The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1575 - She Had Seen These Moves Long Ago

Chapter 1575: She Had Seen These Moves Long Ago

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How could they possibly expect that Black Eagle would dare raise his hands against them?

After all, he was just a kid, and they were a group of adults.

However, Black Eagle raised his hands.

They only retaliated after he had launched a few punches.

Black Eagle was by himself, and there was no way that he’d be able to win against so many of them.

He suffered a few beatings, but he knew that he mustn’t let them off lightly. Even if he had to get a beating, he must make sure that they suffer as well.

‘He, who is down, needs fear no fall.’ If getting a beating didn’t scare him, what more could they do to him?

The thieves were taken by surprise toward the end.

They thought that this child was crazy. That would explain why he was willing to put his life on the line for a thousand dollars.

However, Black Eagle wasn’t doing this just for the money. He just didn’t wish to get bullied anymore.

If he continued to be weak, he would just get bullied more. He only wanted to stand up.

Moreover, it might just be a thousand dollars to them, but to Black Eagle, this could help sustain his life.

Later on, the workers outside saw this and quickly rushed in.

A few of them were only brave since they were at an advantage over Black Eagle, and it was because they outnumbered him. But in reality, they were actually very cowardly people as well.

They were people who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Therefore, at this moment, they appeared very cowardly as well.

To everyone’s surprise, Black Eagle had beaten up the few thieves to the extent that they had all fallen to the ground.

And he—despite having his face covered in wounds—continued to stand there firmly, looking at the few of them.

They brought the men out later on.

So was Black Eagle.

When the doctor applied medicine on him at the sickbay, he said, “Don’t you feel pain after receiving so many hits?”

Black Eagle shook his head. “What’s even scarier than the pain on my body is not surviving. Hence, I’m not in pain.”

At this moment, the boss came.

He didn’t believe that a young teen could give a few notorious men—who had spent time behind bars—a harsh beating.

A few of them had spent time behind bars before. Thus many people avoided them.

However, he didn’t do the same. On the contrary, he had given them a harsh beating.

Therefore, the boss said to Black Eagle, “What’s your name?”

“Mo Jingyan.”

“Alright. Do you know that you can’t continue working here anymore? ”

“I… Boss, are you firing me?”

“No…” The boss looked at him. “Come to my car wash company and get trained. You’re still young. Fighting isn’t something good. There are still many things for you to learn.”

With that, he gained the boss’s admiration.

He continued to have great respect for this boss later on.

Thus, Black Eagle gained power, and the first thing he did was to help the boss expand his car wash company. At that moment, the boss was considered a leader in the industry, and he was on the verge of contemplating whether to retire already.

In retrospect, he felt that the smartest decision he had made in his lifetime was to pick out this kid. He felt that Black Eagle was someone with endurance and thus helped him out.

Although it was a simple helping hand, it was an additional reason that supported this kid to live on.

And this kid was a lot more capable than he imagined. From being a young gangster who had no choice but to roam the streets as a teen, he eventually became a black triad leader that the entire world feared.


Mu Feiran’s program hadn’t been aired, but the filming for the second episode continued.

Because of the first episode, Zhang Tianming felt that Mu Feiran, whom she had thought wouldn’t do well in variety shows, was a significant threat.

She hadn’t expected that Mu Feiran would do things so well. The director kept on praising her, and those who had secretly seen the edited clip also said that Mu Feiran had a lot of screen time.

It seemed that she wouldn’t turn out to be the most famous person on the show with how things were.

She could not dare see this happen and quickly contacted her agency to think of a solution.

The people from her agency said, “This is easy. Just get her some stains on her name. The production team wouldn’t know if those are true or not and wouldn’t dare to film her as much if things turn out to be true. They’ll cut down her scenes as well.”

“This is a good idea. But what stains does she have?”

“She went out with a guy called Mo Ding in the past. He was also a big boss in the circle back then. They got married and then got a divorce. She’s bringing up their child even now.”

“How can that count as a stain?”

“Just say that she married Mo Ding while pregnant with somebody else’s child, but Mo Ding didn’t want to become a substitute father and thus divorced her. Mo Ding got remarried, and it’s said that his wife came from quite a good family. He won’t bother to respond to these things.”

Zhang Tianming smiled and immediately said, “Good, then release that quickly. The filming for the show will start soon.”

They went ahead as planned, and as expected, when the production team was having a meeting the next day, someone said, “This is bad. There’s a piece of news about Mu Feiran online. We have no idea if it’s true or not.”

They went online to look, and there was someone who shared a lot about Mu Feiran’s past.

There were even some photos as evidence of how after Mu Feiran gave birth to her child, she no longer was together with Mo Ding. There was also evidence of how Mu Feiran had brought up her child by herself and things along the line.

The production team couldn’t assess if these were true or not.

“Are these for real? I remember that someone had mentioned these in the past.”

“It’s considered bringing up old news, but there are always reasons for rumors to occur.”

“Let’s see how Mu Feiran responds to this. I just saw this. Mu Feiran probably hasn’t heard of it yet.”

“Will she respond to it? Some people will just choose to ignore these things.”

“But look, there are so many people reading this. If she doesn’t respond, it won’t look good with all the water army brushing her off. The audience would only believe in the one-sided news, and it seemed as if they had a lot of evidence.”


Mu Feiran’s agency naturally found out about this long ago.

She was under Lin Che’s company, but the company had arranged for her to have a personal agency of her own.

All hell broke loose in the work studio.

“Damn it, what is going on? Why did this news come up for no reason? Do they think that it isn’t enough for us to be called poison to the box office ratings?”

“What should we do? Is Sister Feiran still unaware of this? Is this true? Are we supposed to ask Sister Feiran directly?”

“What do you mean if it’s true or not? No matter what, it should be treated as if it isn’t true. Otherwise…”

How would she be able to clear her name?

Even if no one mentioned this again in the future, everyone would first think of how she had gotten someone to be her child’s substitute father when they see her.

At this moment.

Mu Feiran came in.

She saw that everyone was discussing things with weird looks and smiled. “What’s the matter?”

“Sister Feiran…”

They looked at her, not knowing how they should bring this matter up to her.

Mu Feiran said, “Alright, don’t wear those sad looks. I saw it.”

“Ahh, then Sister Feiran, about this…”

“I have to say that even though so many years have passed, these tricks haven’t changed at all. However, she’s a newbie, and I’m not one.”

Everyone watched as Mu Feiran calmly sat down, crossed her leg, and raised her brows.

She looked as if everything was within her control. It made people who saw her feel strangely calm.

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