The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Approach His Highness

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Even though Su Jia Cheng’s mouth didn’t say anything, his expression conveniently said everything clearly. What the teacher said was exactly what he wanted!

However, this place was White Academy, after all. He wouldn’t be so stupid as to acknowledge his own thoughts in front of so many people here, so he only laughed and shifted the topic of conversation, “It’s no longer early. I should also take my leave. Let’s have my two granddaughters take care of the matter of sending me off.”

Everybody naturally didn’t dare to raise any objections. Again and again, they urged Helian Jiao Er and Helian Mei to be sure to send off the Minister down the mountain.


Once she left the academy, Helian Jiao Er could no longer restrain herself from her anger, and with one leg, kicked aside the bodyguard who was currently standing by her.

The bodyguards knew their mistress wasn’t in a good mood, so they didn’t dare to say anything.

“Grandfather.” Helian Jiao Er’s crying was difficult to bear. A cheek that was like a flower was slapped until it was extremely swollen and inflamed; her eyes were filled with poisonous thoughts, “You always advised us to exercise forbearance. If I continue to endure it, that little slut will want to climb on my head! Granddaughter experiencing bitterness is not a big deal, but Grandfather – look, she obviously wanted to embarrass you.”

When Su Jia Cheng heard this, he was so angry his complexion changed color. He first turned to the bodyguard and expressed his temper for a period of time, before staying his hand and after a short while, followed along behind Helian Jiao Er, “Grandfather knows that this time, you feel aggrieved, but Jiao Er, you need to remember that your future wealth and rank will be unbelievable. Dirtying your own hands because of this little vile spawn really is not worth it.”

“Grandfather’s opinion is to have me continue to befriend Lord Murong?” Helian Jiao Er had always been brighter than Helian Mei. Helian Mei was still in the dark about what she had just heard, whereas Helian Jiao Er had already pretty much sounded out clearly the other layer of meaning within Su Jia Cheng’s words.

Su Jia Cheng had a smile on his face as he nodded his head, “That’s correct, we need to maintain relations with Lord Murong. However, Grandfather came this time not because of Lord Murong, but rather because of another person. There’s news from the palace. During this year’s big armaments competition, Retired Emperor will be traveling incognito to Wind Phoenix Tower to watch. They say it’s a test for students, but in actuality it’s to find Third Prince a consort. When that time comes, there’ll be a lot of experts entering the capital. Not merely White Academy’s students, but also many, many experts from among the people will be taking part in the competition. You must win!”

“Third Prince, choosing a consort?” Helian Jiao Er cried out in excitement.

Su Jia Cheng internalized his granddaughter’s happiness, as the corners of his mouth formed an arc, “Grandfather knows your feelings toward His Highness. The eunuch from Retired Emperor’s side has already spread the word, Third Prince will also leave Ghost Palace and return to the academy. You’re also at the Superior Compound, so you’ll need to think of a way to grasp this opportunity to engage with Third Prince often.”

“Grandfather!” Helian Jiao Er’s cheek turned slightly red while she kept clutching at the handkerchief in her hand, displaying the bashfulness of a young girl’s first love.

Su Jia Cheng laughed out loud, “Getting shy now.”

“Grandfather is making fun of Jiao Er.” Helian Jiao Er acted coquettishly and stamped her foot, after which she smiled. The light in her eyes reflected her complacency, “When on stage during the competition, Granddaughter will certainly stun everyone.”

Su Jia Cheng looked at her appearance and seemed as if he thought of something. His mouth slightly opened and couldn’t conceal his feeling of being pleasantly surprised, “Jiao Er, is it possible that you’ve advanced?”

Helian Jiao Er nodded her head, the image of a smile on her lips, “That year, Grandfather gave me blood to drink in order to help me. Every time I increased a level, I always feel as if a warm current is moving within my body.”

“In the end, the Helian family’s people are only useful for merely this little bit.” Su Jia Cheng stroked his own white beard, “Actually, I was going to use the opportunity of visiting the academy this time to ask Grandmaster to accept you as a disciple, but looking at it now, he’s also just an ignorant blundering old man, to overlook a genius like you and insist upon taking in that good-for-nothing.”

