The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 239 - I Like Older Sister the Most

Chapter 239 – I Like Older Sister the Most

Little Qing screamed, what’s wrong? Greatly shocked, Xue Qilin pushed Yinping aside at once and rushed to the room.

— she smelled a nauseating smell.

As soon as she stepped into the room, the strong smell of blood assaulted her nostrils, and she couldn’t help covering her nose with a sleeve. She suddenly had a bad premonition and froze in her steps.

What’s going on, what’s going on… why is there blood…? Xue Qilin’s mind is in a state of confusion.

Walking at an uneasy pace, she slowly bypassed the girl in a palace dress that blocked the way forward, and then saw the bright red color.

“Senior Xue, what is this all about!”

Noticing the lass’s arrival, Gong Yue suddenly raised his head and stared at Xue Qilin. In his eyes, panic has overwhelmed anger.

Xue Qilin didn’t answer him.

Gong Tianyang, whose upper body is sagging in Gong Jing’s arms, is leaking blood from the key apertures all over his body, including his facial apertures. Bleeding from the seven apertures — these words may best describe his current appearance.

Gong Tianyang’s eyes revealed a bitter and confused expression and his face scrunched up from pain.

“Older Sister Xue… I seem to –”

Blood splattered.

Red liquid spurted out from Gong Tianyang’s mouth and stained the floor and a corner of Xue Qilin’s dress with red marks.

“There’s a problem…”

The excess spiritual qi in Gong Tianyang’s body has indeed dissipated, and the internal pressure of the body has returned to normal. But…

It shouldn’t be like this… why did it become like this… wasn’t everything fine just now? Xue Qilin stood blankly aside, unable to keep up with the current situation.

Gong Jing lost his habitual calmness and asked in a depressed and impatient tone.

“Lady Xue, what’s the problem? Why is Yang’er bleeding from all over his body? And it looks like his meridians are broken into pieces?”

The meridians are broken into pieces? Xue Qilin came back to her senses and shouted loudly,

“Old Master Gong, give Little Yang to me! Let me have a look!”

At the same time, not concerned about her manners, she pushed Gong Jing away and sat down on her knees, letting Gong Tianyang lie with his head on her lap.

She pressed both of her hands on Gong Tianyang’s left chest, and a soft, warm, emerald-green light immediately wrapped his whole body, easing the increasingly rapid and messy breathing.

Despite this, Gong Tianyang’s scrunched up face is still deathly pale, devoid of any blood.

“Older Sister Xue, it’s so warm…”

Gong Tianyang raised his right hand, as if wanting to catch something. Xue Qilin gripped it and pressed it down subconsciously. Gong Tianyang’s hand is unexpectedly strong, yet it’s so cold that it’s scary. He is gradually losing the warmth he should have, the warmth of a living person.

“Yeah. But don’t fall asleep no matter how warm it is. Little Yang, you will be fine, don’t be scared! There is just a small problem! I can deal with it!”

Xue Qilin comforted Gong Tianyang.

She adjusted her cultivation method to convert most of the true qi inside her into spiritual qi, trying to forcibly pull Gong Tianyang out of death’s clutches.

The light grew stronger, and the bleeding gradually stopped.

Seeing Gong Tianyang show signs of improvement, everyone watching him unanimously breathed a sigh of relief and showed expectant gazes.

The only exception is Xue Qilin.

She frowned more and more, aware that their expectations most likely would not be met.

— completely broken.

Just as Gong Jing surmised, Gong Tianyang’s meridians are completely broken. Although the cause is unknown, but they did indeed collapse.

Xue Qilin suspected that she made a mistake. But when she thought about it a bit more, she realized that is is impossible.

If it was really because of her that Gong Tianyang is in this broken state, then he should have shown the corresponding symptoms the moment when she finished treatment, not just now.

However, the real reason may no longer be important.

Although Xue Qilin is a Heaven Realm practitioner, but she is still helpless when it comes to broken meridians, just like she was unable to help her niece rebuild her meridians, not to mention that its more than just Gong Tianyang’s meridians being broken.

Some kind of force is destroying his internal organs and consuming his vitality.

No matter how Xue Qilin focused on pouring wood attribute spiritual qi into his body to stimulate his vitality and promote his body’s self-repair, it’s still useless. His body is trapped in the limbo between destruction and self-repair.

If this continues, Gong Tianyang’s vitality will run out first. Only by finding the source of the hostile force and eliminating it, can Gong Tianyang gain a chance to live.

However, Gong Tianyang, who has been ailing since he was little, is an emaciated child divorced of the concept of health. His body cannot hold on for too long. It is likely that he will die before Xue Qilin finds the source.

This is a race against time.

I must find it… Xue Qilin bit her lower lip tightly, trying her best to track down the location of the source in the limited time.

Seeing Xue Qilin’s face full of anxiety, although everyone is uneasy, they didn’t dare to bother her. Only Gong Tianyang showed a smile.

“Older Sister Xue, this kind of expression doesn’t quite suit you…” Gong Tianyang said, breathing weakly, “I don’t like… you’re sad expression… like when you — smile.”

“Fine, stop talking, okay? Won’t you listen to me even now?”

Xue Qilin’s voice was so hoarse that is was scary.

Gong Tianyang shook his head and mouthed silently, “I’ll listen”.

“But… I can no longer see… you.”

His eyes, which have already lost most of their spirit, clearly reflect Xue Qilin’s figure.

“Older sister, where… are you?”

He extended his trembling other hand and fumbled it in the air as if searching for something. It wasn’t until Gong Tianqing held his hand and sobbed the words “I’m here”, that his hand became steady.

“Ah, older sister’s hands…”

As if there is some kind of power connecting the two, Gong Tianyang’s empty eyes met Gong Tianqing’s eyes precisely.

“Older… sister, can you listen to my wish?”

“Older sister is listening, older sister is listening! Go ahead, Little Yang!”

Gong Tianqing nodded promptly and spoke hurriedly.

Gong Tianyang gripped Gong Tianqing’s hand tightly, took a deep breath, and spoke softly in a sincere tone.

“Please live for yourself… I like older sister the most.”

Lastly, he plastered a bright smile on his face.

“I, I — older sister understands, older sister will definitely live well, will live for myself. So don’t…” Before she could finish, Gong Tianqing covered her mouth and shed tears, “Don’t leave…”

Gong Tianqing isn’t stupid. She probably can tell that her younger brother doesn’t have much time left.

“Don’t cry, older sister, okay?”

Gong Tianyang let go of Gong Tianqing’s hand and wiped at empty air, trying to wipe away the tears flowing down Gong Tianqing’s face. But he couldn’t reach them.

“Lady Xue, is Yang’er…”

Gong Jing finally couldn’t help but ask.

His face if filled with intense restlessness, and his body can’t help shaking.

“There’s still a chance!”

Xue Qilin shook her head vigorously, yet couldn’t get rid of the fishy taste raging in her mouth. She bit through her lower lip unconsciously.

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