The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1011 - My Mind Is At Ease With Gu Jingze So Nice To You

Chapter 1011: My Mind Is At Ease With Gu Jingze So Nice To You

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Gu Jingze smiled. Lin Che looked at him triumphantly and said, “Looks like there are benefits to knowing someone at the top.”

 “Yes. And the one you know is no ordinary person.”

 “Yes. He’s the best of the best. They’ll definitely be scared out of their wits if they knew.”

 “But this indeed needs fixing. I’ll call Big Brother later. It may be a small town, but these snakeheads are difficult to control. Now that we’ve met one, I can’t just sit and watch. I’ll take the chance to nip the problem in the bud.”

 Lin Che said, “Really? That’ll be great! I must see how a person like this ends up.”

 “Big Brother has been dealing with matters that are too complicated. He wants to handle these trivial issues but doesn’t really know how to do so. Furthermore, he hasn’t been here personally, and he wouldn’t know. That is why this has continued for many years.”

 Lin Che said, “I only wonder how he can treat my family, my mom, Granny, and Grandpa like this. How can they be bullied by him for so many years? He is still so greedy now and wants Granny’s property. We bought it for Granny. We’re not going to give it up to someone like him.”

 “Don’t worry. The house will not go to him. We’ll deal with him slowly.”

 “Yes. Now, the important thing is to carry out Granny’s funeral properly.”

 Actually, it was pointless to do anything after a person’s death. They just wanted to give Granny a proper send-off, so that they could remember that her life was ultimately complete and fulfilled.

 Su Cen was unwell. She was too upset and had been recuperating at home.

 Lin Che also could not move around too much due to her pregnancy. It would not be good if she had problems too.

 Thus, everything was left to Gu Jingze.

 Gu Jingze was meticulous and did not need the two ladies to worry.

 Su Cen witnessed Gu Jingze scurry around busily. She felt very happy for her daughter.

 She looked at Lin Che and said, “Jingze is great to you.”

 Lin Che replied, “Yes, he’s very good to me.”

 Su Cen sighed. “In all my years, I have never met such a good man like him. You are very fortunate, Little Che.”

 Lin Che nodded in agreement. She stared outside, deep in thought. “Yes, I’m really very lucky to have everything I have now.”

 Su Cen held her hand. “A person’s luck also depends on the person themselves. You are very lucky because you are a good person, alright?”

 Lin Che leaned into Su Cen’s arms. “You’re a mother. Of course, you think your child is good.”

 Su Cen caressed her head. “Yes, you are my daughter. In my eyes, you’re the best.”

 Su Cen laughed and said, “But I’m truly envious of you, Little Che. You’ve done all the things I never got to do. You made a name for yourself, you’re independent, and you have a man completely devoted to you. I’m truly very happy.”

 Su Cen was really pleased with Gu Jingze. She knew it must not be easy for him to be so accomplished. She was more at ease with Lin Che now. In the future, Lin Che would definitely live a better life than she did.

 Gu Jingze prepared the funeral according to the etiquette here. It was organized and not too grand. It was just heartwarming and decent. It allowed everyone to pay their respects to this devoted old lady.

 The villagers were already aware that Lin Che was her granddaughter. They envied her for having such a successful granddaughter who gave her a big house and even had a nanny to take care of her.

 Seeing Lin Che and the rest return to send the old lady off one last time, they could not help but be amazed. She was lucky. In the end, she led a good life.

 In the past, they were poor and people mocked them. Later, her daughter left and did not return. When their only daughter left, the house no longer felt like home and people pitied her. Thinking about it now, they realized that everything was destined. Things would come full circle.

 That day, everything was prepared. The hall was also made for people to pay their last respects.

 She laid in a crystal coffin with a peaceful smile on her face.

The people who came saw that the funeral was done differently from their village ones. It looked extravagant and although it was not lively, it made people feel solemn. They felt more respect towards the family.

 Someone said, “Others make it so lively and noisy, trying to make it look grand, but instead, it’s quite meaningless. It’s better to be quiet like this. People can think about the person who passed on more.”

 “Exactly. People these days are getting terrible and planning funerals. They make it like it’s a celebratory event. So messy.”

 “Right? Look at how the city people do it. See how they did this funeral.”

 All the flowers used in the funeral were fresh. White chrysanthemum was placed in all corners, filling the hall with its aroma. It was fresh and elegant. It made people feel that the old lady was gone but still graceful.

 “Sigh. You have endured hardship your entire life. At least you don’t have to suffer anymore.”

 Some familiar relatives looked at her tearfully. Knowing that they were similar in age, they were emotional. They spoke tenderly to her like a sister.

 Lin Che and Su Cen stood at the side, bowing to the guests. Su Cen could not stop crying. She looked at the place and couldn’t take it. She tried to be strong, but she was very upset.

 This was the last time everyone was here to see her. She was not going to have a mother anymore. This was the last time seeing her mother’s face. In the future, they’ll be separated forever. She would probably forget how her mother looked when she got old herself.

 The people who came looked at Su Cen and were amazed.

 This Su Cen was the belle of the village. Standing here now, she still appeared elegant. Needless to say, for Lin Che, who was equally gorgeous, they looked like a painting as they stood there.

 Guests came and comforted Su Cen, “Don’t cry anymore, lass. Your mother lived comfortably in her remaining years. She has gone happily.”

 Su Cen smiled through her tears. “It was all thanks to Lin Che. I didn’t do my part as a daughter.”

 “Not at all. I heard you escaped from death too. This is all fate. Sigh. Back in the day, I knew you weren’t an ordinary person. You wouldn’t do ordinary things. See? You really are successful. Your family is the most successful in the village now.”

 The people who came were really envious. In their eyes, anyone who could leave the village was considered successful. However, Su Cen was the only one who left the village throughout these years. Thus, everyone naturally admired her.


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