Right now, Helian Jiao Er only need to hear Wei Wei’s name to feel as if she was suffocating, “When I was at the Defense Department, I tested her to no small degree. She was as spoiled as spoiled can be and was absolutely an idiot who didn’t know anything. However, today…” Speaking to this point, Helian Jiao Er paused and asked in a low voice, “Grandfather, tell me, is the poison that we put into her body from before not working anymore? Is it possible that she’s recovered her qi? Otherwise, based on her ability alone, she absolutely would not be younger sister’s opponent.”

Su Jia Cheng also reconsidered this matter. However, he very quickly shook his head, “Not possible. As long as a person has been altered by the Swallowing Heaven Poison, they will lose their qi. Even if an expert like Grandmaster were to help fix the damaged qi channels, he would still be incapable of restoring the already damaged channels. Moreover, so many years have already gone by. The Swallowing Heaven Poison had already completely emptied that little vile spawn’s body of any qi energy. Fighting and killing with ordinary martial arts may still be possible. However, it’s simply impossible to cultivate qi again, because her channels have already been destroyed. She won’t be able to use qi again in her entire life.”

“But…” Helian Jiao Er had still wanted to say something.

Helian Mei was fuming in anger as she cut her off, “Second Sister, that little slut was only lucky one time. My body is still injured and didn’t fully utilize all of my qi. She was a bit clever, to have employed some kind of art to make me stay put. I couldn’t even move at all. Otherwise, early on, she would’ve been as good as disabled to me. How could I still allow her to be so arrogant!”

Helian Jiao Er also thought about it. At that time, Helian Mei indeed didn’t even move at all…..

“Second Sister, she couldn’t even light the crystal sphere in the slightest. How could she have any qi. She simply took advantage of a moment when we weren’t paying attention and employed some kind of unqualified method!” Helian Mei was so angry her two hands formed clenched fists. She firmly believed that Wei Wei played some kind of trick.

Su Jia Cheng wrinkled his white brows, “There is indeed something odd about this little vile spawn. However, you guys have also heard what the instructors just said. Her road won’t be a long one. No matter how clever she is, without qi, she also won’t be able to study armaments. Grandmaster will chase her out sooner or later. Jiao Er, as a woman, you must remember and understand that your hands need to be as clean as possible. Only by being gentler could you obtain a man’s favor…..In the future, you will no doubt be indescribably precious. Restrain your thoughts a bit and place more focus on His Highness and Lord Murong, understand?”

Helian Jiao Er’s eyes turned, displaying lights and vibrant colors, “Jiao Er understands everything Grandfather said. Only, Jiao Er is afraid that little slut will use some wicked trick again on the armaments testing stage.”

After Su Jia Cheng heard that, his eyes also flashed, “Don’t worry. There naturally will be someone to deal with her. Grandfather will have her regret participating in the armaments competition!”

“Really?” Helian Jiao Er pair of eyes shined, “Grandfather, how do you plan to do it?”

Su Jia Cheng clapped his hands, his thin lips raised a smile, “Ever since ancient times, money can even make the devil turn a millstone. As long as I buy off those teachers it’ll be alright. You don’t need to be bothered with this matter. You only need to attend to yourself well. These kinds of matters like handling Wei Wei, even if you want to have it done, you should make use of other people. Don’t dirty your own hands.”

“Grandfather’s lesson is right on.” Helian Jiao Er smilingly leaned over on him, “The method Grandfather thought of is still the best. After the teachers have been bribed, all wins and losses will be up to us. Even if that little slut comes up with a more impressive trick, she would only be able to kneel and beg for forgiveness!”

Imagining that scene, Su Jia Cheng also smiled along, “Alright. The armament competition is important, of course. However, if Third Prince is not found, everything will be useless. You must properly pay attention at the Superior Compound. I’ve always felt that His Highness has already arrived…..”

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