran, are you taking on any other television dramas after this?”

Mu Feiran said, “No. I’m still looking at scripts.”

There were countless scripts sent to her. After she had changed her image, she received a lot of offers that required excellent acting skills. It was a lot of effort to go through them.

“So you haven’t decided on the next drama you’ll be working on?”

“That’s right. I have not decided yet. I don’t have the time for it either.”

“Is that so? Could it be that you have plans for other programs?”

If she didn’t have the time to take on television dramas, could it be that she had to take part in reality shows or things like that?

She smiled. “No, I’m going to get married. I’m in the midst of my wedding preparations.”

Her words immediately stunned everyone.


How was that possible?

With who?

Everyone could still remember her last wedding very clearly and would bring it up now and then.

It had ended in a tragedy, and everyone couldn’t help but sigh at the thought of it.

Later on… There wasn’t any news about her getting married anymore. Everyone thought that she might never get married again in this lifetime.

“I’ll inform everyone of the wedding later on. My partner isn’t in the circle. Hence I won’t be mentioning much about it.”

However, her mentioning of this immediately got people to find out.

Someone soon found out.

The person who Mu Feiran was getting married to… turned out to be… Mo Jingyan!

“I heard that he’s wealthy.”

“Stupid. He is Lin Che’s brother. Of course, he is rich.”

“Oh my god, why is it him?”

“I heard that he’s very amazing, and there are a lot of rumors about him.”

“This is unexpected. To think that after she got divorced from that bastard, she can still find such a good husband.”

“She’s doing so well in her career now, and her husband is so great too. She’s fortunate.”

They held the wedding under great attention.

On that day, all the streets were packed.

It was because many people had come. Everyone was talking about the wedding. It made many media companies coming from great distances surround the streets and block the way.

The people who attended the wedding included Lin Che, Gu Jingze, Gu Jingming, and Gu Jingyu. Gu Jingming and Gu Jingyu had brought along their female partners. Lu Beichen and his wife also came. There were also countless other celebrities.

This wedding took everyone in the political, business, and entertainment circle by storm.

They did it on a massive scale.

Black Eagle had put in a great effort in every single detail.

Everyone saw Mu Feiran wearing a white bridal gown at the wedding, taking the hand of her daughter, Yunyun.

That scene was like they were a pair of angels.

Black Eagle smiled and stood there, looking at them. He then said to Lin Che.

“It’s like this scene had appeared in my dreams many years ago.”

Lin Che could not contain her smile.

“Is that so? How much did you want to marry her?”

“I want to. I want to marry her. I want to have a home as well. It’s just that home is a place where she is at.”

Lin Che looked at him.

Black Eagle said calmly, “Come, Lin Che. Come along with me to fetch my bride. Don’t forget to call her sis-in-law in the future.”

Hah, this is really…

Lin Che shook her head and went along.

Mu Feiran looked at Black Eagle, and he looked at her as well.

He picked up the microphone, looked at Mu Feiran, and said.

“First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming to attend our wedding. There isn’t any emcee for this event. It’s because this is my wedding, and I hope that the one you’ll see is us—Feiran and me, as well as Yunyun.”

He spoke softly. This was the first time that many people saw such a soft side to this guy who had a strong will and a dauntless spirit.

It was as if he was worried that he would frighten his bride, so he was cautious.

“Our encounter was an accident, but I believe that all accidents are destined by fate. The fact that we can meet each other is destined. She is my fated woman. She and Yunyun, are the two ladies that I won’t let go of in this lifetime. No matter what I say, I won’t describe the gratitude that I’m feeling right now. Thank you for accompanying me today. Thank you guys for helping me, watching me as I marry her. I thank her as well…”

He put out his hand toward Mu Feiran.

“Thank you, Feiran. Thank you for believing in me.”

Mu Feiran smiled, tears glistening in her eyes.

“No, thank you as well. Thank you for loving me.”

Black Eagle embraced her tightly.

Yunyun said unhappily next to them, “Then what about me? What about me?”

Mu Feiran smiled and lowered her head, carrying Yunyun up.

Black Eagle took Yunyun from her, letting her sit on his shoulder. His strong shoulders brought her safety and assurance.

He whispered, “Then what about you? Shouldn’t you call me papa from now on?”

Yunyun had been fascinated with Black Eagle for a long time already. She couldn’t hold back and hugged him, calling out, “Papa!”

The family of three was finally together.

Lin Che watched at the side, feeling consoled.

Gu Jingze quietly wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“You fool. Why are you crying?”



“Black Eagle finally said something that I like to hear.”


“All accidents are destined by fate.” She looked at him.

“So, the fact that we could meet each other… Everything was destined by fate.”

“If I didn’t meet you, where do you think that I’ll be?”

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