The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 28 - Heavenly Sword Gate’s Liang Bozhong

28 – Heavenly Sword Gate’s Liang Bozhong

“Hey, what’s wrong! Hey!” Xue Qilin suddenly vomiting blood all over herself. At a loss of what to do, Qi Qiqi gently shook the former and asked urgently.

However, she got no response.

“Palace Master, calm down, let me have a look first.” Luo Qing sounded calm, yet the flustered and uneasy look in her eyes betrayed her inner feelings.

Qi Qiqi breathed out lightly and suppressed the anxiety in her heart.

Luo Qing nodded at Qi Qiqi, and then grasped the Young Ancestor’s wrist, pressed two fingers against the outside of the wrist, and began to feel the other party’s pulse. Most martial practitioners had some degree of proficiency in medicine, and Qi Qiqi was no exception, but compared with Luo Qing, she was rather lacking.

Shortly after, Qi Qiqi saw Luo Qing’s solemn expression slowly relax, and she asked: “… Senior Disciple Sister Luo, what’s up with the Young Ancestor?”

“This was probably caused by the sudden outburst of true qi that was sealed for too long… the Young Ancestor’s body is too weak now, unable to bear the outburst.”

From the way she worded her sentence, Luo Qing apparently wasn’t sure, but her tone was reassuring.

“What’s the Young Ancestor’s situation?”

“… it’s nothing too serious. After all, the constitution of a Heaven Realm expert is much more formidable than ours. Palace Master, carry the Young Ancestor. We shouldn’t stay here for too long.”

“Okay!” With Luo Qing’s help, Qi Qiqi let Xue Qilin lie on her back.

“Hold on!” Just when she wanted to stand up, Luo Qing stopped her.

“What’s the matter?” Without answering, Luo Qing suddenly tore off half of her long skirt, revealing her slender and well shaped legs. Before Qi Qiqi could react, she tore off her sleeves.

Seeing Luo Qing tear the torn cloths into strips, Qi Qiqi had a burst of understanding – she wants to tie me and the Young Ancestor together, so that I’m able to deal with unexpected situations.

“Alright, let’s go.” After tying Xue Qilin tightly to Qi Qiqi, Luo Qing grabbed her sword and got up.

After Qi Qiqi said “alright”, the two walked outside at once.

When the two left the prison, one in front and one behind, the rain outside made them wet at once. It started raining at some point in time.

The heavy rain blurred their vision. However, the rain luckily served as a cover to hide their actions.

After they crossed a courtyard, Qi Qiqi suddenly thought that something was strange and asked Luo Qing: “Senior Disciple Sister Luo, don’t you feel like… something’s off?”

“There’s something off?”

“Yes, the defenses of the Heavenly Sword Gate are too lax…”

“… I don’t know, but this is not the time to be looking into it.”

At this moment, the two have crossed the perimeter wall of the Heavenly Sword Manor, and were now heading for the forest outside.

“How strange! We haven’t met a single person…”

The sharp sound of piercing through the air suddenly rose.

“Look out!”

A blue sword ray flashed past, and two arrows were suddenly cut in two and hit the ground.

The light azure sword Luo Qing held in her hands radiated dazzling light.

Were we found? Alert, Qi Qiqi also drew her sword – Heaven Apart.

Qi Qiqi didn’t know if she had jinxed it. In short, before she finished speaking, there were arrows shooting at them from some hidden location.

It couldn’t be something this scary…

“So it was a diversion to lure the tiger away from the mountain… If the Vice-palace Master of your noble sect just wanted to see people, was there a need to cause such a big disturbance? Moreover, there was no forewarning, so the Gate Master Hua thought there was something important and hurried to meet Ye Zhen…” An old man with white hair slowly appeared from a hidden location and grumbled.

Meet Ye Zhen? What’s going on? Was Ye Zhen really the one behind this? Qi Qiqi suddenly felt her heart constrict.

No, no way! If it was Ye Zhen, I would have died already!

“The Heavenly Sword Gate’s General Manager Liang Bozhong.” Luo Qing turned her head slightly and warned Qi Qiqi, and at the same time interrupted her train of though.

