The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Testing Starts

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In the darkness, Baili Jia Jue walked ahead in unhurried steps. He appeared entirely peaceful yet emitted a dangerous aura.

Within the forest, a series of rustling sounds pervaded, as if there was something always following him.

Baili Jia Jue’s foot paused as he said in a cold tone, “Come out.”

Little Bald Head stiffened and adorably took a bite out of the meat bun. His pair of shoulders drooped before his figure appeared. His face expressed a specific kind of pride, “Brother.”

Baili Jia Jue faintly sounded out an ‘mm’.

It turned out that this Little Bald Head was none other than the one with the same birth mother and father as Baili Jia Jue, the seventh prince, Baili Kong Chen!

The little person scratched his ear, incomparably adorkable*, “Older Brother, why didn’t you enter the Superior Compound? Royal Grandfather is asking me about it all the time.”

“You guys at the Superior Compound always get up too early.” Baili Jia Jue lazily raised his eyelids. His expression didn’t change as he swept over the exposed plump arms which looked rather like lotus roots. His eyebrows raised slightly, “What did you do wrong?”

Little Bald Head lowered hits head and looked at those small Weights Bands, stepped back and hid, as he said, “I beat up all the martial uncles in the Superior Compound. Whenever that group of old fogies got together, they only spend all day gossiping, and they even went as far as to say that Older Brother isn’t fit to specialize in Martial Qi!”

“They didn’t recognize me.” Baili Jia Jue took the chubby wrists and pried the bands open.

‘Kacha’ sounded, those Weights Bands fell onto the ground.

“Mm hm.” Little Bald Head’s whole face was vigorous with new strength. Soon after, he grumbled about how he felt a bit wronged, “Actually Master said it’s wrong to use brute force to fight, so as a punishment, I can’t eat meat for one week.”

Shadow: […..Then what are you holding in your hand! Hello. Don’t think that you can tell a lie just because you’re the seventh prince!]

“Shadow.” After Baili Jia Jue heard, his expression didn’t change one bit. He took those weights bands and added them to his own wrists as he said neither quickly nor slowly, “Go bring some beef jerky over here.

“Yes!” Shadow’s shadow moved away. Not much time passed before he brought an oily paper bag.

Little Kong Chen came over and his cute eyes shined as he took a couple of bites with a wide opened mouth. While his mouth was chewing the beef, he still didn’t forget to disclose some information, “Older Brother, you should still quickly transfer to the Superior Compound. There are some high officials’ sons over there who doesn’t know your identity, and is always looking to cause trouble for you. They even came looking for me, inciting me to go fight with you. Humph humph, those idiots simply don’t want to live!”

“Go back after you finish eating.” Baili Jia Jue’s words were very flat.

Little Kong Chen gave up hope and dropped his eyes, but after awhile, raised his head again. “Older Brother, I followed Master yesterday and entered the palace.”

“Hmm?” Baili Jia Jue brushed and brushed the nonexistent dust from his body, waiting for him to continue speaking.

Little Kong Chen asked cutely, “Did you really want to select an Imperial Consort?”

Baili Jia Jue’s fingers paused. “No.”

“But Royal Grandfather said that this time, the purpose of the armaments test is to set the stage for you to choose a consort. Royal Father also agreed.” Little Kong Chen’s pair of cheeks puffed up like drums as he ate, his big and round eyes were filled with shining delight, “Older Brother, you have to choose one who can cook good food. Otherwise, you’ll go hungry!”

Shadow:[…..ah, aah, Seventh Prince, did you think that everyone was like you, a chowhound?!]

Baili Jia Jue took off the outer robe on his body and draped it on the little guy, then replied, “I already know, go on back.”

“Older Brother, everybody is saying that you sold yourself to a girl, but the one that the girl likes isn’t you. Instead, it’s that Lord Murong something, is this really true?”

Shadow suddenly shivered. [Seventh Prince, oh Seventh Prince, why didn’t you ask about something else. You just had to ask about this!]

