The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Acknowledged Master And Disciple

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“What support or not support them, Wei Wei, hey, these words of yours were spoken such that even us old men were also reprimanded as well.” In the distance, a pure white body’s shadow came over.

Helian Wei Wei evaded the voice and looked over. Her pupils suddenly constricted. Chilly air started forming from within her body, making Yuan Ming, who was concealed in the ancient book, also shiver continually.

Who was it exactly, who could cause such a big change in this girl’s mood?

“Prime Minister Su.” One after another, all of the teachers turned to look at him.

“Grandfather.” Helian Jiao Er also called out in an aggrieved voice, then turned her body around, while crying until she became a person made of tears.

Su Jia Cheng looked at his filial granddaughter who had been bullied to this extent. Immediately, poisonous thoughts formed in his eyes overfilling them, while he smilingly faced Wei Wei and said, “These two sisters of yours are still young, exactly at the age when they fool around, yet are unable to differentiate between what is serious and what is not. It’s difficult for them to avoid making mistakes. You’re older than both of them. If you’d said earlier that the poisonous bee wasn’t yours, how could all of us old men have misunderstood you. Principal, what do you say?”

Tusu Feng didn’t say anything.

However, Grandmaster’s pair of eyes opened wide, obviously seeming like he was getting angry.

Wei Wei gripped her own trembling hand tightly.

Truly worthy of being the current prime minister, what a scary mouth.

That year, if it weren’t for this mouth, maybe her mother would’ve been able to endure.

In order to elevate his own daughter’s status from a concubine to a main wife, this person with the heart of a beast, Su Jia Cheng, bribed the two Chang and Li families. He asked them to insist at court that Mother was evil and vicious and filled with jealousy, incapable of tolerating others.

It was from that day forward that mother became the subject of ridicule during tea time chats within the entire capital.

She still remembered that at the time, mother didn’t even want to take a step outside the door. It wasn’t easy for her mother to finally recover her spirit a little, only to be vexed again by this Su Jia Cheng.

The hand that Wei Wei hid within her sleeve slowly loosened. Don’t know if it was because she’s occupying the deceased’s body, but those feelings of sorrow and anger felt as if she had experienced them herself.

However, no matter how deep her wrath was, she still needed to endure.

This old fox in front of her eyes wasn’t easy to deal with. It was exactly because the previous her was so exasperated that she lost control of herself and did even more stupid things.

The current her was no longer the same. To be victorious again, she’ll need to act based on how the scene unfolded.

“Misunderstanding?” Wei Wei’s voice was level, “Prime Minister’s word has been misused. It wasn’t a misunderstanding, it was that you guys wrongfully accused me.”

Su Jia Cheng’s hand paused as it dropped. Wasn’t this vile spawn of the Helian family too unappreciative of a kindness that was extended to her? He’d already given her a way out, yet she’s still making things serious this way. She’s simply asking for suffering!

“Grandmaster, look at how crabby this lass’ disposition is, the same as that mother of hers, rigid in logic and unforgiving. I’ve already recognized the mistake, yet she is unwilling to unclench her bite. This actually is causing me to not know what to do. Grandmaster is the country’s Royal Advisor, maybe you have a way of dealing with this?”

There were so many people here, yet Su Jia Cheng didn’t ask them. He only asked Grandmaster. The reason was because earlier, before coming here, he had already heard that that vile spawn unexpectedly actually dared to curry favor with the grandmaster while the testing was taking place. Also, he had assisted the chancellor at court before, so of course he knew Grandmaster’s character. Surely Grandmaster already detested her and was greatly disgusted. He definitely will stand on this side when speaking.

Furthermore, even though Grandmaster had never bothered with state affairs, he nevertheless held an influential position in court.If he would open his mouth, then no matter how glib that vile spawn’s tongue was, she also could only shut her mouth and eat her losses.

A good-for-nothing little miss who already lost her power should be content with her lot and settle in her place. If she’s making such efforts to find unhappiness, then don’t blame him for being ruthless!

