The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1571 - I’ve Never Been Through Thick and Thin With You

Chapter 1571: I’ve Never Been Through Thick and Thin With You

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In Mu Feiran’s company.

During the meeting, Mu Feiran’s work predicament was something that everyone sighed about.

Seeing how Mu Feiran was not around, everyone started talking.

“Sister Feiran’s luck isn’t good. Oh, it’s been a consecutive failure with the box office for a few films already. Even her dramas are said to be trash with all the special effects…. What is wrong with the production unit as well? They brag about their work every day but end up producing something like that.”

“Isn’t this really bad luck? Say, the previous drama—A Fairy’s Pen—was only through halfway, and they suddenly changed the investor. After arguing for a month, the filming started again. It would be a miracle for it to be done. In the Masked Hero, the male lead quit halfway and went to another producer to do some big film. With the change of role, the director was mad beyond words and didn’t want to do it anymore. He only films when he feels like it. How can it be good?”

“Yeah, you can’t deny that there’s a limit to Sister Feiran’s acting. She works hard in every drama, but it’s not enough to capture the people…”

“So now it has become like this…. I think I want to resign. I don’t wish to do it anymore. It’s too difficult.”

Mu Feiran heard the conversations going on as she stood outside. She was stunned, and she also sighed.

Though she only filmed when she wanted to, these people still depended on her for their livelihood…

The people inside did not know that Mu Feiran was listening outside and continued talking.

“A few days ago, someone came to ask if our Feiran was going to a reality show. He said it was a rare opportunity. I went to look and saw that the reality show had a newcomer as another guest. It’s the recently popular belle, Ou Benjun. Tell me, if we let our Sister Feiran stand beside her, I… I don’t feel good about it.”

“But this reality show could also pull up statuses. Inviting Feiran is like saying she has a status. Otherwise, who would dare invite Sister Feiran now…”

“Yeah, but I won’t dare to tell Feiran and let her be someone’s foil.”

“Alright, alright, we’ll talk about this in the future. There’s a party that we’ve to go to. Weren’t we supposed to talk about this? Quickly, get ready.”

They prepared for the party and said nothing else.

As for Mu Feiran, she sighed and did not reply. When she returned home, she some a few guys helping her to tidy up the yard.

Upon closer look, who else could they be other than Black Eagle’s men?

The thirteen brothers under Black Eagle had all stuck through thick and thin with him from the start.

Now that it had become more peaceful, they had also become small bosses within the teams and could get around better.

Many would usually greet them with formality and respect on the streets.

Two of them had already progressed on into the malls, starting a business on their own.

Black Eagle encouraged all these.

Black Eagle was happy when his brothers could develop on their own.

Perhaps because of this, Black Eagle had always thought for them. So, everyone respected Black Eagle so much. None of them seemed to have been forced but would follow Black Eagle wholeheartedly.

Just that sometimes, situations made Mu Feiran feel uncomfortable.

These few guys were doing manual work here, seriously…

“You guys…”

Mu Feiran had gotten quite used to it. These people would stand around here when they had nothing to do, and neighbors would look at them with curiosity, not daring to go closer whenever they walked past.

Needless to say, with a spectacle like this, helping her here… doing work.

“Sister-in-law, you’re back. We saw the wood in the yard look like it’s going to break. So we fixed it.”

“…” Mu Feiran quickly said, “If there’s nothing, I’ll just get someone to fix it.”

“No need for that. If we can’t even do this simple thing, how can we follow our chief?”


Yes, would it not be better if they called a professional to fix this minor issue?

Mu Feiran had wanted to say that if people saw them fixing things, it would make them feel… Like she was using her status as lady boss and forcing them to work.

Her neighbor next door had a close connection with the gossip mongers at the market.

They gossiped about her household or how Mu Feiran was wildly fluttering about after making up with Black Eagle. She only knew how to make others work every day, treating them like workers.

When Mu Feiran heard that, she felt…

In no way did she want them to do anything.

It was the…

Oh, forget it.

Mu Feiran headed in and asked, “Where’s your chief…”

“Oh, sister-in-law, he’s inside fixing the TV for you.”


Who was bringing about such an atmosphere?

Mu Feiran went in.

What was supposed to be fixing the TV turned out to be…

In the warehouse, he stood there bent over, topless. His body had some grease on, and his hands were in gloves while holding onto tools to dismantle the machine.

He looked very focused as he lowered his head to look at what was above. He removed the parts and placed them well before scrutinizing them.

She looked for a while before making a sound. “What are you doing?”

He turned his head around.

Looking at Mu Feiran, he smiled and waved his hand. “Come over and look.”

Mu Feiran walked over.

He said, “It’s useless watching TV dramas. I wanted to dismantle it for Yunyun and turn it into an electric car.”

“Oh, that’s possible?”

“Of course, we can use some small parts. I’ll put aside those bigger parts that are useless and see if I can make something out of it in the future.”

Mu Feiran looked at him. “I couldn’t tell that you would know all these.”

Black Eagle examined the parts and said, “I’ve dismantled quite a lot of things when I used to fix cars.”

Mu Feiran had heard Lin Che mentioned it before. Black Eagle was abandoned from a young age. After the enemy adopted him, they threw him outside to row up on his own.

It had taken him many years from being an unknown rascal to being the Black Eagle at present.

Mu Feiran felt bitterness in her mouth.

She felt as though she had never been through thick and thin with Black Eagle and enjoyed his current status.

She sat down and said, “Let me help you.”

“No, you’ll dirty your hands.”

“It’s alright. They’ll be fine after a wash.”

She tilted her head and looked at him. “Were you as fierce when you fixed cars in the past?”

He smiled and looked at her. “Yeah, I got into a fight after fixing cars for a few days. Then I went to another workshop and got into another fight. I got chased out, and after that, I moved to another city…”

Mu Feiran asked, “Why did you fight with others?”

“I was still young then.”

“What happened after that?”

Black Eagle lowered his head and said, “I joined a society.”

She knew what that meant.

She asked, “How old were you when you started going around?”

Black Eagle said, “Thirteen.”

Only 13 years old…

Mu Feiran felt uncomfortable again. She wondered resentfully, why did those people push him outside when he was so young?

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