Baili Jia Jue paused, raised his hand and placed it into his pocket. When he lowered his head, it was even easier to see his sturdy and powerful muscles, perfectly formed and without defects, dazzling others.

“Helian Wei Wei…..” He laughed deeply after he spoke this name. The tip of his tongue licked over thin lips and burst into a bloodthirsty laugh. A north wind whistled past and caused his cape to flutter up and down, revealing a gorgeous appearance that, at any time, could make one gasp in surprise as it was etched. Of course, his detached coldness made one unable to feel any warmth at all…..

On the next day, a light wind gently blowed through clear skies and crisp air.

When it came to the admissions test, the most widely attended event would be none other than the martial arts competition.

Allegedly, this time’s martial arts competition would be personally overseen by Grandmaster. Superior Compound’s genius Murong Chang Feng would be referee. Those who ranked in the top three in the martial competition would gain the qualifications to move from another compound into the Superior Compound, while those who failed would be eliminated.

Therefore, people from the two Fine and Good compounds swelled with enthusiasm, precisely due to the opportunity to enter the whole world’s most outstanding Superior Compound!

“Look you guys, those two people from the Inferior Compound really did come!”

Everybody didn’t restrain nor hide their mockery at all. Helian Mei snorted coldly, “Forget about that gentleman, I really fail to understand what kind of opportunity that good-for-nothing can blindly look to exploit by following along.”

“Third Sister, how many times have I told you. That’s Oldest Sister, after all.” When in front of others, Helian Jiao Er appeared as though she always cherished her friends and family.

Everybody always saw her as being kind-hearted and liked her even more, “Second Miss, she’s but a good-for-nothing. Why would you speak on her behalf? All of us have already heard about how she used to bully you to no small extent!”

“It’s so true, Second Sister. Look at how arrogant that good-for-nothing looks. Who knows, maybe some kind of miracle will happen. Anyways, this couldn’t be the same as last time when even the crystal ball wouldn’t light at all, right? Then that’d be just too shameful, ha ha ha!” Helian Mei laughed out loud, her words were packed with derision.

Helian Jiao Er purposefully pretended to glare at her, then she turned to look over at Helian Wei Wei with an ‘I pity you’ look, “Oldest Sister should just try your best. After all, your body doesn’t contain the slightest bit of Qi. You absolutely mustn’t mind the results and also shouldn’t lose your temper.”

These words sounded like they cared about Helian Wei Wei. However, within every sentence was a reminder to everyone how disgraceful this good-for-nothing was previously.

Everyone at the arena knew that words could not express how shameful Wei Wei was during the Qi testing last time. She exerted all her efforts while touching the crystal ball, face streaming with sweat and swaying. She put in so much effort that eventually, a very tiny, basically negligible amount of vapor rose inside the crystal ball. This could’ve just been passed over, yet she still insisted on being grouped with Murong Chang Feng and stood on the martial arts competition stage. Someone merely raised a fist and she was sent flying. In short, Helian Wei Wei, this good-for-nothing, was a joke.

If the idiot stopped at this point, people still wouldn’t have said anything. Unfortunately, this clown didn’t even possess the minimum self-awareness and was always dangling herself in front of them. This time, in spite of everything, in order to arouse Murong Chang Feng’s attention, she was recklessly competing in Martial Qi again. It’s really sickening, having no sense of shame.

They could foresee the result of the exam this time using their toe for a brain. The one in last place no doubt would be Helian Wei Wei, that good-for-nothing!

Helian Wei Wei naturally knew what kind of gaze the surrounding people were using to look at her. She’s too used to that expression mixing ridicule and disdain. However, she didn’t care one bit. So much so that she lazily yawned. Her smile reflecting both lethargy and nobleness stood out a lot. Even though she’s in the middle of such a big arena, she could still immediately grab everybody’s gaze.

* Adorkable = dorky + adorable. A slang and listed in the Urban Dictionary

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