Having heard that, Tusu Feng, who had always been kindly, furrowed his dense eyebrows more and more, and became more and more anxious. Grandmaster had always been unrestrained. Everything he did was based on his own preferences, so a person never knew what he might say next. It’s very possible that from this point forward, the Helian family’s young lass would be made to suffer more unfair grievances. Adding to that Grandmaster’s influence within the academy, if even he would reject Wei Wei, then in the future, what Wei Wei would have to face may very well be the entire academy’s rejection.

Thinking up to this point, Tusu Feng was just about to open his mouth.

But an aged person’s voice then sounded out. Within the low and deep voice was an anger never seen before, “Forget not admitting to their own deeds, they even insulted my disciple in this way! Rigid in logic and unforgiving? Heh heh, then today we will both be rigid in logic and unforgiving. Anyone unwilling to accept this is welcome to come find me for a discussion!”

Who was it?

Who was it that was speaking?

His tone of voice was totally insolent!

For a period of time, everybody was somewhat unable to respond, until they saw Grandmaster, who should’ve been sitting at the seat of honor, shake himself and stepped off, quickly arriving in front of Wei Wei. His intent to protect her was very obvious. Everybody was stunned!

Eyes looking at Wei Wei were filled with disbelief and shock!

“Originally, I really didn’t want to speak out.” Grandmaster’s face expressed a strong annoyance. He had really wanted to, in accordance with disciple’s wish, guard this secret with her. However, he didn’t anticipate that even with the evidence so clearly displayed, these people nevertheless still could be so thick skinned and claimed that she was rigid in her logic and unforgiving. This put Grandmaster in an especially bad mood!

“Su Jia Cheng, you members of the Su family simply pushed people too far!” Grandmaster’s cold eyes scanned in a full circle, “No matter who it is, if they made a mistake, they should apologize. You guys not only didn’t apologize, instead, like this, you closed in on my disciple step by step. Aah, as a matter of fact, I want to see, now that I’m here, who still dares to vilify my disciple!”

After hearing these words, all of the teachers deeply gasped in dismay!

Even some of Su Jia Cheng’s leg muscles went limp. How, how could it be like this! No matter who it was, they all didn’t think that Grandmaster would suddenly accept a disciple, and the one he accepted was even a good-for-nothing from the Helian family!

Finished. This time it’s the end!

Recollecting the things they had said previously, each instructor’s back was covered with a layer of cold sweat.

They had even naively thought that Grandmaster didn’t look at Wei Wei favorably, and simply didn’t think more deeply about it.

Now looking at it again, all of them had misunderstood to the extent that in front of Grandmaster’s face, they even spoke badly of his disciple in every way possible.

Helian Jiao Er and Helian Mei’s face color was the most unsightly, to the extent Helian Mei’s hands were trembling. Previously, she even jeered in that good-for-nothing’s face and said that for sure, she wouldn’t know Grandmaster. But now…, this totally wasn’t real!

Not to mention those outsiders who dared not believe, even the one familiar with Grandmaster, Tusu Feng, also didn’t expect things would develop this way. His eyebrows lightly jumped, “She really is your disciple? When did you accept her?”

Originally, Grandmaster wanted to speak of it properly, about how his disciple had greatly surprised him a few days ago, but when he saw Wei Wei’s gaze turned towards him and coolly looked over, he instantly changed his words, “Just, just recently accepted her!”

“Just recently accepted her?” Tusu Feng obviously didn’t believe it as his eyebrows lifted.

Grandmaster puffed his chest, “What? That little lass just happened to be pleasing to my eye, so I accepted her as a disciple. Is that not possible?

“Of course it’s possible.” Tusu Feng’s gentle and refined eyes seemed like they could see through everything, but just didn’t expose it. That Helian family’s lass unexpectedly was capable of keeping this old fogey under control. This was indeed interesting…..

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