The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 47 - Admission (I)

47 – Admission (I)

Jumbled discussions rose around her.

After she opened her eyes slightly irritably, Xue Qilin sat up on the bed and yawned, “So noisy …”

While scratching her sleepy head, the little girl looked at the sky, “Oh, it’s so late already?”

It’s already late in the morning.

If it hasn’t suddenly become noisy outside, Xue Qilin would have probably not gotten up yet. Without Qi Qiqi’s supervision, her lazy nature emerged again.

After some simple grooming and changing her clothes, Xue Qilin stretched herself, then exited her quarters and walked towards the source of noise that woke her.

“…!” When she went around the corner, the scenery in the yard entered her eyes instantly. Xue Qilin was stunned all of a sudden.

People, there are people everywhere. There are all kinds of people, and all are young and strong. After a rough count, Xue Qilin discovered that there are about 40 people.

“They aren’t all here for the recruitment, are they?” Xue Qilin murmured. She didn’t expect that there would be so many people.

Then, she narrowed her eyes and looked carefully at the people who have come for the recruitment.

Most of these people don’t have true qi. In other words, they haven’t entered the Human Realm yet. As for aptitude, Xue Qilin couldn’t tell. Although many Heaven Realm masters have the ability to judge a person’s potential to practice martial arts from their physique, bus this insight is based on a wealth of martial arts knowledge and experience. Xue Qilin who halfway has become a martial practitioner, she naturally doesn’t have this insight.

“Ah?” Xue Qilin’s gaze suddenly stopped on a boy and a girl.

They look a bit similar, probably siblings.

The girl is older, about 13 or 14 years old, has a petite figure, with her height similar to Xue Qilin’s, and her appearance is still a bit childish.

Hanging loosely from the right back side of the head, the long black hair simply tied together winds around the left shoulder and hangs in front of the chest.

The slightly upturned corners of the eyes make her look particularly confident and elegant. From the lustrous black eyes, a firm resolve, an unyielding resolve that is incongruous with the young age can be made out.

By contrast, the little boy beside her has another kind of charm – pure like white paper.

From his appearance, the boy should be less than 10 years old.

Although the face is immature, yet there’s a difficult to hide elegance. The pair of big eyes looking around as if filled with curiosity about the world are both quick-witted and lovable.

“Hey hey hey, that’s pretty good! Just a step away.” Xue Qilin nodded with satisfaction. She felt faint true qi from the pair of siblings.

Although they haven’t entered the Human Realm yet, but it’s not far away.

She moved her gaze again, trying to find some other interesting candidates.


“Junior Disciple Sister, you got up!”

Looking in the direction of the voice, she saw Qian Duoduo walk around the crowd.

This disciple who just entered the inner temple and took Ye Zhen as his teacher is straightforward, and often has a bright smile on his face. It’s really hard to imagine that he would have such a sordid merchant name [1].

This should be a case of “unworthy of one’s name” – Xue Qilin sighed.

“Morning! Qian Duo…”

Qian Duoduo suddenly winked.

Xue Qilin was startled at first, and then immediately realized what the other party meant.

“Cough! Senior Disciple Brother Qian.” She called awkwardly.

“Good, Junior Disciple Sister Xue.” Qian Duoduo gave the little girl a big smile.

Then, as if he found something, his expression suddenly became that of confusion.

“Junior Disciple Sister, why haven’t you combed your hair into the usual hairstyle today?”

“Um, it’s a bit troublesome, so I just changed my hairstyle.”

It’s because I can’t do it myself! Xue Qilin naturally wouldn’t say this.

“Isn’t that inconvenient?”

The tips of the long hair are touching the ankles.

“Well, just think of it as a change of pace.”

Not wanting to dwell on the topic of “hair” anymore, Xue Qilin just asked about the admission, “Are all these people here because of the recruitment?”

As if he didn’t think that the sudden change of topic was abrupt, Qian Duoduo answered naturally: “Yes, Senior Disciple Sister Gong is helping them register.”

“Oh, so… what’s the next course of action?”

Without demur, Qian Duoduo gave a detailed explanation.

However, he isn’t a good illustrator.

Xue Qilin listened intently at first, but then gradually felt a little impatient.

“Qi perception” test, “character” test, “bone touch” test – the series of strange nouns made Xue Qilin dizzy. She quickly interrupted the other party’s unceasing torrent of words and gave her own summary: “Simply put, the applicant whose name is called will enter the examination hall alone and receive a series of assessments… am I right?”

“Junior Disciple Sister, you’re really clever.” Qian Duoduo exclaimed in admiration and raised his thumb.

“It’s not that I’m clever, but that you can’t explain. I don’t understand why you said so much. I don’t want to hear the origin of those what the hell tests!”

Is this Qian Duoduo an oddball? Having said that, it seems that there isn’t a reliable person in the Merak Temple!

“I’m sorry, Junior Disciple Sister, I’m clumsy in speech.” Qian Duoduo scratched his head awkwardly.

Xue Qilin wrinkled her nose and asked in the tone of a senior: “That said, is there anything I can help you with?”

“There … shouldn’t be. Why don’t you ask your teacher?”

“My teacher?” Xue Qilin asked back without hesitation, which stained Qian Duoduo’s smile with helplessness.

“It’s Elder Xia.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Xue Qilin slapped her hand on her tight lightly, “Where is she?”

“She is in the hall. Do you want me to take you there?”

“No need!” Xue Qilin waved he hand again and again, “I’m not someone with a poor sense of direction. I’ll go by myself. Anyway, you’re busy.”

Not waiting for Qian Duoduo to answer, she went to the hall.

Like a stream hidden among countless trees…

When Xue Qilin took the fourth step, she caught something the color of water from the corner of her eye.

As wind harassed the water-colored big sleeves and hair, Xue Qilin saw her.

Hiding deep in the crowd was the water-colored girl.

“It’s her!”

She came to attend the admission assembly? Xue Qilin stopped, and a look of pleasant surprise appeared on her face.

… “Looks like there’s some fate between you guys…”

No denying that! Xue Qilin couldn’t help but recall the words Xia Xue used to tease her, and realized that the other party has involuntarily hit the nail on the head.

Is this a joke come true? Xue Qilin’s mind swirled.

Perhaps the girls are destined to meet here, to meet in Chang’an.

[1] – Qian Duoduo (钱多多) means a lot of money

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