The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

23 - Interlude, Grand Play

23 – Interlude, Grand Play

The lonely moon quietly hanging in the night sky disseminated chilly moonlight, which outlined the figure of a pure white girl.

Looking at the fox ear girl quietly standing on the edge of the cliff, the Spirit Moon Valley’s Elder Bai Youyue eventually couldn’t help but to call out: “Great Ancestor…”

“Yes?” The other side asked in reply without turning her head. Her voice was pleasant, lacking any anger.

After hesitating for a ling time, Bai Youyue finally summoned her courage to ask: “We have been standing here for a long time.”

“Have we?”

“Great Ancestor, what are you looking at…” Bai Youyue and her Great Ancestor – the fox ear girl, stood on the peak of a mountain. In the direction they were facing, the Heavenly Sword Manor could be seen in the distance.

However, they were at least five kilometers apart. With her cultivation base, Bai Youyue could only faintly make up the Heavenly Sword Manor’s outline.

But this was only true for her. With the cultivation base of her Great Ancestor, she should be able to have a clear view of everything that was taking place in the Heavenly Sword Manor.

Just what is Great Ancestor looking at?

As far as Bai Youyue knew, there were very few things in the world that could pique Great Ancestor’s interest. This time, she participated in the Heavenly Sword Gate’s banquet under disguise, which was beyond everyone’s expectation.

And now, she even revealed an expression overflowing with interest as she looked at the Heavenly Sword Manor. This was just too outrageous. Bai Youyue has never seen her Great Ancestor show such an expression.

“Are you curious?” There was virtually no fluctuation in her tone. This sentence made Bai Youyue sense an inexplicable pressure.

“This… martial grandniece knows that she’s in the wrong.”

Bai Youyue thought that Great Ancestor was rebuking her. But in fact, it didn’t seem to be the case.

“Are you afraid of me?” After taunting, the fox ear girl continued with an enigmatic smile, “I’m watching a play, a grand play.”

“… What grand play?”

“… It’s a play about the Merak Palace’s Young Ancestor being bullied by others.” The fox ear girl spoke in a playful tone.

The Merak Palace’s Young Ancestor? In a split second, the image of a girl with two ponytails appeared in Bai Youyue’s mind.

“Did the Heavenly Sword Gate attack the Merak Palace’s Young Ancestor?” Bai Youyue knew a little about the dispute between the Heavenly Sword Gate and the Merak Palace.

“This Hua Tianji is at the top now.” The girl continued intriguingly: “However, it’s still too early to tell whose going to be the one to be buried in the hole.”

The girl’s phrasing confirmed Bai Youyue’s guess.

Although she didn’t fully understand the girl’s words, but Bai Youyue was more concerned about…, “Great Ancestor… you’re not going to stop it?”

“Why would I?”

“Great Ancestor, didn’t you…” After speaking until here, Bai Youyue suddenly held her tongue.

During the Heavenly Sword Sect’s banquet, when Bai Youyue was looking for Great Ancestor who left in midway, she stumbled upon the latter instructing the Merak Palace’s Young Ancestor. At that time, due to curiosity, Bai Youyue eavesdropped.

Of course, with her capability, Great Ancestor should have known that the other side was eavesdropping. Be that as it may, it was one thing for the other side to know, but it was another thing for her to speak of it.

However, the girl didn’t seem to care, “That was just pay back for a favor of Qi Guiyuan’s.”

“So it’s like this.” Tactful, Bai Youyue didn’t inquire for details. Some things had to be left untouched.

Next, silence pervaded the air.

Bai Youyue was used to Great Ancestor’s personality, and so didn’t feel uncomfortable.

After some time, the fox ear girl finally retracted her gaze, and then swung her sleeve and turned around.

Taking light steps, she passed by Bai Youyue… “Xue Qilin, ah Xue Qilin, don’t let me down.”

Bai Youyue stared blankly for a moment, and then jogged to catch up with the fox ear girl who was already far away.

What is Great Ancestor looking forward to? She mused as she looked at the ethereal silhouette.

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