The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 123 - The Long Chat Ended Up Being Relaxing

Chapter 123: The Long Chat Ended Up Being Relaxing

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“Alright. There’s nothing wrong with being stupid. Just be yourself; you don’t need to compare with others. Don’t compare your shortcomings with advantages that others may have. You’re an actor, but you don’t want to be a comedian, right? You want to stand on top of the acting world, so just compare your acting skills to theirs. Why do you want to compare who is funnier?”

That made sense.

Lin Che said, “I just think that they’re all great.”

Gu Jingze replied, “You’re great too in other aspects.”


Lin Che still assumed that she was useless in Gu Jingze’s eyes.

Gu Jingze said, “Yes. You must trust my eyes. If I let you be my wife, it means that you have your good points.”

“…” Or was he praising himself?

“Hey, can a man like you not be so narcissistic?”

“It’s natural. You must love yourself. Otherwise, how can you hope others will see you?”

“Go away. Tell me. Do I have good points or not?”

“Do you really want me to say it or are you forcing me to lie?”

“Fine… Then I’m hanging up!”

“Eh, don’t hang up. Let me think,” Gu Jingze said. “You… You’re really good at kissing.”

“…” Lin Che really was becoming angry and she wanted to hang up. “Gu Jingze!”

“Fine, fine, don’t yell. Even though you are a little silly, a little stupid, a little uncultured…”

“I want you to praise me, not insult me!” Lin Che was intolerant. How could this man be like this?

“You’re a little ill-mannered but the good thing is you have a pretty good figure and you’re nice to touch.”

“…” Lin Che’s face flushed. “Gu Jingze, you gangster! You… Are you calling me a wallflower?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Being a wallflower has its benefits. Some people can’t be wallflowers even if they wanted to.”

“Okay, so you’re still calling me a wallflower!”

Gu Jingze was silent. He was praising her beauty.

But this fool only wanted to pick at his words.

Forget it.

The two of them continued talking like that. Unknowingly, they ended up chatting for so long.

Gu Jingze looked at the time and then said to Lin Che, “You need to be up early tomorrow. It’s already past midnight. Quick go to sleep!”

“Ah, it’s past midnight already? This is all your fault for arguing with me for nothing!”

Lin Che spoke and quickly wanted to hang up.

“Hey, don’t hang up,” Gu Jingze kept trying to stop Lin Che.

Lin Che paused, “What?”

“You’re coming back the day after tomorrow. That’s the latest right?” He asked.

Lin Che replied, “Hm, yes.”

“Okay, don’t delay it,” his voice was low when it transmitted through the invisible phone line. It made Lin Che’s heart feel a little soft.

“Don’t tell me that you miss me already?” Lin Che laid on the bed while chuckling.

However, on the phone, Gu Jingze replied plainly, “Yes.”


Lin Che immediately sat back up, but Gu Jingze had already hung up.

Yes… Yes…

Holding the phone, Lin Che’s heart began to feel an uncontrollable sweetness. Her mind went wild.

Perhaps because of talking about all kinds of things with Gu Jingze on the long phone call, Lin Che’s nervousness disappeared. She leaned there and felt much more relaxed. Her mind was filled with Gu Jingze’s silhouette and she forgot about everything else.

Lin Che did not expect to have a phone conversation with Gu Jingze for that long; they could have talked about anything under the sky.

But it was also because she was thick-skinned. There were many things she did not understand but she still asked him many questions.

He was indeed patient with her and explained everything to her.

However, she thought, Gu Jingze was very knowledgeable. It was like they never ran out of things to talk about.

Soon, Lin Che fell asleep.

The next day, she did not expect someone to barge into her room so early.

Luckily, Yu Minmin had reminded her to wear nicer clothes to sleep. This was to prevent being secretly filmed by anyone and to prevent anything from happening. When Lin Che woke up, she was a complete mess from head to toe. Without any makeup, her eyebags looked bad and because she was up late talking to Gu Jingze and drank too much water, her face was swollen.

When she saw the camera, she panicked.

Everybody laughed as they filmed her while she was in her drowsy, just-woken state. She could only speechlessly rub her eyes and say to everybody, “Just you guys wait. I’m an idol. How am I going to hustle in the future if you guys film me like this? You guys will have to pay if I lose my fans.”

Everyone roared with laughter.

Lin Che thought the worst side of her was already exposed, so she might as well not care anymore.

When she went out, she did not put any makeup and yawned as everyone stood there in a row. She scratched her head silently.

Qin Wanwan and Wang Qingchu seemed to have received the same treatment, but Wang Qingchu was still radiant. She vainly told people, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I had no makeup on.”

Qin Wanwan snorted and whispered to Lin Che, “What rubbish. The agent already told her a long time ago. No makeup? More like natural makeup and she even put on some circle lenses.”

“No way! The agents knew?”

“Of course, didn’t your agent tell you? I specifically wore my good pajamas.”

“She didn’t tell me crap!” Lin Che wanted to kill Yu Minmin.

Did Yu Minmin think that her performance was so bad that not even this could save her?

At least she could have given her a chance to gain back her image.

Lin Che finally found Yu Minmin and said, “I’m going to kill you, Yu Minmin. Why didn’t you tell me that the crew would come in the morning?!”

Yu Minmin looked at her unkempt appearance and snickered, “There’s no point in telling you since you can’t act. Might as well be natural. See? You don’t look so bad like this.”

Lin Che was speechless. But after thinking about it, she indeed did not have the same mentality as Wang Qingchu and could pretend as if she did not know anything.

“Seriously, you could have at least given me appropriate hints.”

“Didn’t I tell you to dress nicely and not expose yourself? It’s not like you have the habit of sleeping nude.”

Lin Che said, “Then weren’t you afraid that I might have brought some guy into my room? Wouldn’t I have gotten exposed?”

“That’s impossible,” Yu Minmin rubbed her chin. “But I can’t be certain. If Gu Jingze came and was filmed with you, that would be a big hit for sure.”

Lin Che glared hatefully at this unreliable agent.

However, whatever happened had already happened. She could only move forward.

When she went out, everyone was still smiling at Lin Che, “You’re too exhilarating. You’re not wearing any makeup?”

“My pleasure, my pleasure. Why would you go to sleep with makeup on unless you have a date with a ghost?” Lin Che waved her hand as she spoke.

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