The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1569

1569 Untitled

But the children here were really very poor.

Their clothes were very old.

Their lunch was straightforward.

A few of them could share a packet of salted vegetables.

The way they looked, drinking their soup and having their dry rations was so adorable and so brave.

However, when they saw Gu Jingyu, they were still so happy and enthusiastic, as if they yearned to learn.

Su Wan thought about why Gu Jingyu said they needed him here.

They truly needed him.

They did not need a mere imaginary idol.

At night.

Gu Jingyu came in and looked at Su Wan.

“Do you want to take a shower? It’s not that easy to take a shower here. I’ve informed the school to give you a private bath so you can bathe there.”

People here usually bathed together. He was worried that she would not be used to it.

Su Wan said, “Thank you…”

She smiled and walked out. She turned her head back only when she reached the entrance. “By the way… I’m planning to go back.”

Gu Jingyu’s hand paused.

He turned his head, a faint smile on his face. “I see. Do you have work schedules?”

“Yes. I can’t be away for too long either.”

“Hn. When the time comes, I’ll drive you there.”

Su Wan dared not stay long.

She was afraid that she would not want to leave if she stayed any longer.

She could not bear to leave and would be unwilling to leave.

Or what if she insisted on kicking up a fuss and demanded that he leave too?

She could not interfere with his affairs.

On the day she was to leave, everyone came to send her off.

One of them looked at Gu Jingyu and nudged him. “Bantu, are you going to let such a good wife go?”

Bantu looked at him. “Don’t spout nonsense.”

“Ha. Do you really think no one knows?” He looked at Gu Jingyu. “It’s true that I heard nothing that night. But I was the one who helped you tidy up your tent, you know? What happened inside… I saw it.”

Gu Jingyu slowly clenched his fist below.

But in the end, he still unclenched it calmly.

“She has a job.”

“In that case, you can go with her. Actually, it’s pretty boring here too. It’s a waste of talent for you to be an English teacher.”

Gu Jingyu gazed at Su Wan.

She was currently bidding someone goodbye. Her smile was like the splendid sun in spring.

He shook his head wordlessly.

The airport in the area was tiny.

When they arrived, tourists basically filled the place.

He helped her with her luggage, retrieved her boarding pass, checked in her luggage, and settled everything for her. Then he said to her, “Be careful during the journey. You’re alone with no assistants. It’s better for you not to be recognized.”

“Don’t worry. It’s a direct flight. Li Xiao will come and pick me up when I arrive.”

“Alright. Remember to send my regards to him. Tell him I’m doing very well here and not to worry.”

“Hn. You too…” Su Wan dared not look at his face. She was worried that she would accidentally choke with emotions.

“Sure. I will.”

The two of them really had to bid each other farewell.

Su Wan looked at him.

He looked at Su Wan as well.

After a long time, he finally said, “This time… you can say you slept with me and ran away afterward, right?”



Gu Jingyu smiled and waved his hand. “Go in.”

He pushed her swiftly towards the security screening.

After that, he said, “Do well in your career.”

“Yes. You must watch me, alright? You must watch me!”


Su Wan actually went in, took out her passport, and went through the procedures.

But her tears had already started falling uncontrollably.

Why was it she never dared to say what she wanted to?

Liking someone was so easy.

But it was so difficult at the same time.

She hated her cowardice and timidness.

But she was just worried that everything would go up in smoke the moment she said it.

What would she do if they could not even be friends?

Gu Jingyu watched her go inside. Her small figure slowly vanished into the crowd.

Gu Jingyu leaned against the railing.

She told him to watch her.

He took out his phone and downloaded Weibo.

He had not used it for a long time. Previously, he had merely read the news when he had nothing to do. Apart from that, he basically did not use social media on his phone.

After downloading it, he remembered that his number was still intact.

He signed in and realized that, sure enough, Weibo was still as popular as it had been, even though he had not logged in for a long time.

During the first few years, people flooded his Weibo page asking where he was.

Subsequently, there were only a few simple greetings.

He seemed to have forgotten that he was Gu Jingyu. When he looked at these messages, he felt like he was looking at someone else’s affairs.

But as he scrolled and scrolled, he suddenly saw a confession letter.

Usually, there were many private messages confessing to him. Back then, he could see them every day, so he did not think much of them.

Now that he had broken away from the industry, he patiently read it carefully.

“Jingyu, I think you probably won’t ever see me in this little corner, writing you this letter you’re destined not to see.”

“I think they’re right. I’m not worthy of you.”

Gu Jingyu’s heart jolted.

He quickly clicked open the account.

The account had been set up a very long time ago, but it was also a secondary account. There was no information on its page either.

The display picture showed an obedient little white rabbit. Its appearance reminded him of someone.

Gu Jingyu continued browsing.

He found a piece of important information, just as he had expected.

Apart from him, this secondary account also browsed for information about one person and even followed that person’s account.

That person was none other than Su Wan.

Gu Jingyu immediately looked in front.

The airplane had already taken off.

There was only one direct flight to B City each day.

When Su Wan arrived at the airport, she saw that sure enough, Li Xiao had come.

And many fans had also come to welcome her back.

“Su Wan, Su Wan.”

“Su Wan, look here.”

“Su Wan. Wow. I can’t believe I’m meeting Su Wan here.”

Many people gathered around her when she walked out.

Li Xiao had no choice but to ask the security guards for urgent assistance. They walked away from the crowd after much difficulty.

In the executive van.

“Home or the company?”

“Let’s go to the company. I thought that there were still things to arrange,” Su Wan said.

“Yes. How was it? Did you have fun there?”


“Were there any interesting or strange incidents? ”

Su Wan looked outside, smiling. “Of course. I met someone.”

“Huh? Who? It can’t be a conman, right?”

Su Wan smiled mysteriously but did not tell him.

Forget it. She did not want to say it.

If she said he was there, Li Xiao would probably go mad.

It would be terrible if Li Xiao really went to look for him.

He liked that place, and she should leave be, for that place was a paradise for him.

Nothing else mattered.

While speaking, she smiled and discussed work matters with Li Xiao.

The next day.

Since she was back early, she was planning to attend a program filming.

“Initially, you were no longer in the program. It was so difficult for me to beg for this opportunity now that you’re back. You’ve been away for some time. You don’t know that there’s been a lot of vilifying going on in the industry. Criticism struck many people, and dark pasts have been exposed. It’s extremely messy. Later on, remember that the reporters will ask all sorts of questions. Many people are waiting to interview you, especially since you’ve just attained the title of the Panda Goddess.”

Su Wan nodded.

After Su Wan went in, everyone looked at her and started mocking her, just as she had expected.

“Oh, look, the Panda Goddess is here. Didn’t you go elsewhere to purify your soul?”

“Su Wan knows best what to do. She knew that after just becoming the Panda Goddess, people would start criticizing those in the industry. So, she hastily avoided this. You pretty much escaped. You haven’t seen how messy the situation has been.”

Su Wan smiled. “Really? I learned everything from you, my seniors.”

They paused for a moment and giggled.

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