The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 216.3 - Gong Tianyang’s Sorrow

216.3 – Gong Tianyang’s Sorrow

“People in the late-stage Heaven Realm can attack the Grandmaster Realm! Great, I know a Grandmaster to be!”

Gong Tianyang’s face surged with color and a bit of smugness, and he flailed his hands and feet excitedly.

“If the little scoundrel from the Li Clan comes to tease me again, I’ll tell him that the Merak Temple’s late-stage Heaven Realm Master Xue Qilin is my older sister!”

“Hey, wait a moment! Putting aside the little scoundrel from the Li Clan, who is your older sister?”

Xue Qilin looks disgruntled.


Gong Tianyang made a “why are you like this” face and dragged out his words.

“I always call you older sister!”

Gong Tianyang, this youngster, has the talent to take advantage of loopholes! Xue Qilin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“What’s with that reasoning? According to you, if I run to the Emperor and call him old man, it’ll make him my royal father and me a princess?”

“Ah?” As if waking with a start, Gong Tianyang suddenly realized, “This could be tried! Perhaps, if His Majesty is in a good mood, he may bestow Older Sister Xue the title of “Natural Disaster” Princess?”

“Bullshit. There is a greater chance of me not coming back.”

Xue Qilin rolled her eyes and ruffled Gong Tianyang’s hair. As Gong Tianyang yelled, “Don’t destroy my image!”, he pushed Xue Qilin’s hand away.

Gong Tianyang pursed his lips discontentedly and tidied up his messy hair.

“Older Sister Xue is awful!”

“Humph humph, try provoking me again!”

“That’s so childish. Older Sister Xue, aren’t you already past eighty?”

Seeing Gong Tianyang look at her suspiciously, Xue Qilin scratched the back of her head and mumbled.

“… I’m what they call young at heart… mhm, young at heart!”

But, I do really seem more and more like a child… is this perhaps due to the influence of the cultivation method? Xue Qilin suspects that the cultivation method old man Qi taught her has some side effects. After all, a cultivation method will affect your constitution, spirit, and even temperament to some extent.

In fact, after learning Qi Guiyuan’s cultivation method, Xue Qilin not only became a small girl physically, but even her temperament changed to a certain extent, becoming a bit silly. However, she didn’t become stupid.

Of course, the influence of rejuvenation cannot be ruled out either.

Be that as it may, Xue Qilin is used to being simpleminded and takes things as they come. She doesn’t want to look into the reason behind it. Anyway, she doesn’t believe that Qi Guiyuan would harm her.

Upon hearing Xue Qilin describe herself in an embellished manner, Gong Tianyang sighed as if he could not bear it.

“Older Sister Xue, isn’t that what they call ‘lacks the temperament of an elder’?”

“From which angle do I look like an elder?”

Xue Qilin asked angrily, and Gong Tianyang backed down with “ei ei”.

“Fine, fine, my Older Sister Xue is not old at all, not old at all! My Older Sister Xue is very young! Anyway, why did Older Sister Xue suddenly ask me if I had practiced martial arts?”

“Oh, I almost forgot!”

Xue Qilin stopped walking, patted her forehead, and looked at Gong Tianyang suspiciously.

“I just want to say, isn’t your body weak? Shouldn’t people practicing martial arts have strong bodies?”

With that, she let go of the wheelchair and unleashed two straight punches.

“If you can persevere, maybe you’ll get better?”

Gong Tianyang mumbled, “ah, so that’s what…”, a bitter smile on his face.

“I seem to have very good aptitude. At first, I made great progress while practicing martial arts. But, the more I practiced, the weaker I became. This is the reason why I was stuck in bed for a long time.”


Xue Qilin was dumbfounded. How can one get weaker the more one tempers the body?

“But, aren’t you in the Human Realm?”

Upon hearing Xue Qilin’s sentence, this time the one to be dumbfounded was Gong Tianyang.