The The Heavenly Sword Gate’s General Manager? Earth Realm cultivation base? After taking a closer look at Liang Bozhong and determining his cultivation base, Qi Qiqi heaved a sigh of relief.

There should be many Heavenly Sword Gate’s disciples equipped with bows and crossbows hiding in the surroundings. However, Senior Disciple Sister Luo is already a peak-stage Earth Realm expert. In terms of battle prowess, she’s a quasi-Heaven Realm expert. Additionally, with his Earth Realm cultivation base, Liang Bozhong coupled with a dozen Heavenly Sword Gate disciple can’t stop her.

“……you are!”

A sharp gaze prompted Qi Qiqi to come back to her senses.

Liang Bozhong squinted at Qi Qiqi, but then his eyes immediately widened with surprise and suspicion, “You’re the Merak Palace’s Palace Master Qi Qiqi!”

Qi Qiqi wasn’t surprised to be recognized by the other party. After all, it wasn’t like people didn’t know that she was the Merak Palace’s Palace Master. Moreover, she knew that once she was seen, it would be hard to forget her. Her looks were just too eye-catching.

At first, Qi Qiqi was really pleased with her natural beauty, but after it got her in a lot of trouble, she became numb to it.

… there are two sides to anything.

“It is I, the Palace Master. What can I do for you, General Manager Liang?” Qi Qiqi said gracefully, yet her tone of voice clearly betrayed her ill feelings.

“How come you’re here?! Have you reconciled with Ye Zhen?”

Ye Zhen’s name made Qi Qiqi frown again.

“No, no way! Are you really here on a rescue mission?”

What’s this old man talking about?

“Could we have come here for a visit?”

“So that’s the case!” Liang Bozhong just raised his hand, and countless sounds of strings drawing reverberated in the forest.

For grand martial practitioners to use bows and crossbows! Qi Qiqi gnashed her teeth and scolded secretly.

Compared to Liang Bozhong, the arrows which she didn’t know when or from where would be shot put her more on her toes.


The sound of strings snapping rang, and a dozen of sturdy arrows rained down from above in streams of light

Just as Qi Qiqi wanted to fight back with her sword, Luo Qing burst out with true qi and blew the rain of arrows away.

“True qi materialization! Qi school?!”

Luo Qing met Liang Bozhong’s gaze laced with surprise and shouted without looking back: “Palace Master, take the Young Ancestor and leave!”

Qi Qiqi has rarely seen Luo Qing take action, but she knew that the latter was a genius. She was more talented than her, who has the youngest person to step into the Earth Realm. Moreover, she was a martial practitioner who practiced sword and qi dual cultivation. Even when faced against Ye Zhen, it would take him some time to beat her.

However, Qi Qiqi was still a little uneasy for some reason, “But…”

“Hurry up!” Qi Qiqi hesitated, but then Luo Qing spoke decisively.

“… okay!”

“It’s not that easy to leave here!” Liang Bozhong drew his sword and darted towards Qi Qiqi.

At the same time, Luo Qing’s outline suddenly blurred.

Ding…! Two swords collided and sparks burst out.

“So fast!” Liang Bozhong looked at the figure suddenly appear in front of him and exclaimed.

At some point, Luo Qing disappeared from her original location, and then appeared between Qi Qiqi and Liang Bozhong and blocked the latter’s attack with her sword.

“Palace Master, hurry!”

Senior Disciple Sister is right. The most urgent task right now is to to take the Young Ancestor out of danger! Qi Qiqi nodded at Luo Qing, and then rushed past Luo Qing and Liang Bozhong and darted forward.

“Wishful thinking!” Sword qi came at her from behind, yet Qi Qiqi didn’t pay it any mind. Because she knew…

“…!” Luo Qing flashed and block the sword qi behind Qi Qiqi.

“Senior Disciple Sister Luo, be careful!” After leaving this sentence behind, Qi Qiqi sped up and, like a swallow gliding close to the ground, headed towards the distance.

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