The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 219 - Xia Xue Comes from Afar

Chapter 219 – Xia Xue Comes from Afar

“Really…” Qi Qiqi looked at Guan Qi again, “But, the layout should not have changed much. It can serve as a reference.”

Guan Qi answered with a brief “yes” and agreed with Qi Qiqi.

Suddenly, a few imperceptible breaths intruded into Xue Qilin’s range of perception.

“They’re back…”

Xue Qilin suddenly narrowed her eyes and turned her gaze to the bottom of the hill. Qi Qiqi and Guan Qi followed her line of sight.

Before long, a small group — about four or five people — appeared at the end of their line of sight. Riding on horseback, they quickly approached and climbed the hill.

Wearing the same assassin nightwear, their faces covered with black cloth, they are the Northern Guard Fort’s elite scouts that Guan Qi sent a short while ago to snoop on the manor’s structure and circumstances.

The leader of the team first nodded at Xue Qilin and Qi Qiqi, and then bowed to Guan Qi.

“Reporting to Officer Guan, your humble servants finished their task and have a thorough understanding of the manor.”

“Did you stir the grass and alarm the snake [1]?”

The subordinates looked at each other, and then finally the team leader answered, “No. It’s a matter of great importance, your humble servants would never take it lightly.”

Mhm — Guan Qi made a sound full of satisfaction.

“Now, tell us about the circumstances over there.”


The team leader clasped his hands, and then began to give a brief account of the manor’s details.

According to his investigation, there are about 100 private soldiers of the Second Prince stationed in the manor. Some stand guard in different corners of the manor, some patrol in the manor in teams, and some rest in the military base. They are all well-equipped.

There are numerous buildings in the manor, but the main buildings are concentrated in the most heavily guarded core area, and Gong Tianqing is being held in a room of a certain building in that area.

“Are you certain?”

While looking at the corresponding position on the plan, Qi Qiqi asked uneasily.

“To answer Temple Master Qi, this humble one dares to vouch with his life. We confirmed it several times.”

“Officer is being to polite.”

Qi Qiqi looked up and smiled back.

“Qi Qiqi should thank officer and his subordinates for their help.”

“Young Lady Gong is Great General Gong’s granddaughter. Great General Gong treats us like his children, so how can we just sit and watch?”

Guan Qi shook his head and butted into the conversation.

His subordinates nodded approvingly and said, “Yes.”

“It seems that Great General Gong is loved and respected by the soldiers.”

Qi Qiqi uttered with admiration, and then asked the team leader about the weak points of the manor’s defense. The team leader thereupon pointed out several positions on the plan. Qi Qiqi circled these places one by one with a charcoal pencil. Standing aside, Xue Qilin glanced at the map curiously and found that the defense of the garden in the east side is fairly lacking.

“Little Seven, let’s go in from here?”

She pointed to a place on the map and asked.

Qi Qiqi pondered and cast Guan Qi a glance.

“Officer Guan, what do you think?”

Guan Qi frowned and thought for a while, and then said slowly, “Although the defense here is weak, but it’s too far from the place where Young Lady Gong is held. Instead, the west side is more appropriate. Although the defense is stronger here than in the east side, but it is still lower than in the south and north sides, and it is close to the target location.”

Guan Qi placed the tip of his right index finger on the map and traced a line towards the center.

“We can sneak into the target location in one breath. With the speed of Temple Master Qi, Senior Xue, and I, even if we are discovered, they won’t have much time to react.”

“Mhm, that’s indeed so.” Qi Qiqi nodded in agreement, “Then, let’s not delay and start right away.”

Although she tried hard to suppress it, but Qi Qiqi’s tone inadvertently contained anxiety.

“Young Ancestor, do you remember Younger Sister Shui’s advice?”

Upon hearing Qi Qiqi’s question, Xue Qilin patted her chest.

“Don’t worry, I remember.”

Before they sett of from the Gong Clan, Shui Yun’er advised Xue Qilin not to use magic repeatedly, so as not to leave evidence behind, but also asked her to be quick about it.

Through some unknown method, Shui Yun’er was able to persuade the Ninth Princess to hold a banquet and invite the leaders of the imperial city’s garrison army and the State Guard to attend the banquet. But in the end, it only won them a short time for the rescue mission. If they are delayed, they will have to face the imperial capital’s elites and the State Guard.

As for to Shui Yun’er, Xue Qilin thought she would go with them. But in the end, she separated from them on the grounds that there is something else important she has to do.

Although she was quite puzzled, but Xue Qilin didn’t ask about it. What’s more, when they sneak into the royal manor, with her cultivation base, it is better for Shui Yun’er to stay out of it.

After getting Xue Qilin’s assurance, Qi Qiqi clenched her fists. She used so much strength that the fingertips sank into the flesh. Consequently, Xue Qilin wrapped her small hands around hers.

When Qi Qiqi’s eyes fell on her, Xue Qilin grinned, “Don’t worry, I’m here!”

Qi Qiqi was dazed for a moment, but then puckered her lips and muttered, “That’s why I’m worried.” However, the smile dancing at the corners of her mouth betrayed her inner feelings.

Should be more frank! Xue Qilin rolled her eyes.

Qi Qiqi said “then” and gazed at the manor with a sharp look in her eyes.

“– let’s start.”

After fastening Luo Qing’s sword to her waist, Xue Qilin put on the cloak’s hood to cover his face. Furthermore, she and Qi Qiqi and Guan Qi, who are wearing assassin nightwear, took out a piece of black cloth each, folded it into a triangle, and covered their faces.

After all preparations were finished, the three people bid the scouting team farewell and disappeared in the vast fog.

Returning to an earlier time —

The imperial capital’s inner city, in a secluded corner near the the South Gate, Shui Yun’er is quietly waiting for someone by herself.

In the place she is right now, the fog is much thicker than anywhere else.

This is not a natural occurrence, but an artificial — Shui Yun’er shimmering with water-colored patterns is the best proof.

In order not to attract other people’s attention, she specially used a spell to gather water qi and make the fog thicker, seizing most of the visibility of the passers-by.

However, someone discovered her.

“The tricks your teacher taught you seem rather useful.”

A playful voice rose in the air, and Shui Yun’er subconsciously looked at the source of the voice.

She saw a slightly petite figure cross the towering outwall and, like a bolt of lightning, burst into the dense fog constructed by her.

It is a girl.

When she lightly landed in front of Shui Yun’er, her wooden clog sandals made a loud and resonant sound.

She has short, shoulder-length brown hair with the tips slightly curled inwards, bright orange eyes, and pink lips with a perpetual smile. But, the most eye-catching thing is that the girl has a childlike face, which doesn’t match her plump chest.

“Older Sister Xia, you’re here at last.”

Shui Yun’er greeted Xia Xue, who rushed over from the Merak Temple, with a smile and gave her a hug.

Xia Xue didn’t resist. But, she replied, “Unless you have problems with your eyes, then I’m indeed here.”

After they separated, Shui Yun’er said with a bitter smile, “Older Sister Xia is sarcastic as ever.”

“Younger Sister Shui is gentle and amiable as ever.”

Hearing the teasing in Xia Xue’s words, Shui Yun’er just snickered twice and didn’t bother anymore.

[1] – stir the grass and alarm the snake — it means to alert the enemy

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