The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Illustrious Ghost Palace

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“You!” Helian Guang Yao bellowed, his body trembling intensely from intense rage. No longer caring about the presence of all the other distinguished noble sons and daughters, he raised his hand and slapped Helian Wei Wei.


Helian Guang Yao’s palm landed heavily on Wei Wei’s cheek, he had slapped her in his fit of anger without holding anything back. Even though Wei Wei could have dodged, she didn’t evade it, rather she just stood there, and took the slap. She looked at him with a cold glint in her eye: “So this is how you express your gratitude, failing to make a distinction between right and wrong, and letting your beloved daughter slander me!”

While talking, she threw away what she was holding in her hands in an upright manner, her eyes shone with a hint of justice. At that moment, it seems to have stirred up the heart of the people.

Hearing Wei Wei’s words, everyone’s heart was shocked, as they looked at Helian Guang Yao, everyone had some reservations about him.

Helian Guang Yao’s face twisted with anger, but couldn’t retort to what Wei Wei had said.

This was also the reason why Wei Wei didn’t evade when he slapped her, even though she could have.

She wanted to expose the vile things this scum has done in the past, not giving him the slightest chance of fighting back.

It was obvious that Helian Guang Yao was so angry to the point that he felt light headed. Everything happened too quickly that he wasn’t prepared nor did he have the chance to see the foreshadow of what Wei Wei wanted to do.

So in that moment, he wasn’t able to react to what just happened.

But that didn’t mean that Helian Jiao Er won’t fight back. With her eyes cast down, only after a few second passed, did she finally react. With a soft and sweet voice, she cooed. “Since Eldest Sister insists that she’s being wronged, then why don’t we let the slaves investigate this matter, and return her innocence.”

When they heard the solution, they all nodded in agreement, thinking that the Second Miss was very kind-hearted, even in this situation, she didn’t forget to give her a few step for retreat.

But with a single glance, Helian Wei Wei could see the malicious intent hidden in Helian Jiao Er’s eyes. Return justice to me? Ha! That sounds too nice.

She was probably thinking of another way to add insults to her. Right now, she was dripping wet, and if she let those men touch her, how was she going to survive in the future!?

“Looks like little sister really want to force me into a difficult situation?”

Helian Jiao Er bowed down her head and said: “I just want to return Eldest Sister’s innocence, since you keep insisting that you’ve been wronged, you’re not afraid of being searched, right?”

“What if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for?Then what?” Wei Wei said coldly.

Helian Jiao Er smiled. “If we cannot find the jade, Jiao Er will personally kneel down and serve you tea as an apology!” Jiao Er didn’t believe that this woman would let people touch her!

“Little sister must remember what you just said!” Wei Wei lips curved into a smile, like a gallant queen who had just stepped out. “Those people don’t need to search me, I’ll search myself in front of you and the others.”

After saying that, with a swish, she unfastened her outer lace belt, stretched out her arms and shook. In a flash, she had turned her sleeves inside out.

After that she deftly shook and turned and emptied both left and right side, front and back was also empty. Don’t even mention a high class jade pendant, not even a shiny object was found.

Everyone gasped!

Because no one would’ve thought that Wei Wei would be this bold, and removed her outer robes in front of this crowd!

Was she planning not to get married in the future?

However these people would never understand, Wei Wei had never cared about her reputation. If you want to be successful, treat other people ruthlessly, treat yourself even more mercilessly!

Helian Jiao Er shocked speechless. How was this possible? She was certain that she hid the jade on Wei Wei’s body, as a backup plan!

But where was the jade?

At that moment Helian Jiao Er’s face paled!

Originally Wei Wei’s hair was already long, now without her outer clothing, her hair flowed down and reached below her waist. As her silky long black hair which cascaded down alluringly, it seemingly made her look like a mermaid who had went ashore.

Her lips arched into a smile, every word was cold and clear. “Little sister, aren’t you supposed to kneel now?”

Instantly, the courtyard became eerily quiet.

Everyone raised their head and glanced at Helian Wei Wei, only to see a frail young lady but had on a domineering aura. These two created a huge contrast, and with this cold oppressing aura, no one dared to underestimate her.

Helian Jiao Er was like a branch in the winter, trembling non stop.

What now?

She was going to live in royal palace in the future, if she kneeled today, no matter how glorious her future was, she won’t be able to erase this humiliation!

But if she doesn’t kneel, under the watchful eyes of these distinguished guests, and if word got out, her reputation was still going to be ruined!

Was she really going to kneel down before this bitch?

As if already knowing Helian Jiao Er’s dilemna, Wei Wei’s eyes showed a slight ridicule.

She watched Helian Jiao Er slowly bend her knees and just as she was about to kneel down…

Right at this moment, a pair of hands had stretched out, stopping her. “Just because there’s nothing in the outer robe, it doesn’t mean that the jade is not hidden inside, the investigation is not over, so why does she need to kneel and apologize?!”

Murong Chang Feng said as his tone was filled with justice as he looked up, and as the sunlight gently touched his handsome face, he stood out even more, making him even more suave.

Helian Jiao Er shot a loving gaze at Chang Feng “Young Noble…..”

Everyone knew that if Murong Chang Feng had not stepped in, Helian Jiao Er could only kneel. But now Murong Chang Feng had helped her, and had pushed all the suspicion back to Wei Wei.

Even facing all these spiteful faces, Wei Wei didn’t back down. Instead, her back became even straighter, her sleeves billowing in the wind, looking radiantly captivating.

Before turning seven, this body was pampered by all, her parents were still alive then, and her martial arts was improving quickly, and she was hailed as a genius.

After turning seven, her grandfather passed away, her mother became sick, and Helian Guang Yao brought her stepmother in. In just one night, she had lost everything – her cultivation, familial love and her position.

In a short period of time, Helian Wei Wei became the trash that everyone had casted aside.

They detested her haughty temperament, claimed that she bullied commoners, and abused her aunt.

She ignored all these, because she did not care, because she knew she still had him.

Yet Wei Wei didn’t think that when she turn seven and did the innate test, everything crumbled, along with Chang Feng’s affection.

She was going to make him regret, this Murong Chang Feng doesn’t deserve her affection!

“What Young Noble said is right, even though the jade is not hidden outside doesn’t mean it’s not hidden inside.”

The problem was supposed to end, but knowing Helian Mei and the others had always been more shameless which meant that from the beginning, they had already set their minds on Wei Wei’s death today. Since they had already framed her, then they would do it to the end!

But Helian Wei Wei only had that one piece of clothing left on her, if she continued to remove…..

However, before everyone’s attention had turned back to Helian Wei Wei’s clothes, a luxurious white robe with black gold cloud embroidery gently float down, and covered Wei Wei’s slender body, unexpectedly it became her stunning battle robe….

After noticing the robe, Helian Guang Yao face instantly changed!

Even the noble ladies couldn’t sit still, looking excited as they looked left and right. The ladies eyes were suddenly filled with shyness, and was also filled happiness that’s hard to discern. Not able to control their faces, as they all had on a slight blush.

Faintly, Wei Wei heard Aunt Mei softly say “It’s his Third Highness, the Ghost Palace came….”

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