The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 209.2 - Loyalty of Four People

209.2 – Loyalty of Four People


This word flashed through his mind. Realizing that things are extremely bad, the shorty was about to shout “let’s withdraw quickly” —

“Yo yo yo, you’re not going to continue to follow me?”

A meaningful voice full of banter came from the sky.

The clear and graceful voice of a lass unexpectedly blocked his throat and bound his voice. He slowly moved his eyes, turned his neck, and looked up at the source of the voice.

Above the alley, there is a white silhouettes outlined by dazzling sunlight.

In the eyes of the shorty, who is used to the darkness of the alley, the petite figure at the end of his line of sight covered with light is hard to distinguish. Only the two bright yellow beads inlaid in their face that pierced the curtain of light are deeply ingrained in his eyes.

“Humph, our Little Seven said that the public security of the imperial capital was much better… As I see, there must be something wrong with this. Otherwise, why would there be so many insidious mice that like to follow others and try to bite at others when they are not paying attention?”

In this moment, the shorty has the misconception that he is immersed in water.

A majestic breath suddenly came down from the sky and, as if a boulder landing on his shoulders, made it hard for him to breathe. Unable to bear the pressure, his knees thumped on the ground — he got down on his knees.

Finally, his eyes adapted to the light scattered in the sky, and the shorty saw the lass’s appearance.

While floating in the air with folded hands, the lass is quietly gazing at him with eyes that are as bright as stars in the night sky.

It’s the girl who was with Gong Tianyang! The shorty recognized the lass. But, he doesn’t see Gong Tianyang anywhere.

Crap, it’s a trap! It’s a Heaven Realm master — it’s really Xue Qilin!

As this thought streaked across his mind, the shorty broke out in a cold sweat from his forehead.

“Bo, boss, what, what, what do we do?”

The baldy’s panicked voice broke into his ears.

Ordinarily, the shorty would have secretly scolded the other party in his heart for losing his cool. But now he can’t even entertain such a thought,

Although there is only one person on the opposite side, although his side has an overwhelming numerical advantage, but it still can not change the fact that they don’t have the strength to resist the opponent.

— they are nothing in front of a Heaven Realm master.

What’s more, the Heavenly Realm master in front of them is no ordinary Heaven Realm master, but is rumored to be one of the few people closest to the Grandmaster realm. It’s a great Heaven Realm master — the Merak Temple’s ancestor “Natural Disaster” Xue Qilin.

“Hey, what’s the matter? Did I frighten you?” Xue Qilin tilted her head, perplexed, “What’s with that expression as if you just saw a ghost? Am I that scary? But I’m so cute.”

If it was just a ghost, that would be still fine… this thought welled in the shorty’s mind.

“… withdraw.”

The shorty’s raspy and quivering voice sounded.

As if they didn’t hear him clearly, his subordinates looked at him blankly and didn’t move momentarily.

Where is the usual cleverness of these guys! Impatience and anxiety welled up inside him, thanks to which the shorty got the strength to stand up and roar, “Let’s — withdraw quickly!”

His roar was full of strength, and it immediately stirred awake the four absent-minded subordinates. They looked at each other, and then quickly dispersed and fled.

The other side only has one person, it’s impossible to catch us all! As he thought this, the shorty turned around and ran away.

“Did I say you can go?”

The shorty ignored the lass’s sullen voice, because he was about to run out of the alley.

Then, his world was suddenly pulled away, and everything in his field of vision span.

He doesn’t know what happened, he just vaguely remembers that a blue-white flash suddenly burst into his peripheral vision, easily slashed apart the scene before his eyes, and left. At the same time, he also faintly heard four cries of pain.

“Ugh –”

As if someone tripped him, his strength elapsed, and he suddenly leaned forward and finally fell on the ground.

All of a sudden, he felt a warm and moist sensation from his right leg. He subconsciously moved his eyes to look for the source. Consequently, he saw that there is a hole in his thigh, and a miserable expression appeared on his face.

He finally realized that he was hit.

The flash must have ran through his thigh. However, this is not the time to get to the bottom of this, because the alley’s exit is right in front of him.

It’s only a few steps away! I must escape! This thought prompted him to disregard his dignity and drag his lower body to the alley’s exit.

However —

“Hey, where are you going?”

A shadow suddenly covered the path in front of him and buried his sight. He looked up and saw a pair of emotionless bright yellow eyes.

Xue Qilin is standing in front of him. She blocked his path and shattered his hope.

I can’t escape — the shorty understood this at once.

“Is this the end…”

The shorty sat up with difficulty, leaned against a wall, and clasped the wound. Xue Qilin watched him silently. Unexpectedly, she didn’t stop his actions.

The shorty looked into the alley.

His four subordinates are lying scattered in the alley, not moving.

“We were really careful, yet we still couldn’t escape. Surprisingly, you didn’t want to fish, but to rush all the fish to one place, and then catch them in a fishing net.”

This wasn’t a flaw exposed to bait them to act, but a difficult problem placed in front of them, forcing them to gather together to discuss countermeasures, so as to scoop up the whole lot.

When he finally understood this, the shorty sketched a bitter smile on his face.

It’s too late, his realization came too late.

If he could start over, he would not give his subordinates a sign with his eyes and gather them together.

He harmed the four of them.

However, he doesn’t care anymore, since now that they were defeated, the only thing waiting for them is death.

Everyone fears death. But if “death” can serve as a way to be loyal to the end, then what is there to hesitate? I was an orphan! It was sir who gave me everything that I have. In this case, this can be regarded as returning everything back to him!

With a relieved smile on his face, the shorty quietly opened his mouth a little, intending to break the poison hidden in his molar tooth.


— with a single word.

Xue Qilin stripped the shorty of the ability to commit suicide with a single word. He can’t close his mouth as if it no longer belongs to him.

Of course, he cannot break the poison.

His eyes widened in horror. He didn’t expect that he not only could not survive, but also could not die in front of a Heaven Realm master.

“Hmm, did I give you permission to die?”

The lass squatted down in front of him and gazed at him with a smile. Although her bright yellow eyes are incredibly shiny, but they don’t contain a wisp of a smile.

“Want to die? Not a chance.”

For a moment, she gave off the impression that the corners of her mouth extended all the way to her ears — a queer smile rose on Xue Qilin’s face.

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