The Apple of the Ruthless CEO's Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable

Chapter 517 - Chapter 517: Shu Xinyu Is Actually a Stepmother!

Chapter 517: Shu Xinyu Is Actually a Stepmother!

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Qiao Mu was actually very grateful to Li Yan for this matter. Although this man had boundless power, he did not use his power to help her after she participated in the competition.

He had been silently watching her from the side, watching her improve little by little.

This man had always been changing for her. He was not like this in the past. He was overbearing and unreasonable. He could do whatever he wanted, and she could only listen to him.

But now, he knew how to respect her thoughts and cared about her more and more.

Ling Xi coughed and didn’t argue with the woman. ” Fine, you look down on us single people. ”


Li Yan’s lips curled up. He was very satisfied with this little woman’s performance today.

Su Chen said lightly, ” That may be the case, but you think too simply of this competition. If you don’t use the back door, there will naturally be others who will. With just your strength, you might be eliminated by those who abuse their power. ‘

Su Chen’s words were not without reason, and it reminded Qiao Mu of Ning Tongtong.

Ning Tongtong’s backer was very strong. Shu Xinyu was the investor of the competition, so it should be very easy for Ning Tongtong to stabilize her footing in the competition.

However, Shu Xinyu didn’t show off her authority in front of Key previously. It seemed like Key didn’t fall for her tricks.

Qiao Mu’s tone was firm. ” I believe that Key will treat the competition strictly. Key will definitely not treat its own competition casually. ‘

Li Yan was a little displeased when he saw the little woman mentioning another man with sparkling eyes.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her calmly. ” You have such a high opinion of this Key. I really want to meet him. ‘

Even though the man’s tone was so calm that no emotions could be detected, Qiao Mu immediately caught something amiss.

Qiao Mu tactfully cupped the man in front of her. ” Uncle, you don’t have to see him. He’s nothing compared to you. ‘

Li Yan snorted coldly. Judging from his expression, Qiao Mu’s flattery was effective.

Chi Xia’s lips twitched- She never expected Oiao Mil to he so ingratiating-

She Imew how noble Key was to Qiao Mu. He was Qiao Mu’s only idol, a male god. There were many times when Qiao Mu hugged a fashion magazine and looked at Key as if she was looking at her first love, praising her idol to the skies.

However, in front of Li Yan, it was not even worth mentioning.

As expected, the power of love was too great and terrifying.

Qiao Mu thought for a moment. ” But Young Master Su does have a point. One of the contestants competing with me is the daughter of the sponsor of the competition. This person isn’t very friendly to me because of a certain someone. Last time, the investor almost disqualified me from the competition because I was a student. ‘

Li Yan’s eyes darkened. ” There’s such a thing? Why didn’t you tell me? ” “In the end, it was resolved smoothly, so I didn’t mention it.”

Li Yan’s voice turned colder. ” The investor you’re talking about is Shu Xinyu? ” “That’s right. It’s all because of you that her daughter is targeting me.”

Lu Jingzhi’s attention was originally on Baby Guan, who was eating with her head lowered. When he heard Qiao Mu’s words, he raised his head. ” Shu Xinyu, this woman, is quite amazing. She treats her daughter very well.

Qiao Mu was puzzled. ” What’s wrong with a mother treating her daughter well? ”

” When Shu Xinyu married into the Ning family, the Ning family already had a son and a daughter. She married over as a stepmother, so that’s not her biological daughter.

Lu Jingzhi’s words stunned Qiao Mu.

Shu Xinyu was actually Ning Tongtong’s stepmother!

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