The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 210.2 - If I Were a Grandmaster

210.2 – If I Were a Grandmaster

Xue Qilin turned her gaze and looked into the alley.

The shorty’s subordinates, who fell on the ground, have all spat out black blood. They evidently have poisoned themselves.

Were they the so-called death warriors? With their lives only existing for “a certain person”, they were tools for another person to achieve their wishes and reach their goals.

Is life revolving around the word “loyalty” really meaningful?

Maybe, maybe not. But, Xue Qilin thinks that it is not, since their actions were not for themselves.

“Oh, shoot. How do I deal with this?”

Xue Qilin scratched her head and sighed.

However, in this world, there has never been a lack of people greedy for life and fearful of death.

“Well, what do you think? How do I deal with this? I don’t want to get into trouble!”

Xue Qilin’s eyes suddenly fell on the scholar lying in the allay.

Sensing Xue Qilin’s gaze, the scholar, who was supposed to be poisoned like his companion, suddenly shivered. Obviously, he is not dead, since the dead don’t move. He’s just pretending to be dead.

But, the sounds of his breathing, his heartbeat, and the pulse of his blood vessels cannot escape the perception of a late-stage Heaven Realm master — at least not with his Human Realm and not at this distance.

“Hey, your companions are all dead, yet you are dragging out an ignoble existence. Are you that afraid of dying?”

It looks like the scholar plans to continue to pretend to be dead.

Xue Qilin gently stroked the shorty’s face and closed his eyes that have lost all vitality. Then, she stood up and approached the scholar with light yet unexpectedly sonorous steps. Every step she took made the scholar shiver.

When the sound of footstep stopped and Xue Qilin halted beside the scholar —

“Don’t kill me!”

He shot up to his feet, yelled for mercy, and ran away.

“What are you running for… that hurts my feelings. Am I that scary? Boo hoo –!”

Xue Qilin pretended to cry, and then started running herself. Within his occupational standard and realm, the scholar is quite fast. But he still cannot get way from the petite lass following behind him.

“Tsk, why can’t I get away?”

The scholar clicked his tongue and turned a corner in a hurry.

“Loli kick, upgraded!”

Xue Qilin shouted, and then jumped abruptly, kicked the scholar in the buttocks, and sent him flying. The scholar made sound similar to a frog being squashed and tumbled to the ground.

“Cough, cough…”

The scholar propped himself up and coughed up the earth in his mouth.

“So, how was it? Is the earth delicious?”

Xue Qilin stopped behind the scholar, placed a hand on her hips, and cast the scholar, who is in an embarrassing situation, a scornful look.

“Older Sister Xue, stop with the teasing. Let me ask him some questions first.”

Under the protection of a dozen plus armed guards, Gong Tianyang sitting in a wheelchair, with an Earth Realm guard pushing him, appeared from the other end of the alley. The sound of wooden wheels turning slowly drew closer.

The scholar, who finally succeeded to calm his messy breathing, raised his head, and many swords entered his eyes at once.

With a pack of wolves in front and a tiger behind, he could not escape… probably because he realized this, his complexion was doused in the color of despair.

Almost there.

Xue Qilin curved the corners of her mouth, intending to push the scholar more, so that his mouth is loosened.

“Oh, you mean to say that I can play with him as much as I want after you pry open his mouth?”

“Hey, Older Sister Xue is so naughty.” Gong Tianyang shook his head in perplexion at first, then smiled meaningfully, “It depends on whether he cooperates or not. If he doesn’t cooperate, then let’s go with Older Sister Xue’s idea.”

Next, Gong Tian Qing held his right cheek and sighed.

“I heard Older Sister Xue wants to try out ‘lingchi‘? Although it’s not an interest worth promoting, but if Older Sister Xue likes it, then I won’t stay in the way.”

Xue Qilin assumed an expression of “it’s not like that” and waved her hands.

“No, no, I think castration is the way to go. After all, didn’t he say a short while ago that he wants to play with me? Let’s just break his — toys!”

Xue Qilin looked at the scholar’s crotch and made a gesture of swinging down a knife. The scholar, who just so happened to look at her, winced with his abdomen nervously.

She went around the scholar, squatted down, looked at him, and issued two vicious laughs.

“This way, let’s see how you can play with me.”

With that, she grinned, and then took out a sharp dagger from somewhere and played with it in front of the scholar.

“Hmm…” Gong Tianyang touched his chin and contemplated, “Reportedly, the palace is short of people these days. If Older Sister Xue really intends to castrate him, then we can send him to the palace to serve His Holiness.”

Gong Tianyang talks a lot of drivel. Xue Qilin rolled her eyes.

The scholar, who cannot even make a sound, shook his head vigorously.

“Why, isn’t it good to enter the palace? If you perform well, you may be conferred a title of eunuch. Others will really envy you.”

Xue Qilin propped her face up with a hand, grinned, and said thusly.

The scholar, looking like his mouth is stuffed with awful tasting medicine, put up his hands and waved in a panic.

“Wait — wait!”

“Oh, what do you want to wait for? There is no time to lose! What if I change my mind later and want to cut some other place — like your neck, what then?” Xue Qilin sighed in vexation, “If His Holiness loses a future good helper because of this, won’t I be in trouble.”

Finally, unable to bear the threats from Xue Qilin and Gong Tianyang, the scholar yelled out in resignation, “Okay, I’ll speak, I’ll speak!”

“That’s a good boy.”

Xue Qilin patted the scholar’s face with the dagger’s blade. The latter stared at cold sheen at the dagger’s edge and swallowed subconsciously.

“Gong Tianyang, he’s yours.”

Xue Qilin looked back and shouted this to Gong Tianyang.

Before she got up, she gave the scholar a big smile, which prompted the other party to wince.

“What a coward.”

Xue Qilin pouted and snorted.

She got out of the way and let Gong Tianyang, who was being pushed by the guard, occupy her position.

“Take your arm off, I want to sit.”

Xue Qilin pushes Gong Tianyang’s right arm off the wheelchair’s armrest, then sat down, crossed her legs, and looked at the scholar. The guards, who appear to think that Xue Qilin’s manner is lacking, stared at her, but then didn’t say anything.

Gong Tianyang plastered a innocent smile on his face, looked at the scholar sitting on the ground, and asked in a soft voice, “I have only one question, who is your master?”


Now that things have reached this point, the scholar hesitated.

The person behind him either has the power to frighten anyone who wants to betray them, or they have the charm that makes it hard for others to betray them.

Gong Tianyang showed a look of disappointment.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t answer. After all, I am fairly patient. Older Sister Xue sitting next to me, however, is rather rash — right, Older Sister Xue?”

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