The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 38 - Qi Qiqi Wants to Learn Magic

Chapter 38– Qi Qiqi Wants to Learn Magic

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Xue Qilin opened a window, and the cold air poured into the room from outside as if a dam broke.

“…ah-choo!” Xue Qilin wrinkled her nose and tightened the collar of her night gown.

The pale yellow night gown she wore was a short kimono tailor-made for her. It was light and thin, easy to wear, and more importantly, it looked cuter than the previous night gown.

From an outsider’s perspective, they will most likely feel it strange to see this “young girl” only wear some thin clothes in this cold weather and think that there was a problem with her head.

However, if they knew that this young girl was actually a Heaven Realm master, they might no longer find this strange.

Heaven Realm, a realm that most martial practitioners might achieve only after a lifetime.

Nurtured by true qi, their physique has long exceeded that of ordinary people, and Xue Qilin was no exception.

In fact, even if she dug a hole in a frozen lake, stripped naked, and jumped into the water, she still wouldn’t feel a chill. The reason why she sneezed just now was a natural physiological reaction due to the temperature drop.

Despite reaching the Heaven Realm, some instincts characteristic of humans still remained.

The world outside the window was still dusky. The mist characteristic of the early morning has yet to disperse, and only some faint sunlight penetrated the morning mist and caressed the earth.

“Oh, it seems a bit early…”

After she pulled her gaze away from the view outside, Xue Qilin yawned and stretched her body.

Then, she rubbed the sleep dust from the corners of her eyes and walked towards the wardrobe. After opening the wardrobe, Xue Qilin drilled inside and looked for clothing.

Really, this wardrobe is too big! Don’t I have just a few piece of clothing… Xue Qilin grumbled in her heart as she rummaged through her clothes.

“Which should I wear?”

After a while, she finally fished out the most commonly worn dress-like robes.

Creak – the sound of the door opening suddenly sounded. At the same time, a crisp, clear voice resounded, “Hey, Little Xue, you still aren’t ready?”

If the other party’s tone wasn’t laced with discontent, Xue Qilin would definitely have enjoyed the sound of their voice.

“I already woke up one hour earlier than yesterday!” Xue Qilin closed the closet and looked in the direction of the door unhappily.

A head has popped in from the half-opened door. Delicate, exquisite features and bright, eye-catching red eyes. It was Qi Qiqi.

A girl with such an overwhelming beauty, it could only have been Qi Qiqi. Besides, in the entire Merak Temple, only she called Xue Qilin “Little Xue”.

However, Xue Qilin really felt embarrassed being called “Little Xue”.

“I don’t want you to call me Little Xue!”

“Why not? Don’t you call me Little Seven? Then why can’t I call you Little Xue?”

“It’s not the same! I am you senior, after all!”

“Humph! Senior?” Qi Qiqi snorted disdainfully. She pushed open the door and walked up to Xue Qilin overbearingly.

“Tell me, from which angle do you look anything like a senior?!” With her hands on her waist, Qi Qiqi who was taller looked down at Xue Qilin.

When she discovered the almost indestructible glimmer of pride lingering in Qi Qiqi’s eyes, Xue Qilin rolled her eyes. Is she emphasizing that she’s higher than me?

The girl’s action was funny and a little cute, so Xue Qilin didn’t felt like bothering about the other party.

“Yes, yes, yes, I don’t look like a senior at all, just like you.”

Qi Qiqi’s nose twitched, and she didn’t reply.

Although she wore a dignified appearance in front of others, but who knows why, she showed her true colors in front of Xue Qilin.

Perhaps this is proof that she has become close with me… Xue Qilin mused.

It has been more than a month since the incident with the Heavenly Sword Gate.

It should be mentioned the Luo Qing’s death has brought the people of the Merak Temple closer, and Xue Qilin and Qi Qiqi were naturally no exception.

Although the two fought and bickered most of the time and looked like enemies, but Xue Qilin felt that this may be the most natural and suitable way for them to get along.

“Little Seven, is the hot water outside?”

“Really, can’t you prepare things yourself one of these days?”

After taking out a stack of towels from a drawer underneath the closet, Xue Qilin ignored Qi Qiqi’s complaints and walked outside.

There was a basin of hot water outside which Qi Qiqi has prepared for Xue Qilin.

Without moving the basin of hot water indoors, Xue Qilin washed up outside.

At the beginning, Xue Qilin didn’t know where to get hot water to wash up, so she was forced to use cold water from the well in the backyard as replacement. As a result, she was discovered by Qi Qiqi and chided her.

For Xue Qilin, cold or warm water made no difference. She really didn’t know why Qi Qiqi, who knew about this, would make a fuss and claim that washing up with cold water in cold weather wasn’t good for the body.

Although she has reiterated this point again and again, but Qi Qiqi was still adamant, and finally started bringing her hot water every day.

There was no free lunch in the world.

As the price of using hot water every morning, Xue Qilin paid the price of being “woken up early every morning”.

However, over time, the lazy Xue Qilin got used to getting up early.

Having said that, Xue Qilin has gotten up even earlier these past few days. Because…

“Can you make flames yet?” Xue Qilin straightened her face and peered at Qi Qiqi’s face.

Face flushed from embarrassment, she squeezed out a few words: “Not, not yet…”

“It’s been a week already! It’s a very basic move, so what gives?!”

“I’m working hard!” Qi Qiqi retorted loudly, and then continued dejectedly: “But that strange qi operation method is too difficult to control!”

A week ago, Qi Qiqi suddenly found Xue Qilin and said that she wanted to learn her moves, and even said that she wanted to become her formal apprentice. This took Xue Qilin by surprise, and she promptly worried that this Temple Master has come up with a fever, which netted her a punch combo.

Xue Qilin has refused Qi Qiqi’s request at first and put on airs. But under the threat of the other party’s fists, Xue Qilin had no choice but to agree.

Be that as it may, Xue Qilin only intended to teach Qi Qiqi some superficial knowledge. After all, it was something from a different system, not to mention the lesson she learned from the matter with her niece. She was afraid of bringing harm to Qi Qiqi.

That said, even if she really wanted to teach Qi Qiqi some more complicated spells, but the latter couldn’t even learn the most basic conjuring of fire in a week despite how hard she tried.

This is not to say that Qi Qiqi’s aptitude was poor. But “magic” and “martial arts” were two different concepts of using true qi. The former has much higher requirements for the control of true qi than the latter. Xue Qilin was even confident that she surpassed the Grandmaster Realm expert Beiming Youyu in terms of subtle operation of true qi despite the other party belonging to “martial arts” qi school, which emphasized on the external release as well as manipulation of true qi.

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