The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 3 - Transmigration, Meeting Twenty One (III)

3 – Transmigration, Meeting Twenty One (III)

After Xue Qilin declared his identity according to Qi Guiyuan’s arrangement, the people of the Merak Palace were visibly stunned.

In fact, Xue Qilin felt that this was understandable. She, a loli – at least in appearance, boasted in front of them that she was their Young Ancestor. That is, their teacher’s teacher’s teacher’s… peer. Who wouldn’t be shocked by that? If it hadn’t been for Qi Guiyuan’s jade pendant in her hand, the other party might have labeled her as a lunatic and thrown her out of the mountain.

But when they questioned Xue Qilin half skeptically, they got out of hand with their questions. These questions were of a dazzling variety, not losing out to modern day various surcharges. Although a large majority of the questions were serious, but as every group had odd people, some weird questions were also thrown into the mix.

Faced with these strange questions, which were annoying to answer one by one, much less when they came in a flurry, Xue Qilin disgracefully fell to the ground and pretended to fall asleep.

But, as the saying went, one may get off today but not tomorrow…

“Young Ancestor, did you sleep well?”

“What? I just laid in bed for less than fifteen minutes, beautiful lady!”

Seeing the beautiful girl with a big smile on her face, Xue Qilin made a long face. She managed to escape from the hail of questions with great difficulty. But after laying in bed in a room arranged for her in the Merak Palace for less than fifteen minutes, the Merak Palace’s Palace Master came to bother her.

Although, she came alone, presumably not wanting to let herself fall into a predicament again. But after a moment, Xue Qilin thought – this lass seems to have a screw loose.

Qi Qiqi’s face suddenly went red.

What’s wrong with her? Xue Qilin looked suspiciously at the other party.

As if she felt her gaze, Qi Qiqi coughed and said: “I’m not being bashful because you called me beautiful, okay?”

Uh, is she having a meltdown? Xue Qilin’s head, which was propped by her hands, suddenly jerked down.

“That was just a greeting.” Although that was true, but Qi Qiqi was indeed a rare beauty.

When they first met, because her attention was divided over many people, Xue Qilin didn’t pay much attention to Qi Qiqi. But now that they were alone, it was no longer possible to ignore Qi Qiqi’s blazing existence.

She was clearly only 16 years old, yet it was very difficult to spot any childishness on her face. Her facial features were exquisite. However, if you looked at her features separately, they could be said to be very ordinary, without anything distinguishing. Yet because of this, these ordinary features assembled together in the right way gave rise to an incredible beauty without any blemishes. In other words, hers was a universal beauty.

The only thing unique about her might be her eyes. The dazzling bright red was hard to ignore. Her eyes were uniquely bright red, deep, and clear, as if there was a flame brewing in them.

Even though her black hair was very common in terms of color, but the gloss of her long, cloud-like black hair made it remarkably beautiful and fascinating. Well, it resembled ink, not only in terms of color, but also in terms of texture… Her hair looked like a black waterfall cascading over her shoulders.

“Young Ancestor?”

“Oh, um… What’s up?” Qi Qiqi’s gentle call brought Xue Qilin back to her senses.

In order to hide her embarrassment, she deliberately spoke in a slightly impatient tone: “That said, Seven Seven-seven… What’s wrong?”

The corners of Qi Qiqi’s eyes twitched, looking like she was suppressing something: “My name isn’t Seven Seven-seven.”

“Well, I know. I’m not doing it on purpose… My pronunciation is unclear to begin with, and coupled with my childish voice, I have no choice but to pronounce your name as Seven Seven-seven.” Xue Qilin felt that it was really troublesome arguing with the other party about this, so she simply gave her the reason why. Of course, in retrospect, it may have saved a lot of unnecessary trouble and time if she had done so right from the start. But who knew that it would be so fun seeing the other party argue, and tease her at first.

“Is, is that so… I’m sorry, Young Ancestor, I was wrong.” Qi Qiqi was clearly a very frank person. After hearing Xue Qilin’s explanation, she bowed her head and apologized embarrassedly.

“It’s no big deal, I don’t blame you.”

“In that case, Young Ancestor… I have something I need your help with.”

“What is it?” Xue Qilin looked at her, a little surprised.

Qi Qiqi’s face flushed like a ripe apple; coupled with her clear eyes, it gave off an enchanting feeling. If it was someone else, they might not be able to refrain from swallowing, wishing they could gobble this enchantress up.

“Are you in heat?”

Unfortunately, although Xue Qilin had the mind of a man, but in her essence, she was a lolicon. With her height of about 1,65 meters and her face that didn’t look childish, Qi Qiqi wasn’t part on the menu when it came to Xue Qilin.

Qi Qiqi’s disciples, on the other hand, were more to her liking.

“Who is in heat? I’m fed up with your nonsense!” Qi Qiqi suddenly stood up. With a bang, she slammed her palm on the table.

Doesn’t it hurt? Xue Qilin looked at the tender palm, and suddenly had this thought. But this thought vanished like smoke in thin air in a split second.

Xue Qilin heard cracking sounds. Just as she was wondering what the strange sounds were, the solid wooden table collapsed into pieces. It turned out that the strange sounds just now were the sounds of wood splintering.

Xue Qilin moved her eyes stiffly, and looked at Qi Qiqi’s palm and then at the splinters left from the table.

Is this something that a person would do… This, this girl’s violent nature is off the charts! And to think that I asked her if she’s in heat. Realizing that she may have committed one of the most heinous crimes in the world – the crime of offending a woman, cold sweat just so happened to flow down her chin.

I’d rather offend a criminal than wrong a woman! When Xue Qilin recalled the saying – a wise man knows when the odds are against him, she promptly plastered the smile she thought to be most innocent and pure on her face: “Oh, that… I wasn’t cursing you just now. It was just a friendly inquiry, yeah, a very friendly inquiry.”

Qi Qiqi listened to Xue Qilin’s excuse with a beaming smile on her face, declining to comment.

How terrifying! Xue Qilin shivered all over. She hadn’t been this terrified ever since her mother died.

Seeing Qi Qiqi’s whole body gradually emit a black aura, Xue Qilin hurriedly did a 360° front flip and bent forward: “I’m really sorry! I yield.”

There was a moment of stifling silence, which was followed by the sound of adorable laughter coming from above her head.

She’s laughing? Xue Qilin raised her head with trepidation.

Bright red eyes bent into crescent moons, a dimple faintly discernible on one side, setting off sweet lips. Qi Qiqi was smiling.

Her smile was beautiful, unreasonably beautiful. Xue Qilin stared blankly for a moment.

Qi Qiqi seemed to notice Xue Qilin stare at her, and she coughed embarrassedly.

“Ah, sorry!” Coming back to her senses, Xue Qilin hurriedly straightened herself up.

“Let’s see if you dare to let your mouth run unhinged again.” Finished speaking, Qi Qiqi raised her small fist.

This action was very cute on the surface, yet Xue Qilin took a step back as a result.

“Hmm, what’s wrong?” Qi Qiqi asked suspiciously.

“Er, this… don’t swing your fists around. Look at the table… You could accidentally hit someone in the face…” Xue Qilin didn’t finish the sentence, yet her meaning was conveyed nevertheless.

If you accidentally hit someone with the hand that could splinter a table… what would be the outcome?

However, Xue Qilin didn’t understand the consequences of expressing or hinting at the girl being too violent to her face. If she had thought it through, she would swear on all the lol… cough, the girls in the world that she’d keep her mouth shut.

Yeah, definitely. Xue Qilin watched as Qi Qiqi’s fist got closer, and then… struck her in the belly, sending her flying a good distance away.

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