The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1376_END - Harmony After Marriage, the Highness and Wei Wei (Finale)

Chapter 1376: Harmony After Marriage, the Highness and Wei Wei (Finale)

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On this day, the Huaxia border troops rescued 21 hostages successfully, including university students and archaeologists.

Most importantly, they caught the international statistical criminal Poison Fang alive and completely crushed a huge drug trafficking organization.

Not only that, this operation once again showed that Huaxia was not a country where anyone could come and go as they pleased.

They had the most powerful armed forces and special elites who were not afraid of danger.

They could be gentle and elegant, and peace came first.

But don’t forget, when necessary, they would also pick up guns and sweep through everything.

This was current Huaxia!

As for Ajiu, the biggest reward after carrying out this mission was to see her imperial Uncle Jiu.

Xiao Qi walked in front while Ajiu taught him about the delicious food at the side.

After listening for a long time, Xiao Qi picked up a wooden stick angrily and said seriously, “There’s no meat.”

This was indeed true.

In the end, Ajiu made a bowl of noodles for her seventh uncle and told him, “This is the biggest invention of humans in the field of food. You can eat whatever flavour you want. Braised? Seafood? Vegetables? I usually eat vegetables!”

“Seafood? Is there fish in it? “Xiao Qi held his bald head.

Ajiu shook her head and then said, “There’s no fish, but it has the taste of fish and shrimp.”

“Then I’ll eat seafood.”

When the two foodies gathered together, there was no one else.

They discussed eating all the time.

Initially, Baili Shangxie and Helian Qingchen were in charge of bringing their seventh imperial uncle around to eat, drink, and have fun. Now that they saw those two, they were enjoying their meals with just a bowl of instant noodles.

There was no need to go anywhere else. The whole family was staying in the Bai family.

It’s right. It was indeed the Bai family.

In the words of Baili Shangxie, he had to show Bai Zhun how powerful he was.

This powerful tool was their seventh imperial uncle.

Once sky-devouring appeared, he was afraid that his family would be poor and he would not let it go.

Xiao Qi had been staying with Ajiu in the semi-open kitchen, waiting for Bai Zhun to cook noodles for them.

Life seemed to have returned to its original simplicity.

Three thousand feet below, the world of the Devil.

The river flowed past, it was as prosper as before.

Just by the shore, a slender figure sat on the ground. In his hand, he held something similar to the “Secret Book of Chasing a Wife”. He faced the woman who had given him a wreath and curved his lips into a smile. “What’s this?”

“The latest edition.” Helian Weiwei said straightforwardly. “You know it, the life after marriage needs someone to maintain it. Otherwise, it will not be harmonious. This is the second volume, I’m learning it now.”

Baili Jiajue made a sound of “Oh,” and casually raised his voice. His black-gloved fingertip gently rubbed his thin lips, he was indescribably handsome and devilish.

After that, he stretched out his hand and pinched Helian Weiwei’s chin. He lifted it. “Madam, I want to ask you, in which aspect do you think our married life is not harmonious? Do I want too little of you?”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Helian Weiwei’s reaction.

Baili Jiajue leaned over and kissed her lips.

The Devil’s voice slipped past her ears lightly, everything was just like when they first met.

There was such a person, you know that he was cold-blooded and ruthless.

But you couldn’t help but sink deep into him.

She sank for a thousand years.

Just because, he was the one who would think of all ways to walk over and hug her even if there was a surging tide of people in front of him…


I don’t know if you’ve heard of such a saying, but there are ghosts in the world. It’s just that there are six different paths, you and I are just ordinary people who can’t see it.

If you’ve just moved to a new home and found that the light bulb on the line is always flickering, while the TV turned on for no reason at night.

If you often have nightmares and feel like you’re under a rock when you sleep, and you can’t even move your fingers when you want to open your eyes.

If your family or friends suddenly have a high fever and talking nonsense. They grab their food with their hands and drink water without any rules. When they get to the hospital, they won’t be able to find out the cause of the illness.

Welcome to the Dandy Taobao shop.

The owner of this shop is very handsome, her name is Helian Weiwei…

(The end of the story)

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