The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 131 - Your Only Good Point Is That You're Lucky

Chapter 131: Your Only Good Point Is That You’re Lucky

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Lin Che stared at him and watched him talk, “Okay, okay, I get it.”

He organized what he organized. This man could be so full of excuses when he needed to come up with reasons.

However, Lin Che did not probe further.

The next day, everyone was preparing to go back.

Mu Wanqing could not bear to part with Lin Che, saying that they were always too busy despite being so close to each other. She asked Lin Che to visit their home often, to which she gave her word.

Mu Wanqing boarded the plane back first. Lin Che and Gu Jingze followed after.

On the plane, Lin Che kept looking at her beach photos.

Gu Jingze said, “They all look nice; you don’t need to choose.”

Lin Che replied, “Well, my complexion is good, so any photo is good.”

That was true.

Lin Che did not look bad in the first place.

However, Gu Jingze continued looking at her and said, “You are the one getting more narcissistic.”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze, “Well, what do you expect? You see, I was able to find such a good husband like you. This proves that I’m not bad myself.”

Gu Jingze heard and his eyes moved. He could not rebut against her, “You’re not wrong to say that.”

He continued, “This might be your only good point.”


“You have good luck and that’s why you met me.”

“Get lost!”

Soon, they were home. Lin Che played the news and saw that the reality show she participated in was still airing. There were plenty of comments about her cute ditzy self. There was even the photo of her with no makeup on, fully exposed in front of everyone. But almost everyone liked her.

However, there were some sour grapes who said that she had plastic surgery and there was nothing nice to look at. Her nose was obviously fake.

Lin Che thought depressingly, These people were really sour. Even if she really lost her integrity and truly wanted to see if plastic surgery could turn her luck around, she did not have any money at that time. They thought it was so easy to get plastic surgery? Those faces cost a lot too.

Qin Wanwan asked her out for a meal that night. Lin Che thought nothing of it. Going out with Qin Wanwan could help expand her own circle since she entered the industry late. Her circle was too small and she only knew a few people. She was really not giving herself a good future.

Furthermore, she thought Qin Wanwan was a rather good person. Lin Che could hopefully learn a few things from her.

So at night, Lin Che headed to the club. This time, it was a private room and she saw many people from the circle.

Qin Wanwan sat on the bar counter and told Lin Che, “There won’t be any reporters coming in here so you can relax. Also, many people from the circle are here to have fun. You will gradually be able to know more people.”

In the middle, there were indeed many seniors. Many of them came to say hi to Qin Wanwan.

Lin Che looked at Qin Wanwan enviously, “You are too good. I really don’t know anybody here. This area is my shortcoming. Sigh.”

“I was introverted at the start too, but I slowly got better afterward. It’s alright. I will teach you slowly,” Qin Wanwan patted Lin Che’s shoulder as she talked.

Just then, someone called from behind, “Lin Che? Why are you here?”

Lin Che followed the sound and turned around to see Gu Jingyu walking over.

Lin Che was also surprised, “Why are you here? Seriously, I feel like you’re such a shadow. I keep bumping into you.”

Gu Jingyu sat down and looked at Lin Che, saying, “I come here once in a while. If you’re able to meet me, it means that we were meant to. What are you so surprised for?”

“Who wants to be destined to be with you? Seriously.”

Crossing paths because of fate meant getting onto a headline with him and then getting scolded by his fans. Lin Che had indeed suffered.

Gu Jingyu asked, “How did you know of this place?”

Lin Che suddenly remembered and turned to introduce the person who invited her, “This is Qin Wanwan.”

Gu Jingyu looked at the girl beside her and simply smiled, “Oh, hello.”

Qin Wanwan immediately said, “Gu Jingyu, I’m a huge fan of yours. I’ve already seen many of your movies and TV shows, and I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we might soon have a show together.”

Gu Jingyu smiled, “Oh, really? Anything work related is all handled by the company, so I’m not too sure myself.”

Qin Wanwan smiled and said, “I hope to work well with you then.”


Qin Wanwan was very enthusiastic. She called for some drinks and said it was her treat. Gu Jingyu said a simple sentence and then whispered to Lin Che, “Aren’t you going home? I’ll take you home.”

Lin Che saw that it was getting late, so she turned to Qin Wanwan and said, “I’m going back first.”

Qin Wanwan looked at Gu Jingyu and said sadly, “You guys are such party poopers. Nevermind. Let’s get together again next time.”


Qin Wanwan got up and sent the two of them out. When Gu Jingyu went to take the car, she patted Lin Che’s shoulder and said, “Looks like you really have a good relationship with Gu Jingyu.”

Lin Che said, “I guess so.”

Qin Wanwan said, “Gu Jingyu is usually very cold. For him to become friends with someone is a rarity. You see, he didn’t even bother about me.”

Lin Che smiled bitterly, “He is a little weird. It’ll be fine once you get familiar with him. Aren’t you going to film together? By the time you finish filming, you’ll probably know each other better.”

Qin Wanwan said, “Anyway, I envy you. You’re able to be friends with such a big shot, it’s really not bad.”

“Yeah, right. We’re not that close either. We just have small talk.”

“You don’t get it. This kind of big shot is hard to be acquainted with. They love being in their own circle, especially Gu Jingyu. His family is also super rich. Heh heh. Your rumor with Gu Jingyu, is it really fake? Actually, you can tell me even if it’s true. I won’t tell anyone else.”

“Of course it’s fake. You saw it yourself; we’re only friends!” Lin Che hurriedly said.

“Fine, fine. Go along now. Don’t let Gu Jingyu wait too long. Bring him out with you next time.”


Lin Che said goodbye to Qin Wanwan. She went out and got into Gu Jingyu’s car. She told him the street name and then Gu Jingyu said, “Why are you with her?”

Lin Che replied, “We took part in the reality show together. She takes rather good care of me and I feel that she’s really welcoming. I can’t learn how to be that welcoming.”

Gu Jingyu said speechlessly, “You seriously… With your IQ, you better not get too close to someone like that. You wouldn’t even know if you got cheated.”

“Impossible… How can I get cheated? And can all of you stop saying my IQ is low?”

Gu Jingyu said, “There are people with the same perception as me? It looks like your IQ is really bad… Anyway, don’t get too close to her.”

Gu Jingyu frowned, “Seeing her makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t particularly like her.”

Lin Che retorted, “And I’ve never seen you liking anybody…”

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