The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: It Was Unexpectedly Her

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Even though Nangong Lie knew something wasn’t right, but he still charmingly smiled, ” Excuse me, where is Miss Helian?”

“I am.” Helian Jiao Er slightly bowed her head, her thick eyelashes covering her eyes. She was pretty but not the one they were looking for.

Nangong Lie : “…….”

When the people at the Study heard someone was looking for Miss Helian, they thought that he was talking about the beautiful and talented Helian Jiao Er. Since she became the focus in only a day, no matter if you were a new student or one of the teachers, they were all talking about this lady.

That’s why there was such a misunderstanding.

Nangong Lie was grumbling in his mind, his heart aching in anger. However, he kept a smiling face as he left the room like a graceful gentleman.

Helian Jiao Er didn’t understand what had just happened. Why did these two men walk in while looking for her and left without saying anything else.

Regardlessly, she enjoyed the attention. Especially when they had walked in, she liked the jealous and envious gazes she was getting.

“Sister, could they fancy you?” Helian Mei was jealous when she said this.

Helian Jiao Er thought that too, but she didn’t understand. There were a lot people looking, so she couldn’t show her confusion, only bit at her lip and coyly said, “Don’t say stupid things!”

But her tone revealed that she was very happy.

Helian Mei said, “They probably fancy you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come all this way to see you. They probably thought that it was too rude after they have seen, so they left without saying anything.”

“I’m not talking to you anymore, you’ll only make fun of me!” Helian Jiao Er shyly stomped before she sat back onto the bed, her eyes shining with happiness like the beginning of a romantic relationship.

As of this moment, Nangong Lie was chasing a person, yelling, “It was a mistake, Ah Jue, a misunderstanding. I’ve never made mistakes before, it’s those people’s fault, they’re too self-absorbed, that’s why they thought that I was looking for Helian Jiao Er…..”

“She wouldn’t stay in this courtyard.” Baili Jia Jue leisurely cut Nangong Lie off while looking around.

Nangong Lie was confused, “Why?”

“Did you forget that she’s a waste.” Baili Jia Jue smirked as he licked his injured lips, a small chilling and evil mist floating out from his eyes, “She’s probably like us, living in the worst courtyard.”

Nangong Lie gulped when he saw his smile. When he reacted back, he saw that Baili Jia Jue had already walked away. He silently mourned for that somebody.

Since Ah Jue had said so, then it probably means that he was going to do it himself.

Originally, they were supposed to meet that little small kitten, then maybe she wouldn’t had died too horribly.

But if Ah Jue did it himself…..

Nangong Lie shivered, goosebumps appearing on his whole body as he his lips curled up devilishly. The real show was just about to start!

“Ah Jue, why don’t we go and kick their door right now?”

“There’s nothing to it, If you want to kick, go do it yourself, I’m taking a bath.”

“You’re going to bathe again? In less than a day, you have already bathe five times, don’t you think it’s too much?” Nangong Lie chuckled.

Baili Jia Jue ignored the person behind him. While taking off his outer robe, his eyes sparkled with an evil aura.

Knowing already where she was, there was no need to rush.

This time, he had to see how that little kitten with broken legs would run…


With the chilly wind blowing, Helian Wei Wei, who was carrying a wooden tub, sneezed, her hand rubbing the tip of her delicate button nose.

Everything was good in the White Academy, except for the fact that it still had all the schools under the sky’s common problem ; taking a bath was really too inconvenient.

No matter how comfortable and spacious the rooms were, they wouldn’t build a bathing room in the dorms.

Of course, the baths of Ancient Times wouldn’t be as aesthetic as the ones in modern times.

Only by using this giant wooden tub, putting water into the tub, scattering some flower petals, soaking in it for awhile, and it counted as bathing.

Though the White Academy was much better, with the spring water from the mountains, they had specially build some bamboo bathing houses, even separating boys and girls.

Helian Wei Wei didn’t thought too much of it as, holding her white towel and the dried petals from the ancient times, she coolly pulled open the door on the left!

Eyes met.

Without any warning her gaze met up with a pair of narrowed black eyes…..

The man before her had a body that could make any girl go crazy, long legs, slim waist and wide shoulders with V-line abs. As if the Creator had carefully carved him out, no flaws could be seen.

He probably had just finished taking a bath, the soft hair on his forehead was wet and was carefully pulled with his hand at the back of his head, only revealing the ring on his pinky. The diamonds on the ring glimmering combined with his devilish aura and his innate air of arrogance made him as if he was a king inspecting his territory. The oppressing feeling he gave off made anyone unable to ignore him!

But these weren’t important.

The main thing was man, even if you were taking a shower, couldn’t you at least cover yourself with a towel!

Helian Wei Wei was forced to enjoy this image of an attractive man getting out of a bath, but before her cheeks were tainted in red, her whole body suddenly tensed up.

Wait a second, this man seemed familiar…

It was him!

The unlucky guy who was forcefully kissed by her!!!

Like an animal who had met danger, Helian Wei Wei’s first reaction after she saw the man’s appearance was to turn around immediately!

Unfortunately, it was too late…

The collar at the back of her clothes was carelessly grabbed. Although the force used wasn’t very strong but it was enough to keep her in place.

Furthermore, the cold scent of a man who just had a bath was assaulting her nose, attacking her turbulently as if wanting to swallow her whole.

Helian Wei Wei just looked up and fell into a pair of deep eyes that seemed as deep as an ancient well.

This pair of eyes weren’t unfamiliar to her. They were devilish, cold and heartless, looking like the Red Spider Lily blooming in hell, which were taken by demons and lingered at the road near the Yellow Springs, making anyone who wasn’t careful enough to drown in their dark beauty!

When the man saw her, he slightly squinted his eyes. A second later, the man’s lips curved into a smirk that no demon could rival.

That dangerous smile made Helian Wei Wei thought of an idiom.’ There’s a path to Heaven, and yet you barged into Hell.’

This really was such a frightening coincidence!

Helian Wei Wei licked her dry lips, her clever eyes moving around as she began to think of a way to run away….

“Don’t waste your time thinking.” Baili Jia Jue looked down at the woman in front of him, his voice cold but lazy. He dangerously neared Helian Wei Wei’s ear and said, “Do you think that after I painstakingly caught you, I would let you easily run away again, hmm ?

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