The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 779 - She Was My Prey, You Should Not Even Think About It

Chapter 779: She Was My Prey, You Should Not Even Think About It

The venomous spider nodded furiously as it gazed at Baili Jia Jue with tears in its eyes.

The bigger fetus snorted, and said with his adorably cool and proud voice, “How stupid, taking revenge is the most basic criteria for us devils. Doesn’t this venomous spider have any common sense at all? Or did it think that Father would go easy on it? That pleading stare is futile, because Father is very vengeful. He won’t stop until he killed his target.”

The smaller fetus thought so too. However, he was curious that Father suddenly paused and released his pressure on the spider. He merely stood there straight as a ramrod, while smiling warmly and saying, “You like to eat?”

“What is Father doing, is he going to treat that idiotic spider to a meal?” The twins exchanged glances and became more excited than ever.

The venomous spider did not expect the man to ask such a question, so it was quite taken aback. However, it quickly heaved a sigh of relief.

Since he was starting to chit-chat, this must mean that he would not take my life now!

The venomous spider tried to contain its outpouring delight, before nodding once again.

It was not its fault for harboring this kind of thought, as His Highness seemed too elegant and friendly.

“Then, finish all of these,” Baili Jia Jue raised his chin with a grin, and used his gaze to signal the venomous spider to look below its feet.

Originally, it was overjoyed because it had narrowly escaped death and even received something to eat. Even though it was not hungry, it was still much better than being slaughtered.

However, when it followed his gaze, the excitement on its face faded instantly.

“Heh, heh heh. King, are… Are you mistaken?” the venomous spider asked with a trembling voice, desperately hoping for a silver lining.

Baili Jia Jue indifferently tidied his sleeves as he grinned and replied, “Of course not, these are the ones. Go ahead and eat.”

“But these are rocks!” the venomous spider howled uncontrollably, it was on the verge of tears.

Hearing that, Baili Jia Jue raised his foot again and stepped mercilessly on the venomous spider’s last remaining limb. The sound of the crushing bone resonated in the chamber seemed extremely painful to anyone that heard it. However, Baili Jia Jue was still grinning with his eyes slightly raised, as he uttered, “Why? You don’t want to eat it?”

The venomous spider dared not question further and shouted agonizingly, as it endured the torturous pain, “I want to eat! I want to!”

“Eat it yourself then, do you still expect me to feed you?”


This time, its face was squashed with another stomp.

The venomous spider immediately cried and shook its head, but its voice became muffled as its mouth was crushed, mumbling, “I-I’ll eat it myself, eat it myself!”

Then, it picked up a small stone using its crippled limb, but it hesitated slightly.

Baili Jia Jue did not move, but merely stared at it with a smile on his face.

The venomous spider firmly shut its eyes. It dared not look again and swallowed the stone.

Without even imagining it, Helian Wei Wei knew how harrowing it was to swallow a stone just by looking at it.

The venomous spider was indeed in pain. Fortunately, its body was much bigger, so swallowing a stone would not claim his life. However, it was extremely painful for its throat. Just when it thought that things would end after swallowing it, Baili Jia Jue’s gentle voice echoed again, “Have some more, I could knock down some more for you if it’s not enough.”

In a blink of an eye, the venomous spider’s face turned as pale as sheets when it heard him.

“I-I’m actually not that hungry, hehehe.” The venomous spider was struggling.

Meanwhile, Baili Jia Jue walked toward Helian Wei Wei and gently brush her injured ankle with his right hand. His gaze instantly turned bitterly cold, like a sharp diamond that was glimmering, as he growled, “Eat!”

One word was enough to make the venomous spider coughed out blood from its throat. Thus, without further delay, it quickly lowered its head and shoved another stone into his mouth.

Its teeth ached from grating the stones, and the perks of having a humongous body were no longer useful, as it gulped down more and more stones.

The venomous spider only felt pain and his upset stomach was incredibly bloated.

Nonetheless, it had no choice but to keep eating, as the King’s eyes were fixed on him.

It did not know the consequences it would face if it were to stop.

Its esophagus was jam-packed to the point that it could not squeeze anything in.

The extreme pain of its bloating tummy made the venomous spider began to cry.

If anyone asked it the most regretted choice it made in life, it would be capturing a pregnant woman and hunger for her fetus, thus angering someone that it should never have.

The venomous spider’s slowed down gradually as it was becoming increasingly difficult for it to even open its mouth.

Both of the fetuses in the womb gulped upon witnessing this.

The lovely twins finally understood what it meant by ‘he’ll make sure to let you do whatever you want to do to the fullest’.

This was clearly overdone, the dumb spider’s stomach was going to burst if it continued eating.

“Big brother.” The smaller fetus pressed his head against the bigger fetus.

The bigger fetus kept his eyes on the spider and his voice was low as he replied, “Hmm?”

“Don’t mess with Father when you get out in the future.” This time, the smaller fetus spoke affirmatively, as if to warn the bigger fetus. He was worried that his big brother could not defeat his father.

The bigger fetus narrowed his big eyes, saying, “This old man is much more shameless than what I had in mind.”

The smaller fetus thought silently to himself… This is not about being shameless anymore.

“But, this method of his is good!” The bigger fetus’ voice was particularly energized when he said this.

The smaller fetus thought to himself again… Are you sure it’s okay for you to accept it so quickly… He felt like he needed to communicate with Mother so that she would pay more attention to big brother’s prenatal education. What were they going to do if he grew up with a twisted mind?

“If anyone dares to eat you in the future, big brother will use this method to deal with them!” The bigger fetus wrapped his arms around the smaller fetus and spoke proudly, “No one is allowed to bully you.”

The smaller fetus smiled, “Yeah!” Forget about it, all that matters is that big brother’s happy. Who cares if he’s giving others a hard time. Besides, mother has always taught us to apply what we’ve learned.

If Helian Wei Wei heard this, she would probably think to herself… Is this how you interpret ‘apply what you learned”?

Unable to hear the twins’ conversation, the venomous spider wanted nothing more but to die. As it was tearing up, it observed how Baili Jia Jue was being protective over Helian Wei Wei and suddenly, an idea came to its mind.

Could, could it be that this human is pregnant with the King’s baby?

The venomous spider widened its eyes again, then…

It felt sick.

The gurgling acid reflux made it turned ghastly pale, but it could not throw up as its mouth was blocked with stones.

Baili Jia Jue seemed to have seen through its mind. As he walked toward it, his whispered in its ear in a deep devilish tone, “If you throw up, you’ll have to eat them again.”

The venomous spider’s mouth was crooked, as it painfully tried to continue swallowing the stone. However, that stone shredded its throat, causing it to begin bleeding. The spider was having its last breaths now.

Baili Jia Jue looked at it and smiled in satisfaction.

Shortly after, he gradually deepened his voice and coldly said, ” Didn’t you say that you merely thought about it? Then let me tell you this. She’s my prey, you should not even think about it.”

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