The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 150 - Just Get Them Taken Care Of

Chapter 150: Just Get Them Taken Care Of

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Lin Youcai chuckled. “Lin Che, these feelings that a man has are all highly erratic. Even toward women. After some time, he may get bored, especially a man like Gu Jingze. I’m doing this out of consideration for the two of you too. I’m worried that when he stops liking you and when the time comes, he may even abandon you. Let your older sister… have some contact with him as well, so that she can help look after you a little…

Lin Youcai words were sufficiently vague. However, after giving it some thought, she still instantly understood.

“Father, what do you mean? You still want Lin Yu to go… go… what do you take Gu Jingze for?!”

Lin Youcai was also embarrassed. However, ultimately it was that daughter who was close to them. They definitely could not count on this daughter as much as they could Lin Yu. Thus, he still wanted Lin Yu to have good prospects.

Lin Che turned her head and was about to leave. Lin Youcai hastily stopped Lin Che by saying, “Hey, Lin Che, why are you so insensible?”

“I’m being insensible?”

“Surely, it’s not that you can’t tolerate seeing your older sister have a good outcome, to this extent? You just want benefits for yourself and you don’t think about other people?”

Lin Che truly felt that her own outlook was almost about to be subverted by this ridiculous father of hers.

Meanwhile, outside.

Lin Yu saw that they had finally left.

She looked in Gu Jingze’s direction with a gaze that emanated obvious adoration.

Even though she was only looking at him like this and had not at all gotten to know Gu Jingze, it was difficult for anyone to not fall in love with such a man.

She looked at the hard lines of Gu Jingze’s figure. How could every part of it emanate a cool masculine aura without an ounce of the softness that many men now had, and yet still look so good? It really made her feel that it was hard to come by.

The Gu family’s foundation was simply good. It was no wonder that the Gu family produced such a huge celebrity in the form of Gu Jingyu. The President was also a total heartthrob. And this mysterious Gu Jingze who kept a low profile was naturally very likable as well.

Lin Yu intentionally pulled down the collar of her shirt to expose a lot more of her chest. She looked at Gu Jingze and said, “President Gu, your house is really so huge. It’s so beautiful.”

Upon hearing the affectedly-sweet voice of a woman, Gu Jingze lifted his head without batting an eyelid and looked at her. “Really?”

Lin Yu said, “Yes, I really envy Lin Che for being able to live here.”

Gu Jingyu raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu said, “President Gu, the security here is really impressive too. When I wanted to come in earlier, my clothes were tugged at until they tore.”

As she said this, she tugged at her clothes which were slightly damaged while taking the chance to pull her clothes slightly lower again.

However, while Gu Jingze seemed to be looking in her direction, he also seemed to not be looking.

Lin Yu thought gloomily, Had he seen her chest or not?

She had an extremely great figure. The Lin family’s genes were not bad. It was obvious from looking at how even that lass Lin Che had grown to be so pretty. Thus, Lin Yu had full confidence in her own looks and figure.

Gu Jingze put down the cup in his hand and looked over indifferently. He said in a voice that was neither cold nor warm, “This is their job. They can’t get complacent. I still hope you can understand that.”

Lin Yu’s expression sank.

She thought to herself that Gu Jingze was a little too unromantic.

Lin Yu felt that she was still not being bold enough. When a woman pursued a man, there was only a thin veil between them. A man definitely could not resist the temptation of a woman’s body.

Lin Yu got up immediately and walked forward as she looked at Gu Jingze. “President Gu, I can’t be understanding. President Gu must compensate me for my damaged clothes. I… ”

However, she saw Gu Jingze narrow his eyes. Before she had even gotten close, several men suddenly rushed up around her and together they pushed Lin Yu directly to the ground.

Lin Yu’s delicate voice ultimately turned into screeches. She was terrified as her face was stuck to the ground. She felt herself get pressed on the ground and was unable to move. She only came to her senses after a long time and realized how terrible she looked like this. For a moment, she felt immensely ashamed and wished that she had never come here.

“Let go… who are you people? You… why are you doing this to me.” She struggled and tried to get up, but these people did not know how to treat a woman tenderly at all. They pressed Lin Yu down firmly and did not release her.

At this moment, Lin Che and Lin Youcai walked out from inside in a hurry.

Lin Youcai’s face darkened immediately when he saw Lin Yu in this state.

This Lin Yu had really failed to live up to his expectations. How could she actually be so…

Lin Youcai hastily said, “President Gu, President Gu, please show mercy. Why is Lin Yu in such a state?”

Lin Che took a glance but already seemed to understand. She took another indifferent glance before walking to Gu Jingze’s side.

As he gazed at the two people, Gu Jingze looked at them coolly before lifting his hand. “What are you doing? Quick, let go.”

Only then did the few bodyguards let go of Lin Yu who was in a sorry plight.

Gu Jingze smiled faintly. Although he was apologizing, not an ounce of remorse could be felt from both his expression and tone.

“I apologize. These security guards in my house are simply too sensitive. Apart from people that they’re familiar with, they’ll just be like this when strangers get close. I’ve reproached them many times too but it can’t be helped either.”

Lin Youcai’s embarrassment showed on his face as he pulled Lin Yu up. Lin Yu wished that she had simply never come here. Just like that, she did not even dare to lift her head to look at them and kept her head down bitterly.

Lin Youcai could not say anything but, “Safety comes first, safety comes first. It’s good to be more strict. It’s a good thing.”

Lin Youcai helped Lin Yu up and looked at Lin Che. It was difficult for him to say anything else. He could only secretly curse at her in his heart. This little hussy was really getting more and more impudent.

Sure enough, she was a traitor. Now, she did not even care about them anymore.

Lin Youcai smiled and said, “Then, since there’s nothing further to discuss, and we also feel at ease knowing that Lin Che is living very well here, we won’t disturb President Gu any longer either. We’ll leave first.”

Gu Jingze smiled and said, “Alright. Lin Che and I still have something else going on. We won’t make the two of you stay either.”

In the end, Lin Youcai glanced venomously at Lin Che before turning around and simply leaving.

When they arrived outside, Lin Yu shrugged off her father’s hand. “Seriously. It’s all your fault for making me come. Look, look at what happened.”

Lin Youcai felt resentful towards her for failing to meet his expectations as well. “That’s enough. It was you who didn’t seize the opportunity properly. But did you see any signs? If a man is interested in you, even if he doesn’t get fresh with you, you can still tell.”

“You’re still saying that? I think he simply can’t do it. He didn’t even glance at me. Hmph.”

“You child, how’s it possible that he can’t do it? He and Lin Che… ”

“Lin Che… Lin Che, how can I be worse than her? There must be something wrong with Gu Jingze. Otherwise, how could he have taken a fancy to Lin Che and not me?!”

She turned her head to look at this tall, huge place. When she just thought of Lin Che living inside, she could not control her anger.

But what else could she do when this Gu Jingze was so indifferent?


When she saw her father finally leave, Lin Che said furiously, “They’re really too devoid of any sense of shame.”

Gu Jingze said, “Alright. They’ve already left. You just leave them be too.”

Lin Che only felt very embarrassed at having held up Gu Jingze’s time.

“I’m sorry that I still needed to you to deal with this.”

“Next time, you should tell me in advance.” Gu Jingze tapped her nose lightly. “With your intelligence, you definitely can’t deal with these things. It’s still better for me to deal with them.”

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