“Human Realm? Older Sister Xue, aren’t you mistaken?”

“No way!” Xue Qilin shook her head categorically, “Solely in terms of density, the true qi spilling out out from you has already reached the Human Realm!”

Gong Tianyang let out a sound of surprise and made the queer “aren’t you mistaken?” face.

“No no, I practiced martial arts for less than half a year. How could I be in the Human Realm?”

— practiced martial arts less than half a year.

These words hit Xue Qilin over the head like a club, and she asked hastily, “Wait, what? Less than half a year? Really?”

— something’s wrong, there’s something’s wrong.

Xue Qilin’s intuition told her that there must be something wrong. Even Qi Qiqi, a most gifted martial path genius couldn’t enter the Human Realm after practicing martial arts for half a year.

If Gong Tianyang really only practiced for half a year to condense the true qi inside him to such a degree, then he would not only be a genius, but a freak of nature.

— is it perhaps that Little Yang isn’t sick, but that there is a problem with his constitution? A guess suddenly cleared the fog and sprung up in Xue Qilin’s mind.

Just as Shui Yun’er’s constitution made it so she could not practice martial arts, Gong Tianyang may also have had a weak body since he was little due to some problem with his constitution.

Yes, it’s quite possible! Xue Qilin thinks that she is really smart.

She snapped her fingers, then walked around Gong Tianyang, stopped in front of him, and squatted down. Gong Tianyang widened his eyes slightly, and his clear eyes reflected Xue Qilin’s face full of ethereal breath.

“Little Yang, can I take your pulse?”

Xue Qilin shed the expression of joy that came with the flash of insight, assumed a stern expression, and looked Gong Tianyang in the eyes.

“Take my pulse? All right. But, does Older Sister Xue know medicine?”

“Er, not really…” Xue Qilin’s face froze, “But, I do not want to measure your pulse. Instead, I want to see the situation inside your body.”

“Ah, I see. Do you want to use the legendary ‘Inner Sight Art’?”

The Inner Sight Art is actually a method that is used to judge the condition of the body based on the reaction and changes when true qi circulating inside the body passes through each part of the body.

During the enrollment assembly, Xia Xue used this method to test the meridians and constitution of the candidates.

“Something like that.”

Feeling anxious, Xue Qilin spoke perfunctorily. Gong Tianyang didn’t mind it. Instead, he felt a little excited and let her put her fingers on his wrist.

“I’m going to start!”

After this declaration, Xue Qilin looked down, concentrated, and sensed true qi circulating in the other party’s body.

There is indeed true qi flowing inside Gong Tianyang.

Along with rising in realm, true qi becomes increasingly more magnificent and thick. According to Xue Qilin, the denser true qi gets, the purer it will be.

In other words, the quality of true qi will be upgraded along with the advancement in realm.

As for the true qi inside Gong Tianyang, whether it is in terms of density and purity, it has already reached the degree of an average Human Realm practitioner, and is even comparable to that of an extraordinary Human Realm practitioner.

But, there is one thing that makes Xue Qilin feel strange —

“What did your doctor say?”

Xue Qilin retracted her hand and asked with a solemn expression.

“Doctor Tailor said that I was born with a weak martial root.”

“That’s why you used Little Qing’s blood to strengthen your martial root?”

“Yes, it should be the case. I’m not too sure.”

Gong Tianyang contemplated for a moment, and then replied in an tone of uncertainty.

“Wrong! It’s all wrong!” Xue Qilin yelled, “The cause of the disease lies not with the martial root, but the body! It’s just that the symptoms are similar! If it was purely due to a weak martial root, you would not have so much true qi in your body! The true qi would not be so thick!”

“Eh, Older Sister Xue, you mean…”

“I mean you’re all wrong!”

Xue Qilin shook her hand impatiently.

Then, she looked at Gong Tianyang and said in an unquestionable tone, “Let’s go, I’ll accompany you back to the Gong Clan. I want to see Old Master Gong.”

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