The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 33 - Qi Qiqi’s Blessing

Chapter 33 – Qi Qiqi’s Blessing

From a hill five kilometers away from the Heavenly Sword Gate, Xue Qilin gazed at the heavily guarded Heavenly Sword Manor with great interest. Her eyes suffused with gold were particularly bright, glowing faintly just like night pearls in the dark.

Reportedly, this is a skill called Discerning Eyes, it can greatly enhance the eyesight at the expense of a reduced field of vision.

Qi Qiqi didn’t know what Xue Qilin saw via Discerning Eyes, but with her own eyesight, she only saw a lot of weak lights moving in the Heavenly Sword Manor.

Those are probably the Heavenly Sword Gate’s disciples patrolling with torches in hand.

Even though they were far apart, but Qi Qiqi could still detect Hua Tianji’s aura.

Is he guarding against the Young Ancestor? Qi Qiqi felt a little funny for a while, feeling like Hua Tianji resembled a kitten with its fur standing erect.

“I thought you would try to stop me.” Xue Qilin uttered without looking back, her tone casual.

Qi Qiqi wrinkled her nose, saying: “Of course I want to stop you! But can I?”

She has naturally stopped this Young Ancestor of hers, but the other side was very stubborn. She has harassed her at first, and then finally played the rogue card, saying, “if you don’t let me go, then I’ll just sneak away.”

With this array of tactics, how could Qi Qiqi not relent?

There was another point that had to be mentioned. No matter what, Xue Qilin had both a higher seniority as well as cultivation base. If she really wanted to do something, she didn’t need her permission.

The reason why she has even bothered to harass her in a variety of ways was because she respected her.

What’s more, this hoodlum of a Young Ancestor was willful. To put it bluntly, she did as she pleased. Once such a person has made up her mind, how could she be stopped? Only she herself could change her mind.

“Ohhhh, I didn’t expect you to understand me so well.”

Doesn’t that imply that I care about her?

“Who wants to understand you!” Qi Qiqi became nervous, and then her gaze drifted unnaturally, “It can’t be helped, as you’re someone whom anyone can read!”

“Hey, are you saying that I’m simple?”

Qi Qiqi was about to reply…

“However, no one is more simple than Little Qing, who set up this game full of loopholes! How foolish!”

“You…” Qi Qiqi wanted to say something, but then her words turned into a deep sigh, “Senior Disciple Sister Luo was just too soft. She was obviously dissatisfied with the current situation, yet she didn’t say a word… She finally made up her mind and set up this game that encompassed everyone, yet because she’s too soft-hearted, she didn’t do things thoroughly… However, it’s because this game isn’t perfect that Hua Tianji was drawn into it.”

“Whatever! However, since Little Qing asked me to come here, then Hua Tianji has to die.”

“Even though you know that Senior Disciple Sister Luo is using you?”

“Now that she made me lift my leg, if I don’t take the next step, do I take it back?” Xue Qilin spoke without care as she played with her hair.

Qi Qiqi hesitated for a long time, “Are you sure that you can win?”

She was more worried about this.

Hua Tianji did his best to guard against the Merak Palace’s revenge, and the Heavenly Sword Manor’s strict defense was the best evidence.

Xue Qilin crooked her head and contemplated for a moment, then spread her hands and said: “I’m not.”

“And you still insist?” Qi Qiqi cried out: “Now the Heavenly Sword Gate is an extremely dangerous place!”

“Don’t be so loud…” Xue Qilin rolled her eyes, “If I run into a wall, can’t I still escape? I’m not boasting, but I’m most adept at running.”

Qi Qiqi’s expression suddenly turned weird: “Then how come you didn’t escape last time? I even had to come rescue you.”

Looking embarrassed, Xue Qilin responded: “Wasn’t I poisoned that day…”

Looking angry, Qi Qiqi opened her mouth to criticize the other party some more, but…

“Why don’t you consider it at length? Revenge is a dish best served cold… yet you rushed here as soon as you got well.”

“It’s all in vain! Each day Hua Tianji stays here alive and kicking, I feel sick to my stomach as if I have eaten shit.”

“Don’t say shit, will you?” Qi Qiqi raised her eyebrows, “say – as if I have eaten something spoilt.”

“Okay, okay. In short, I promise you I’ll run away if anything goes awry.”

Qi Qiqi crossed her arms in front of her chest and snorted, “You’d better remember that.”

“Hey, you’re so annoying.”

Qi Qiqi felt aggrieved, “I’m worried about you, okay?!”

“I know.” In a rare fashion, Xue Qilin showed a look of gratitude, and then looked up at the sky: “It’s about time! A dark, windy night is just right for killing!”

“Are you going?”

Xue Qilin didn’t respond, she just erected a coffin that was taller than she was.

This coffin was specially produced by Xue Qilin, and it contained the weapon Li Wanting has built at her request. At the bottom of the coffin, there were two shoulder straps, which were nailed in by Qi Qiqi. Xue Qilin put her arms through the shoulder straps, and then lifted the coffin.

“Yes, I’m going.”

Qi Qiqi opened her mouth, wanting to say something, yet after a while, she still couldn’t find the words. Then…

A strong wind suddenly arose in front of her eyes and wrapped around Xue Qilin. As if an immortal riding the wind of legends, Xue Qilin rose into the air.

Qi Qiqi was afraid that she wouldn’t return just like her great-grandfather. Often times, however, things didn’t go according to our wishes.

Then, I should…

“Young Ancestor, good luck.”

… give her my blessing at least, even if it’s just some insignificant words.

Xue Qilin looked sideways and raised the corners of her mouth: “Don’t you know who I am? Just wait for me to come back!”

For some reason, Qi Qiqi subconsciously rolled her eyes.

Xue Qilin couldn’t help laughing.

Then, a blast wave erupted, and Qi Qiqi closed her eyes subconsciously. When she opened her eyes again, Xue Qilin was nowhere to be seen.

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