The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 230 - The Place Where She Was Being Held

230 – The Place Where She Was Being Held

The lass woke up and immediately opened her eyes.

What entered her eyes was red bed curtains and a hollow wood carving canopy.

“An unfamiliar bed…”

Looking at the hollowed out pattern she has never seen before, Gong Tianqing whispered.

When she realized that she is lying in an unfamiliar bed, the things that happened before she fell asleep flashed through her mind one after another.

First she escaped from the room she was being held, then she was ambushed and besieged by a Heaven Realm practitioner. But, when danger was drawing near, she seemed to have heard Xue Qilin’s voice. And then —

Pale blue light engulphed her vision. It gripped her five senses, world, and soul, leaving vestiges that can never be erased.

When everything calmed down, Qi Qiqi appeared in front of her. The startled her failed to control her emotion momentarily. Consequently, she cried and hugged Qi Qiqi, and eventually fell asleep.

Gong Tianqing sat up slowly and looked ahead blankly.

The lass didn’t dare to shift her line of sight, didn’t dare to call out the familiar names. She was afraid, afraid that she is still staying in the place where she was being held. So, she didn’t dare to look for the answer.


Suddenly, Gong Tianqing heard a quiet moan, which contains a conspicuous sense of boredom. Then, she noticed the slight sounds rising continuously.

It’s breathing.

It is virtually in harmony with heaven and earth. Every breath conforms to a certain natural rhythm. It sounds like the breath of nature, which makes it hard to recognize.

But once it is detected, it seems to emit some wondrous power that attracts other people’s gazes. It induced the lass to move her gaze and look for the source of the breathing.

Finally, her eyes fell on a face full of ethereal air beside her

The slender, curled up eyelashes quivered slightly, the small nose rose and fell along with it’s owner’s breathing, and the half-open, sparkling lips breathed in and out the spiritual qi of heaven and earth.

It took Gong Tianqing a bit of time to recall the person to whom this exquisite face belongs to.

“Young –”

She quickly covered her mouth with a hand to stop the exclamation from leaving her lips.

How come the Young Ancestor is sleeping here? Gong Tianqing doubtfully observed Xue Qilin sleeping beside her and found out that Phecda, who has turned into a black cat, is curling up on her chest, sleeping.

In fact, even Gong Tianqing can’t help but feel that Xue Qilin’s sleeping posture is really embarrassing.

Not only is she not properly covered with the quilt — maybe she kicked it aside in her sleep. With her sleeping posture, which takes the form of the character “大”, she took up most of the large bed that could accommodate three people, prompting Gong Tianqing to squeeze into the edge. Furthermore, there is a string of saliva flowing down her rosy, delicate cheek, but it hadn’t wet the bed and quilt yet.

Xue Qilin may suffer from REM behavior disorder. Her short aoqun-style [1] night clothing is a mess, leading to large areas of snow-white skin being exposed, and even her lovely little navel is no exception.

Even though she knows that it is unnecessary, but Gong Tianqing is still worried that Xue Qilin would catch a cold, and thus quietly covered her with the quilt.

But, Xue Qilin immediately kicked the quilt away — kicked it to the floor.

Gong Tianqing didn’t get angry. She climbed over Xue Qilin and opened the bed curtain, intending to get out of bed and pick up the quilt. However, she didn’t expect Xue Qilin to suddenly sat up and knock against her, making her hands sleep. Meanwhile, Phecda fell on the bed and continued to sleep.



Two cries of pain sounded almost at the same time.

One of the sounds came from Gong Tianqing, who lost the support of her hands and hit Xue Qilin’s belly with her face. The other sound came from Xue Qilin.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

Gong Tianqing sat up briskly, clasped the tip of her nose with a hand, and apologized to Xue Qilin.

As if black silk threads separated from the bedding made of fine silk, Xue Qilin slowly sitting up affected her scattered long hair.

“Little Qing, you’re awake… anyway, did you learn how to wake people up from Little Seven? To be honest, you should abstain from violence with all your might!”

Xue Qilin complained in a lovely voice as she grinned and rubbed her belly.

Thinking that the other party is rebuking her, Gong Tianqing shrank back.

“I’m, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to.”

Seeing Gong Tianqing’s timid appearance, Xue Qilin suddenly felt that the lass who dared to escape from the place she was being held yesterday is not the one in front of her, and blurted out, “Oh, come on… I’m no villain. Am I scarier than the men who surrounded you yesterday?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so useless.”

When she heard Xue Qilin’s question, Gong Tianqing suddenly became frustrated, feeling that she, not being able to escape by herself, caused trouble for Xue Qilin.

Xue Qilin scratched her head and sighed helplessly.

“Alright alright, don’t apologize. Is there anything to apologize for?”

Gong Tianqing lowered her head and uttered “oh” meekly.

As if realizing that it’s impossible to make Gong Tianqing to have a bit of backbone, Xue Qilin no longer nagged and changed her attention to the black cat, who is blowing a bubble with its nostril.

“Lazy ass Phecda, how long are you going to sleep?”

Xue Qilin grabbed the black cat and threw it out of the bed. In response, Gong Tianqing promptly called to be careful.

Whether it was in response to Gong Tianqing’s voice, or due to the sense of falling, but the black cat opened its eyes before it hit the floor, spun itself in the air, and then landed lightly.

It doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. It looked around dully, and then finally fixed its eyes on Xue Qilin, who by now got out of bed and wore her shoes.

“Qilin, Qilin, why was I flying?”

“I threw you.”

Xue Qilin tidied up her clothes and answered nonchalantly.

“Ahh, why! Why are you bullying me without rhyme or reason!”

The black cat flicked its tail left and right and spoke emotionally, as if it had been greatly wronged.

“You slept on my chest yesterday!”

“Yes, because it’s more comfortable there. It’s soft and warm on both sides.”

“Oh, then as you enjoyed yourself, you carelessly swung your tail and scratched my nose? What, do you think I didn’t know because I was asleep?”

“Boo… I was asleep…”

As if a child that was scolded, the black cat shrank back its neck. Xue Qilin waved her hands wearily.

“Shu shu, didn’t you already sleep to your hearts content!”

Xue Qilin, acting like “a villain scolding another villain”, nearly prompted Gong Tianqing to say “Young Ancestor, didn’t you also sleep to you hearts content”.

Not aware that she was nearly exposed, Xue Qilin put her hands on her hips and pointed to the door with her chin.

“I have something to say to Little Qing. Lazy ass cat, go to the courtyard house next door and check if Little Seven and them got up. If they are up, say that I and Little Qing will go there later, and then get into Little Seven’s chest — no, Little Seven has no chest…”

Xue Qilin stopped talking and looked left and right, afraid of being found out.

After making sure that there is no scream, she went on to say, “In short, whether they are up or not, you don’t have to come back! If you are sleepy, you can find a place and continue to sleep!”

“Why are you like this! Qilin, you’re bullying me again!”

“What about it?” Xue Qilin humphed twice, “Do you want me to make you graze a noon?”

“Boo… that’s bullying.”

Phecda finally gave in.

She changed back into her human form, pushed open the door, left the room, and headed for the courtyard house next door.

[1] – aoqun

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