The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 36 - Her Prayers

Chapter 36 – Her Prayers

The snow slowly fell down from the sky like countless feathers.

Big sleeves touching the ground rose with the wind. With every breath, there was a light smoke rising in a spiral.

Everything in front of her eyes was white. Only the tombstone standing upright in front of her eyes was different – black.

Light footsteps came from behind.

Despite the thick snow on the ground, the footsteps were still very light.

Just from the familiar fragrance, Xue Qilin knew who was coming. It was Qi Qiqi.

“Gate Master Hua is dead.” A faint voice came from behind.

Xue Qilin standing in front of the tomb was taken aback.

After a long time, she asked faintly: “In the end, he still died?”

“Mhm, it was three days ago. It took a while to receive the letter.” Qi Qiqi’s tone was ineffable.

Not knowing what to think, Xue Qilin didn’t reply.

Silence pervaded the area.

Unwittingly, the two were already covered by a layer of snow.

“You have been standing here for a long time.”

“Have I… Little Seven…” Xue Qilin suddenly turned around, and bright yellow eyes reached Qi Qiqi’s heart, “Do you know why I chose such a high place for her?”

Qi Qiqi was startled. After a long time, she couldn’t think of the reason, and shook her head.

“Little Zhen?”

Uncle Teacher Ye is also here?

Just as Qi Qiqi was amazed, Ye Zhen appeared from behind a tree. He was covered with white snow. Evidently, he has stayed there for a long time.

“Young Ancestor, you want Martial Niece Luo to look at the Merak Temple?”

Xue Qilin nodded in response to Ye Zhen’s words.

At this time, Qi Qiqi also understood.

The North Peak was the highest point of the Merak Mountain. In addition to the the location of the Sword Mound, it was also a place where disciples had their eternal rest.

In other words, the North Peak was in fact a large cemetery. Heaven Realm masters or above were buried in the Sword Mound, while the rest of the disciples were buried outside the Sword Mound.

The three of them were currently at the highest point of the North Peak, from where they could sea almost the entire Merak Temple.

Xue Qilin buried Luo Qing here in order to let her see the Merak Temple.

Does she also want to remind us that we are being watched at all times? Qi Qiqi’s thoughts drifted.

“Regardless of the methods she used, what Little Qing has done was for the sake of the Merak Temple…” A glimmer appeared in Xue Qilin’s eyes, and her limpid eyes fell on Ye Zhen, “Little Zhen, do you think she’ll be able to see… a fearless and happy Merak Temple?”

Ye Zhen lowered his head and went silent for a moment, “She will see it.”

Ye Zhen’s eyes shone brightly, and he suddenly knelt on one knee before Qi Qiqi, cupped his hands, and uttered: “Although I’m not capable, but I wish to help the Temple Master with all my strength.”

This sudden development came completely unexpected for Qi Qiqi, and she panicked.

She extended her hand in order to help the other party up, but then was stopped by Xue Qilin.

“Little Seven, there’s something you should say first at this time.”

Xue Qilin’s eyes were as clear as usual. But at this time, Qi Qiqi saw something.

What is brewing in the abyss of her eyes?

A will, a firm will.

The unrest was dispelled by the bright yellow eyes in an instant, and Qi Qiqi showed a smile of relief.

“Uncle Teacher Ye, to be able to let bygones be bygones and speak such words, I am both happy and ashamed. Although I have many shortcomings, but I will work hard, work hard and become someone deserving of the position of Temple Master.”

After extending her hand and helping Ye Zhen up, Qi Qiqi put on a most sincere expression, “So, please keep watching and urging… When I take the wrong path, bring me back to the right path; when I’m confused, be the light that shows me the way; when I’m in danger, give me a hand.”

Qi Qiqi bowed deeply towards Ye Zhen, “Please, Teacher Uncle.”

Ye Zhen sighed and helped Qi Qiqi straighten herself, “If you attend to the Merak Temple’s well being at all times, then I, Ye Zhen, will always stand at your side, Temple Master.”

Qi Qiqi and Ye Zhen exchanged a smile. Their figures reflected in Xue Qilin’s eyes, and an inexplicable warmth filled her heart.

As long as you reach out with your hand, there will be someone who’ll grab it.

As long as you to take a step, those who care about you will accompany you.

As long as you are not alone, as long you trust one another, you’ll have the power, the power to go to the end of the world, have the power to smile in a hopeless situation.

Everything is so simple.

People get one half and lose another.

To get something, you will inevitably lose something.

Even though the principle is just that simple, but you have to pay a huge price to understand it.

Is it really worth it? Xue Qilin looked at the black tombstone and asked in her heart.

She didn’t expect to get an answer. But…

A gentle wind caressed her cheek.

The wind was warm.

Was it an illusion? Or was it your answer? Xue Qilin’s thoughts revolved.


Forget it, let’s take it as your reply. Xue Qilin smiled.

Some things are true if you believe them to be true.

“Little Seven, I’m hungry!” Xue Qilin turned around and said, dissatisfied.

“What? You’re hungry?” Qi Qiqi turned violently and asked in reply, astounded. Ye Zhen’s expression has become weird.

“Let’s go! Let’s go eat.” Xue Qilin placed her hands behind her back and started walking away.

“Wait!” Qi Qiqi quickly caught up with her, “But you have had lunch not log ago! Are you a glutton?”

“Hey hey hey, you who eat five times as much as I do have no right to say this.”


“Do you carry a bowl?”

“I do… but why are you asking this for?” Qi Qiqi raised her eyebrows and asked unhappily.

“Great! Hurry up, let’s go down the mountain and eat.” Xue Qilin suddenly turned back and called Ye Zhen: “Little Zhen, what are you still standing there for? Hurry up! If you don’t come, I won’t have money to eat! The Merak Temple’s Temple Master is a real cheapskate. She only gives me five silver taels to spend each month.”

“Xue Qilin! What is the meaning of this?! I myself only have an allowance of five silver taels per month! So how am I a cheapskate?!”

“People who are ruthless to themselves are generally even more ruthless to others!”

Ye Zhen shook his head and sighed, and then went to catch up the two quarreling hens.

The snow was still falling.

Behind the three people, there was white snow, a black tombstone, and… her prayers.

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