The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 112 - If You Don't Come Back in Twenty Minutes, Then Don't Come Back At All

Chapter 112: If You Don’t Come Back in Twenty Minutes, Then Don’t Come Back At All

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She went to pick up Qin Qing, so she…


Lin Che let the driver stop and wait outside while she rushed in to find Shen Youran.

In the coffee shop, Shen Youran was sitting at a table with suitcases of various sizes beside her.

“Youran!” Lin Che shouted happily.

Shen Youran heard and immediately looked up to see Lin Che. She stood up and ran towards her.

With a big embrace, the two hugged each other tightly and then let go.

Shen Youran was smaller than Lin Che. Her hair reached past her shoulders, but she was petite and dressed in a British fashion. She looked extremely adorable.

“Wow, Lin Che! I can’t believe it! The moment I returned, I already saw your advertisement. They’re playing it even in the airport.”

“What advertisement?”

“The candy advertisement,” Shen Youran pulled Lin Che along and made her sit as she spoke with excitement.

Lin Che acknowledged it and said, “The airport is still playing that advertisement… I filmed it a long time ago. It was not easy to land that job because the advertisers nearly got arrested.”

“No way, that’s so dangerous… but I really can’t believe it. It’s only been about a year since I was away and here you are, already a big star,” Shen Youran was full of pride as she patted Lin Che’s shoulder. She grinned and said, “To think that I know a celebrity now. I can proudly puff up my chest.”

Lin Che looked at her speechlessly, “What big star? I’m still a newcomer and far from making it big.”

She looked up and saw Mu Feiran’s perfume advertisement playing.

Mu Feiran looked very elegant, generous and decent. She met the international standards.

Lin Che said, “Now, she is a big star.”

It was not easy to get hired by an international advertising firm like this, but Mu Feiran was fully endorsed. Obviously, she was indeed different from the average celebrity.

Shen Youran said, “This will not do. I need to take a selfie with you and show it off on my Weibo.”

“That’s not necessary…”

“It’s definitely necessary. Come and take a picture with me,” Shen Youran grabbed Lin Che over and took a picture with a snap.

Just then, Lin Che’s phone rang.

Lin Che bent down to look. The words ‘Dearest Hubby’ flashed repeatedly on the screen.

Shen Youran also saw and jumped in surprise, “Oh my! Who is that?”

“This, this…” Lin Che said in a fluster. “This is nothing. The name is just a joke. He’s not the type of husband you’d imagine.”

Shen Youran listened and replied, “Oh. Boyfriends are practically called husbands nowadays, I get it, I get it. You’re only 23 years old, so you’re too young to get married, but a boyfriend is good… When did you get a boyfriend? Quick tell me. What’s going on?”

“He’s not a boyfriend either…” Her relationship with Gu Jingze was complicated and she could not figure out how to explain it.

But the phone kept ringing and she had no choice but to shush Shen Youran before she picked it up.

In the phone, Gu Jingze’s voice was deep, “When are you coming back?”

Lin Che did not know for sure if he was angry but for some reason, she could already picture Gu Jingze’s dark and gloomy face.

But why would he be angry? Just because she was not home and she was at the airport?

“I just met my friend. I want to talk for a while before I go back,” Lin Che said.

“Will ten minutes be enough?”

“…” Lin Che said depressingly. “How can ten minutes be enough? We haven’t seen each other in so long. Of course, we’re going to talk for longer.”

“Twenty minutes… Lin Che, if you don’t come back in twenty minutes, don’t think about coming back!” When Gu Jingze finished, he immediately hung up.

Lin Che listened to the impetuous beeps and her eyes widened. So ridiculous.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why should he care? I can talk however long I want to. If I can’t go back, so be it!”

Seriously, Gu Jingze was getting out of hand meddling in her affairs.

Nevermind that he deleted her contacts, he was now even limiting her time with her friend.

How could Gu Jingze be so demanding?

She did even not bother if he went to find some childhood sweetheart and whisper sweet nothings.

On the other side.

Gu Jingze threw down his phone and sat there. His entire body was so cold that nobody would have dared go close.

Chen Yucheng entered and saw that exact situation.

He looked hesitantly at Qin Hao who dared not say a word. He pulled Qin Hao out and asked, “What happened to your Sir?”

Qin Hao sighed and whispered, “He’s jealous.”

“What?” Chen Yucheng exclaimed uncontrollably.

“Shh, shh. Do you want me to die?” Qin Hao quickly held down Chen Yucheng. “Dr. Chen, please go give some advice to Sir. He’s quite pitiful actually.”

“…” Who dared to say Gu Jingze was pitiful?

If he was pitiful, what would that make the rest of all the men on earth?

“What in the world?”

“Sir asked you over to do a checkup for Madam, but she stood him up. She went out to pick up a friend.”

“Someone actually dares to stand Gu Jingze up?”

“Exactly. Anyway, Sir is about to explode at any minute. Dr. Chen, you’re here just in time. You’re highly respected and you’re a professional. I’m entrusting Sir to you. I’ll retreat for now.”

“Oi, I’m not… I’m not some love doctor! Why are you running…” Watching Qin Hao slip away without even turning back, Chen Yucheng could only look quietly inside.

When he entered, Chen Yucheng said, “President Gu, I think if you have any issues, matters of the heart, or some frustration, you can tell me everything. Just like old times.”

“Me? There’s nothing really,” Gu Jingze was expressionless while his hands fiddled with some company documents.

Chen Yucheng said, “About Madam. Perhaps Madam might not be coming back quickly because of something serious…”

“That uncaring woman. She might as well not come back.”

Gu Jingze’s brows jumped stiffly. As he spoke, he slammed the documents down on the table and got up to leave.

Chen Yucheng finally understood why Qin Hao said Gu Jingze was pitiful…

Really pitiful.


Shen Youran sat at the bar counter and watched Lin Che get drunk.

“Hey, what was that call about just now? Why are you suddenly so angry?”

Lin Che looked up at Shen Youran, “I’m angry? Why would I be angry? I’m not angry at all.”

They had just placed Shen Youran’s luggage back at her place. When Shen Youran returned, she wanted to stay with her family. As her parents were around, they stayed for a while before coming to the bar.

It has been a lot longer than twenty minutes.

Lin Che did not go home as she didn’t want to talk to Gu Jingze on the phone again.

“Just who was it… Who can make you so vexed? Don’t tell me it was… Qin Qing?” Shen Youran knew about her and Qin Qing. Based on her knowledge, she did not know anybody else besides Qin Qing who could make the uncaring Lin Che so agitated.

“How can that be?!”

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