The Apple of the Ruthless CEO's Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable

Chapter 276 - Chapter 276: Making Justice for Sister-in-law

Chapter 276: Making Justice for Sister-in-law

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“Ah?” Qiao Mu was stunned, but she immediately reacted. ” Uncle, you’re here?

“You didn’t invite me? Why do you sound like you don’t believe it?” The man paused and continued, “”l’ve already entered the side door. Where are you?”

“I’m at the side door.”

After Qiao Mu finished speaking, she immediately saw a black Bentley Mulsanne slowly driving toward them.

Li Yan had just entered the courtyard when he saw a few people standing not far away. His little one was among them.

The car stopped. Li Yan got out of the car and glanced at the few people

present. ” It seems very lively nere. ‘

Lu Jingzhi was having a headache when he saw Li Yan and asked, “”Big brother, why are you here?”

After she finished speaking, Lu Jingzhi saw Qiao Mu run over to Li Yan. He must be here for his nephew!

“Uncle, are you done?” Qiao Mu blinked her big eyes at Li Yan. He said that he would come over once he was done with his work, so she thought that he would not come.

Li Yan nodded and rubbed Qiao Mu’s forehead with his large hand. ” Aren’t you going to stand outside in the sun? ”

Qiao Mu shook her head. ” There’s a good show to watch. I don’t feel that it’s too hot! ”

Li Yan raised his eyebrows when he heard that. He saw that Lu Jingzhi’s expression was ugly and there was a girl standing beside him.

At this moment, Baby Guan was not in the mood to pay attention to the handsome man beside Qiao Mu. Her big eyes never left Lu Jingzhi, as if she was afraid that he would run away if she was not paying attention.

Baby Guan took a step forward and held Lu Jingzhi’s arm. ” Let’s go. Take me home. We’ll go to the hotel to get my luggage first.

“Let go!”

As he spoke, Lu Jingzhi swung the switch baby, and Baby Guan immediately held onto him. He swung the switch again, and the two of them…He had made his move!

Both of them had a foundation in kung fu. Baby Guan raised her long legs and kicked Lu Jingzhi’s upper body while shouting, ‘”‘1 told you nicely, but you didn’t take it seriously. Do you have to make me do it?”

Qiao Mu was speechless. Do you think it’s good to make a move?

Unfortunately, before her foot could touch Lu Jingzhi, she was pushed away and kicked again.

Qiao Mu blinked. Wasn’t Baby Guan too handsome?

Li Yan lowered his head and looked at the little thing with his eyes shining. He was excited and asked helplessly, ‘”‘What’s going on?

Su Chen smiled and explained, “”Big brother, this is third brother’s fiancée.”

Lu Jingzhi glared at Su Chen when he heard that it was none of his business. ‘

Yang, Liu, don’t just stand there and watch. Can you come over and help me? ” This woman is too unreasonable!”

“A grown man hitting a woman, and you’re still in the right?” Li Yan said coldly.

Qiao Mu secretly pursed her lips. Little Uncle was really a man of few words, as if he didn’t want to fight with her! Not only did he move his hands, but he also moved his legs. His entire body was moving!

Lu Jingzhi was furious. Young Master Li, who had always treated men and women equally, was actually still pursuing him for hitting a woman! Why was he acting like a gentleman in front of his little nephew?

However, this thin and small figure was quite energetic when he fought. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t fight with women, did she think she could survive a move in front of him?

Baby Guan wanted to use her actions to conquer Lu Jingzhi, but when she suddenly heard Lu Jingzhi call her brother, she stopped in her tracks.

She turned to look at the two men behind her and immediately went forward to introduce herself.” Hello, Big Brother, Second Brother. I’m Baby Guan, Lu Jingzhi’s fiancée. ”

“Shut up!”

Baby Guan immediately felt wronged. ” Eldest Brother, Second Brother, look at his attitude.. You have to stand up for Sister-in-law! “

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